So you want to buy some land?

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    To start your land you simply select the area you wish to buy making sure its not someone elses land and type.

    /town new <townname><yourname> - cost £100

    this will not only make your town but set you as mayor. So now your ready to start running your land but wait you have up keep to pay so you will need to put some money in the bank to pay for this.

    /town deposit <£>

    This will pay any bills that come up in the future. This will make sure that players will keep playing on the server, if they don't they will lose the town. So now you have a 16x15 town to play with but you feel you need more land to play with as you plans are bigger than 16x15.

    Go out of your town until your screen says wilderness and use the following command.

    /t claim - cost £25

    Congrats you have more 16x15 space. you can do this 15 more times so you area is full.

    Other options to consider

    /town delete :- Does exactly what it says on the tin.
    /town withdraw <£> :- take out the money you put in.
    /r set mode townclaim :- this will automatically claim the land around you just by you walking around.
    /r set mode reset :- this will turn off the above function.
    /town ? :- all possible help options to do with your town are here.
    /towny ? :- full option list to all modes in the addon.
    /plot ? :- Want to rent some land to others, use this function.
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