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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Alomancy, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Alomancy Community Member

    As a hardcore player/PvP'er I want to get the most out of this game as humanly possible. This includes obtaining 100% of the achievements. Which means completing all content in the world/WvWvW and ofcourse SPvP.

    During the Beta weekend, I ran a lot of SPvP and at the pinicle took a team of Randoms to 10 gold chests in a row. So I have a good concept of how it works.

    The Team I am looking for is as follows:

    Elementalist: Me! :D

    I am not sure if you are aloud substitutes in teams yet, but wouldn't mind having a good player to be able to fill all the roles to a decent level. (remember you dont need to level PvP characters.)

    I plan on playing this game every Sunday - Thursday ( I like to keep my weekends free to go drink in the pub, I'm Scottish after all). and due to not knowing when the WvWvW Raids will be set up it is hard to make a timetable, but I will be arranging it around the guild's main focus of WvWvW.

    The goals for this team, is to be one of the better teams, During my ranked play in WoW i made Gladiator status a lot (top 10%), I plan on carrying this through to Guild Wars 2 aswell.

    Who knows maybe we can get all the way to ESL and make some money. No harm in trying. :)

    I know there isnt a lot of information at the moment, so feel free to ask questions and I will answer them as they arise. I will also update the thread when more information becomes available, but my main purpose is to get a team together so we can play at the next beta weekend and build strategies and see what works and what doesn't.

    So let me know.

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    Feidan Community Member

    Can fill in for mesmer or ranger however will not be able to play decently for 1-2 weeks while my pc is traveling and only get 20 fps on my laptop. Sign me up if no one else appears during these few weeks.
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    Karasu Community Member

    Good luck! I still have to see what the plans are for juli, but I'd love to join in to catch some sPvP tips & training anytime.
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    Necrionet Community Member

    I can fill the necromancer role, >>>>>but like in Gw1<<<<< i dont think play a specific class in spvp will be right move, probably the best move is start to think less at Guild Wars 2 and more to Build Wars 2, just like Gw1. So basically let's say i can fill any role according to the need.
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    Feidan Community Member

    You do need to be versatile but sticking to several ones you know might be the best until none of them are required.
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    spell Community Member

    Actually i think max 2 classes per person in gw2 is going to be enough. In gw1 it seems all classes had specific roles (i didnt play it but my friend tried to teach me basics) but here is more about 5man coordination and only thing i can think of that is required to have in team is swiftness long duration buff that is aoe for beggining of game (ranger, engineer have one but not sure who more). Groups mostly look like to have 2man team that have glass cannon and guardian and 3 semi balanced roamers or simply 4 roamers and tanky guardian/warrior. Max 2 classes (or 1 if its Engineer, Elementalist, Ranger or Warrior)chosen correctly (for example Necromancer and Guardian as 2 mains) in gw2 will be able to fill any role in sPvP. Thats my opinion.

    About team i would like to hear more info on people who would be in.
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    So, where did my message go? :(

    Count me in for this.
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    I've already had a few discussion with a few people about teams, but I am willing to help out so stick me down as the dude who can play everything.

    I main ele/ranger. Play anything.
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    Necrionet Community Member

    Yeah, in Gw1 there was specific role during a GvG, "usually" 2 melee 3 midliner 2 healer and 1 flagrunner, and according to the metagame and skill balancing, there was 2 or 3 class that could fill a role. For example when i was playing a flagrunner could be a elementalist a ritualist or even a monk, but what i was trying to say is that like in Gw1, Anet will probably keep changing the skill to "refresh and balance" the metagame, and probably there will be different team build to have better chance on each map you are going to play, so basically i think you need to be ready to change often your play style.
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    spell Community Member

    So whatsup with that team? Are we getting anywhere with it?
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    Alomancy Community Member

    We are getting somewhere with it indeed, I am just theory crafting some stuff at the moment for the next beta weekend so we can actually put 5 and 5 together and test stuff out :) I shall keep people posted.
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    Vrasku Community Member

    I just wanted to post my intrest in sPvP, I'm still not 100% on class but would be willing to adapt to what was needed for team ect, but intially was wanting to play necro, with maybe guardain / mesmer alt.
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    Hightimes Community Member

    Id like to fill the spot for warrior then.

    Like said earlier in this thread, my long term goal is that I can master any class in the game and go play that when our setup needs that.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    It went in the NDA bin young man
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    Alomancy Community Member

    Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about this, and will set something up for us to test in the next beta weekend :)
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    Hightimes Community Member

    possibly ill try to get comfortable with engineer since I feel like a high skilled engineer can be much more valuable then a high skilled warrior.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    im glad u feel that way
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Due to engineer buffs and nerfs from cb1, a lot just use pistol shield and face roll their raza nagas till they have a nose bleed.

    Warriors are defo higher skill cap atm.

    Ele's and thiefs top it tho ;p
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    NoL1mmits Community Member

    I Can be mesmer if u want this proffesion (i hope we will be buffed in this BWE)
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    Spud Community Member

    im happy to take part as a ranger main, and will prob roll a necro alt, until i get my hands on the the next bwe its hard to know. I suspect Boon will have enough interest to field a few teams so it wont hurt to have tournaments to figure out who is best at any given role. I tend to lean towards ranged DPS and support and consistently suck in a tank role, but this game seems to redifine the roles anyway so will be intersting to see how those at esports level put teams together and what builds they use. I can see racial elite skills being important too and as said above i can see Anet constantly making changes to keep the FOTM builds constanstly changing so its important we have many racial/class options at our disposal.

    I Love theory crafting as much as playing so cant wait to get me hands on the game so i can actually do some with a degree of credibility.

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