Riftstalker Yeigh or Neigh

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Alluca, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Alluca Community Member

    As of now, my rogue is 23, having done Darkening Deeps and Realm of Fae, everyone i've grouped with says that rift stalker is by far the best tanking soul any class has. I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to test this out towards the higher ranges of the game.

    Do we balance out once other classes get higher into souls?
    at 23 i've got 2.6k health, dex/end mix and it feels like i hit a mob with one skill (not my taunt) and i pull aggro off anyone who was attacking the mob.
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    Lilith Community Member

    By far superior to any other tanks. Friend of mine has been tanking every instance so far w/o any problems. Those absorb skills are just too powerful.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Is it soo powerful its risks a nerfing though ?

    Just saying as I know we have a few guys who want to tank regardless of what class, they just want to be tanks. If they read this and go "ooooooo, that looks nice for tanking", then it gets nerfed a few weeks into release, there's gona be some sad faces.

    Does it take a decent player to make it "too powerful" or can any random scrub pick it up in shit gear and tank the hardest dungeons. As if it's the second of those two, then I imagine it wont remain that powerful for long unfortunately.
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    Alluca Community Member

    It is powerful, but i think it may be the way people look at it.

    The shield finisher that we have increases our armour to around the level of a plate wearer and lasts 60seconds at 5cp
    the bubble that we get from 'plane shifting' which is on some of our CD skills absorbs around 500 damage for 12 seconds at my level.
    The bubble finsher that we get last 30 seconds if we have 5cp on a mob, and absorbs around 1600 damage.

    the rotation is Shadow Stalk to activate the plane shifting shield, 5cp, armour finsher, 5cp, bubble finisher, rinse and repeat.

    I'd say we could see nerfs. but i haven't tanked with any other classes properly, Tried clerics but really didn't like it.

    /* on a side note, i found that the bubbles have an internal cd on them and it looks about 10-15seconds, at least i think its a cd. could be a bug for all i know. */
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Thing is if you know how to use skills than you are powerfull, after most of planar shifts riftstalker get few buffs that give you: movement speed, stun/root etc. immune, more dmg and more def for some seconds. If u know when u use shifts one after another u can get imba stats for whole fight + finishers give more awesomeness to you :D So i guess they will nerf riftstalker a bit coz it can be too powerfull in pvp (maybe some ppl think its 100% survival soul but its not imo, many shifts give you a way to get close to enemy while chasing + buffs i already mention before make this soul + assassin sooooo cool and imba). And im still thinking if its a good way to go for marksman = ranger instead of riftstalker + assassin :D
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    dreamlike Community Member

    I did some tanking with my riftstalker aswell now in DD.

    I really love it.
    You do not have any problems with the aggro even in bigger group of mobs.
    If you combine it with the 10% HP passive from the Bard and all that evasion/parry from the Bladedancer, I think the Riftstalker gonna be a very good tank.
    I will def. make go for a Riftstalker tanking build. Its so much fun.
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    Alluca Community Member

    sounds like rift is gunan have the opposite of wow, this guild's gunna have too many tanks xD
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    dreamlike Community Member

    well...you will allways have a tank...you dont need to wait for someone to log on ;)
    as you can have 4 specs...and different gear...so you can be tank and dps...depends on what is needed
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    Alluca Community Member

    aye thats true i guess, no excuse to have a missing role =P
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Anyone can DPS, not everyone likes to tank.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    In Tvar speak, this means "I ONLY DPS!!!!! /faceroll". [IMG]
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    I was actually tempted to tank a bit but nah, I'd rather find me a good tank to team up with. Me not dps'ing would be a waste. ;(
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I agree.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    I play rifstalker a lot, and absolutely love it.

    At lvl 35 I have 4k HP, and Rift guard absobs 4k, giving me 8k effective health ..at lvl 35

    Also bear in mind that absorbs are calculated post-mitigation and riftstalkers are capable of being the highest armour class in the game through Improved Guardian phase, Improved Guarded Steel, Toughened Soul etc.

    And coupled with Bladedancer for increased Hit, Dex and Dodge and Parry you straight up mitigate so much damage its unbelievable

    I can definitely see myself using it a lot.

    Combo point generation is a massive pain in the arse though.
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    Lilith Community Member

    Pray that no1 says "Nerf riftstalkers" on forums coz they will... they don't balance stuff.. they just nerf them and make them useless
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    Alluca Community Member

    The combo points arent much of a ballache for the opener, Take the bard as a third soul with no points spent into, or the 5 for the 10% passive health, use cadence to get 3 cp within 2 seconds.

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