second Eternity Vault boss, 8 man Operation group.

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Merketh, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    I'm amused at the jumping to avoid the aoe damage when he lands after a jump. Similar to avoiding the golem creeps stomp in the stonecore in wow ;o

    Hmm at their setup. Assassin tank, assassin dps, operative dps, operative healer, bh healer, 2x sorcerer lightning and a dps juggernaut.
    4 ranged stacked up making sure they all get the operative's aoe heal.

    lol at the meleers not positioning properly though :/
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Does anyone find they shout at obscenities at the screen when they watch this?!?!
    I especially love it 15 mins in when they think they've got the hang of it, switch to new ledge then all stand in the middle, tanks loses aggro, every one get thrown into lava, pure chaos. A*!
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    Sui Veteran BOON

    they really suck, melee trying to jump the aoe dmg, instead of moving 5 meters back. tank positioning sucked instead of facing the boss to the middle of the cave so others can set their back to the cave (wand or however u say it) so they dont get knocked in the lava or atleast alot less = less healing required and less downtime on moving back in=more dps, not stacking up on the healers to kill the adds out of range of the jump dmg+can do more aoe skills to kill shit faster, all guys besides the tank not stacking up after moving (over the lil stones to move to next platform) so they can get aoe healed easier. fail assassin aswel, juggernaut standing ranged AFKing like a baws, ranged standing in melee dmg, fuckers overaggroing and attacking before the tank got the boss. (probly tho not sure aggro reset after relocating to next platform) lets see i can probly get more on this shit fight if id dare to look once more but i cba to look at dummasses.
    thank god i couldnt see ranged alot tho
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    Sui Veteran BOON

    oh ye Lich King >>>> that way

    read some post aswel about some retards not LoS'ing the rocket fase on 1st boss, so they died misserably. then crying shits too hard /emo
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    Sui Veteran BOON

    everyone gets knocked in the lava tho no matter where u stand, except for the tank. no matter if tank got aggro or not
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    Sui Veteran BOON

    nice more things to see, thanks
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