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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by spell, Sep 1, 2012.

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    spell Community Member

    In this game i mainly focus on sPvP and I look for people that want from time to time play some tourneys seriously. I would prefer to get people that think that sPvP is the most important thing in this game (skirmishers) and will focus mainly on that. I dont need to make whole 5 man team I got connections with other really good sPvP teams so we can play some "puged" games but with teamspeak/skype if we dont get a 5man group.
    If it works good and we like to play with each other, we could make a normal BOON team in the future.
    I play mostly Necro / Thief.
    If you want to catch me I will be on Teamspeak whole day so we can talk about sPvP team.
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    Hightimes Community Member

    Theres a handfull of people intrested in sPvP who currently play in nec's team. However we have a bit too much for just 1 team and have to cycle people out each tournament, I dont htink it hurts if we try to complete 2 teams of 5 and practice that way. Cycling through and see who works best with who. Try to catch nec on teamspeak or anyone in that channel

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