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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Doodle, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    This is the build i'm thinking of using for my assassin, this build is subject to change and it's something i cooked up with very little experience since i only got to lvl 22 during my very first beta event which was beta 6. During the open beta I will respec and try out the Nightblade as I believe i will be picking between these two souls as my main soul. All input is welcome specially from our alpha testers, be it good or bad.

    The main goal with this spec is to lower my TTK (time to kill) but still be mobile (heaven forbid if the prey gets away from u) and be able to escape after the kill. Dying constantly and trading your life for another is something i'm trying to avoid, now to the spec:

    The general idea with this spec is to be deadly coming out of stealth, which i felt like i was, and be extremely mobile. I have 5 :)eek:) blink ability's that give me allot of mobility. survivability i get from damage absorbing shield and damage reduction upon being critically hit + a bit of extra HP. You are not getting rid of my ass anytime soon. I actually didn't even count my sixth blinking ability, the flash back used with memory capture, that lets me blink back to the safety of the raid! Freaking amazing or what?

    The assassin part of my spec is pretty straight forward and needs no explanation really.. Picked up combo building ability's for faster finishers and improved my back-stab, stealth and got myself another stun besides the opener. The only thing that bothers me is if i should put the last 2 points in to rift to get flashback/memory capture or invest them in to a 10% harder hitting final blow. Have to test this. Other than that i have tried to pick up every relevant damage talent for hit and runs.

    Assuming all of this works the way i want to this spec is just awesome. Mind you i have picked bladedancer solely for evasion. I have not dabbled in the rogue pvp soul but i don't see that soul being viable until lvl 50. No other third soul gave me a good enough passive, besides saboteuor with it's range aoe snare but it feels like your not going to be getting away from my anytime soon any way. Group potential there though... :evil:

    Any thoughts or inputs are welcome! The wait sucks and theorycrafting BS that probably never works anyway is all i got to do atm =(
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    Mizou Community Member

    things i didnt like

    no riftguard
    no boosted recovery
    slip away is useless pretty much and only can be used to remove snares and roots

    in other words, u die within seconds and actually, in 1s

    a sin in this game at 19 is good dps but u cant survive anything, no healer even with support of chlor and bard will be able to keep a rogue melee pure damage sin alive, sad but true.

    tough if u fight against bad enemys who let u do your damage and slows and stuns... u will do quite fine ^^
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Reason i did not get riftguard is there is no chance in hell im going to get that working in to the rotation and still do enough damage. My dps would be laughable and i might as well spec full riftstalker than and go bard as my second soul =P
    the reason for not getting boosted recovery is the fact that i dont expect to be healed, there shouldn't be any need to heal me. If the sin damage scales end game i should be in and out, no amount of healing is going to save my ass anyway unless i spec to something else. For example rift/bard. Slip away was only 1 point for a snare, root break so why not [IMG]

    I might have far to many mobility talents though and should maybe ignore the rift tree completely and dabble in to a second damage tree, nightblade or bladedancer maybe

    so much to test, so little time =(
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I think your spec is complete glass cannon approach. You will do loads of DPS, but your survivability is going to be fully dependent on your healers keeping you up in battlegrounds. Not a bad thing, just make sure you always roll with guild groups or healers you trust to keep an eye on you.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    I could make it even more of a glass canon, here i thought i was going for the defensive approach lol. Also im very interested in the sin 51 point ability, Serpent strike. a very hard hitting ability that you can use after every time you crit (that's fairly often) and get this, it's not affected by global cooldown :eek: but i have a hard time justifying all those talents wasted for 1 ability..

    Also i dont mind much that we share this build since it is a newbs approach on a game, so feel free to move it [IMG]. but i still believe we should have a private guild class section for future use, maybe regarding other stuff not just talents. If i come off as wanting to be to secretive i blame that on my competitive nature lol
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    Mizou Community Member

    reason why glass cannons are not wanted:

    u die and so u are useless
    u can only fight under certain circumstances which makes u useless in at least 50%+ of fights

    even in warfronts u want to be able to stay alive and do your job - help healers/mages - dps the squishys out of healrange till u get focused on and then u want to be able to make it back into healrange

    tbh ive been in the 30+ warfront which is 5-15 per team and it ends up usually in a huge fight at the middle or arround, the team loseing fast players is the team who loses the warfront. the same is out in world pvp. u dont want to be squishy and die instant unless u are ranged and smart enouph to move out before people get close to u

    a SIN build in this game is tbh for pve in my eyes, the nightblade plays far better in terms of spike dps and gaining points while still haveing abilitys to root/snare people, just no stun

    stealth in this game is btw not possible. rangers and beastmasters see ya and this said u cant just sneak into people and dps the hell out of one person, tried it myself, fails to 100% and ofc ive made enouph sins visible in warfronts to prevent them even getting close to a mage/rogue or the healer
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    well my intention was not to be a glass canon, hence the 32 points in to my tank tree.. Some of the survival talents that i did skip, i simply cannot take if i want to be a viable assassin. I have to change my main tree than. only thing different i can do for my survival is getting the 30% heal boost instead of maxing the endurance talent.
    I also checked the beastmaster talents and omg... they have a 3 talents that completely shuts down an assassin giving everyone in the FACTION ( not even need to be in the group, let alone raid) the ability to detect stealthers easier + reduce stun timers. I don't see anything in the ranger tree except the track humanoid thing. Well i will test this out at higher lvls and see how my ttk works out. so many souls to try out in open beta =P
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    Mizou Community Member

    ranger 0 points can see hide

    well anyways if this is your pvp endgame assa build why did u not spend points into the pvp soul as well ?
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Is it the pet? because nothing else says specifically that it sees stealthed/hidden enemys. I covered why i did not dabble in the pvp tree in my op. As far as i understood you need to gain higher pvp ranks which is not possible until lvl 50 hence i have not considered it for the lvling phase. and this is not the end all of specs, i also stated it is subject to change [IMG] hopefully i will get to see more of the 30+ content next beta to experience the squishiness of my sin
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    Mizou Community Member

    u can put 10 points into pvp tree asap and so u get the 25% castspeed debuff at least and less aoe damage as well as armorpenetration against other players as well as the second "anti cc"
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    don't make it even harder for me... so many possibility's now [IMG]specially since all the sin hate made me look closer at other rogue trees =P
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    Mizou Community Member

    thats good :)

    oh btw 5 points into bladedancer is a must have if u miss :p
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    Doodle Bush Whacker! what do you think of this? I have never tried nightblade this is pure theorycraft. So the build might seem fucked up but everything seems good in that tree. for pvp. Will the hit also benefit my spells? or is it purely for physical

    edit 1: link is broken.. sec
    edit 2: seems to only link half complete tree, there is supposed to be talents in the pvp soul up all the way to ignore pain

    edit 3: Lots of survial talents in the nightblade tree. if i remove 5 from blademaster i can get the "cloak of shadows" from nightblade tree by investing the points their. But hit is always importent... i think lol.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Before I go out too much on a limb here, are these specs posted in this thread PvE or PvP focused? :)
    Because in my oppinion PvE is all about being as much glasscannon as ever possible (which is why I never looked much at Riftstalker), while having all the dmg-perks, talents and souls there are, min-max galore. Learning encounters, foreseeing incoming AOE raid damage will keep you more safe than any heal or survivability skill ever could. Yes I agree with Doodle, the initial spec was way defensively specced for my taste. ^^

    As far as PvP goes, I don't like playing squishy leathers. :(
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Looking over the PvE builds at Rogue souls I would probably be something like 31 Bladedancer (seems highest direct damage), sprinkled with some 29 Assassin (to get all those extra poison and magic damage), toppled off with 5 Sabo for a total of +30% extra dexterity (or any other random soul useful first 5 points). You say glass-cannon, I say the mob is dead before it's able to do enough dmg to threat anyone. MORE DPS WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING! :)

    (Something along these lines
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    Chowder Community Member

    riftstalker was good in pve for me. 15%+crit rate 15%+dmg on each teleport and a self shield, and then 6-30% life regen after each mob. so no down time, no usage of consumables. some extra points in sin, and nb and you get 40-45% crit rate on both your combo builders and finishers, which is huge to me. i didn't really like stealth in pve at all, so i never used it. to me it was too slow taking 10+seconds to restealth on each mob and crap.
    for pvp: heavy investment in nightblade, some points in bladedancer or sin or pvp soul i guess.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    For clarity....

    Hunter pets and beastmaster pets can see through stealth.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Well its meant to be a pvp spec up until lvl 50, than i probably have to change it alot to get the pvp soul. Glass canons in pvp can work, if you have the means to escape AND really be a glasscanon but i dont know if thats possible yet =P
    I have done some more research on the assassin and its looking grim... comparing the marksman/ranger to any other rogue melee build makes you wonder why the hell i should throw my self in to the middle of combat when i can do the same (if not more) damage at range
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    Stealth seems really bugged in this game, you are able to see them without having pets also, if you go to warfront. You can see sins stuck in place but you cant target them, you just know they are there. Which is a pretty good give away. And also if you look closly when they move, they disort the area behind em. So in this game so far the stealth need to be abit better perfected or removed from the souls, because atm it is mostly a waste of points. It is sad but true. It is like a 50/50 chace of stealth working almost. Before i know exactly how stealth work, i cant really say much. There is some improved stealth talents and also a skill when your stealth that gives you 15seconds better stealth.
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    I have seen 1 sin in warfront that was doing some nice damage, and didnt take any damage at all. He had 4 people hitting him. My hits on him was for around 6-12 damage. He was able to stand there stab a guy for a long time before his ability ran out and died quick after. He was really a pain in the ass to fight because of his survivability, I never got attacked by him so dunno what damage he did. But he was good.. So there is ways possible to make the a melee rogue valid. But you just have to find the right build.

    Bet he had a heavy riftstalker build with some other aswell, never saw him stealth, so I bet riftstalker/bladedancer maybe.

    But the way to go I think is to go into sabatour soul so you get the aoe slow, will help a lot to have a range slow, specially that one since it is aoe.

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