Something i'm working on, help us spread it!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Specter, May 4, 2012.

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    Specter Veteran BOON

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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Thanks a lot guys :)
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Upboated :p
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I will only upvote if you make Caitlyn the same as the Caitlyn in this video......

    Korean Caitlyn <3

    Oh, and ofc, you give me free cards!!!! :p
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    Lana Veteran BOON

    it's after the 4th not 3rd!
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    Feidan Community Member

    Every hero is a little girl!

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