Crafting Salvaging Kit Mystic Forge Recipe

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Jame, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Jame Community Member

    Someone was talking about this last night in guild. Can someone share the recipe for it?

    I found this one, that requiers gem usage:

    "Buy a yellow, green, and blue salvage kit (use karma) But 5 mystic forge stones from the gem store for 250 gems(costs about 70s iirc) Place all four in the mystic forge. Recieve a yellow salvage kit with 250 uses (10x more than the original).
    For a better value - buy 10 mystic stones (450 gems instead of 500 gems) and make three sets."

    Is there another one?
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Only one afaik, ive been using this recipe and imho its worth it, at least with the gold-gem exchange rate of a couple of days ago.
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    Jame Community Member

    250 uses sounds awesome, so ye, prolly will end up doing it. I did just read from Reddit, that the gem amount you get for gold is rather good currently (which probably means, it won't be that good anymore when I get home from work, since all of them will be buying gems :p).
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Hopefully anet will release the mobile app soon like they promised long time ago xD
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    Ironhide Veteran BOON

    hmm sounds beneficial, save carrying around 4 different kits at once.

    Where do you get the kits with Karma?
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    Jame Community Member

    I think you can buy the ones with money as well, don't think it makes a difference. Not sure about the karma vendors, but I'd try the normal ones in LA.

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