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    Mizou Community Member

    * Racial Abilities revamped; see below under their special notes section!
    * We are testing the delivery system for preorder and CE rewards which means you'll be able to get them on Alpha!

    * WE ARE TESTING THIS DELIVERY SYSTEM. Not all rewards may be hooked up yet. Preorder and Collector's Edition rewards are now available if your Alpha account has these entitlements. Obtaining them in Alpha DOES NOT count against your rewards at release. Check your characters' mail!
    * We have removed the level requirement for equipment rewards granted by quests. All quest rewards will now be bound by the wider level range required to obtain the quest itself. If you can complete it, the gear will be usable.
    * Cash on Delivery mail is now available for use. CoD mail marked as Spam is returned to sender. You also cannot delete CoD mail if the item is still attached.
    * Very large NPCs are now easier to loot and butcher.
    * A first pass of Master Looting is now available. An icon on the raidframe show who the master looter is. The leader can right click someone from the raidframe to make them master looter when the raid is in that loot mode. They can also use /setmasterlooter, which will work on their target or a supplied name.
    * Quest achievements for zones should count up properly again. The triggers for these will be re-run on login so we can correct characters with incorrect counts.

    * Updated all Racial Abilities.

    * Removed Heroic Resolve,
    * Thedeor's Will now increases Dexterity by 10.
    * Added: Hibernate: The Mathosian collapses and enters a deep sleep for up to 1 minute, causing enemies to ignore them and despawning any pets the Mathosian may have. After 1 minute the Mathosian will die unless they wake themselves up. This ability cannot be used in combat.

    * Removed Wisdom of the Ages.
    * Tavril's Grace now increases Wisdom by 10.
    * Added: Angelic Flight: Flies toward the selected area. Cannot be used in combat.

    * Removed Second Wind.
    * Bahralt's Mettle now increases Strength by 10.
    * Added: Density: Dwarves can fall twice the distance of other races safely.

    * Removed Eth-Made Shield Generator.
    * Sun's Fortune now increases Intelligence by 10.
    * Added: Agility: Increases movement speed by 70% for 15 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.

    * Removed Kelari Frenzy.
    * Flame's Ferocity now increases Dexterity by 10.
    * Added Camouflage: The Kelari transforms into a fox for up to 30 seconds, causing enemies to ignore them and despawning any pets the Kelari may have. This ability cannot be used in combat.

    * Removed Sefir of Power.
    * Removed Sefir of Constitution.
    * Added: Sefir of Strength: Increases Strength by 10.
    * Added: Mighty Leap: Leaps at the selected area. Cannot be used in combat.

    * Closing a Rift now gives you Planar Charges for using Ascended Powers.
    * Changed the Upgrade Wardstone ability item into an Ascended Power.
    * Changed the Ancient Wardstone activation ability to be an Ascended Power.
    * The consumable items that upgrade wardstones have been removed.
    * Rifts will now reward slightly more Planarite.
    * Revised the loot obtained from most zone invasion events.
    * Zone events with Colossus invasions now have a unique map icon to distinguish them from regular invasions.
    * Zone Invasion event 'A Royal Raid' now references that Kayahan is the Gnar King.
    * Increased the number of Invasions required to get achievements from 30 to 500 per planar type.
    * Increased the number of Footholds to destroy for achievements from 10 to 100 per planar type.

    * Completing zone events and Major Rifts drop a unified form of currency across the following zones. Planar Goods merchants in those zones all accept that unified currency.
    * Note: Some of these zones (post-Scarwood) still have Planar Goods merchants on vacation pending item revision.
    * Silverwood, Freemarch: 'Corrupted' currency.
    * Gloamwood, Stonefield, Scarlet Gorge: 'Cursed' currency.
    * Scarwood Reach, Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands: 'Vile' currency.
    * Iron Pine Peaks, Stillmoor, Shimmersand: 'Ancient' currency.

    * Victims of an Archmage's Rift Tomb can no longer melee attack from a distance after the effect wears off.

    * All souls other than PvP souls have their icons reverted to the previous ones.
    * Pets now benefit from their master's Hit and Focus.
    * Warriors: Targeted buffs have their cooldown lowered to the 1.5 second global cooldown.
    * Warrior: Self buffs have their cooldown lowered to 10 seconds from 15.
    * A lot of these ability changes resulted in soul point respecs; check your spec before you go into combat!

    * New 51-point root ability: Serpent Strike: A venomous attack that deals weapon plus Water damage. An additional 100% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack. Usable after dealing a Critical Hit. This ability is not affected by global cooldown. Awards 1 combo point.
    * Hidden Veil: Moved to a 40-point root ability.
    * Serrated Blades: Your Critical Hit attacks cause your target to bleed based on 50-150% of your weapon's damage over 6 seconds, down from 70-210%.

    * Verse of Captivation: Can now only be used on 1 enemy at a time.
    * Motif of Regeneration: Should heal for the right amount for ranks 1 through 6.

    * Precision Strike, Quick Strike, Dancing Steel: Damage slightly increased.
    * Blade and Soul Parity: Increases your critical hit chance by 50%, up from 20%.
    * Double Coup: Also increases the damage of your next Keen Strike by 100% after using Quick Strike or Precision Strike. Reduced the cooldown from 3 minutes to 2.

    * Two-Handed Specialization: Now only affects physical attacks.
    * Deadly Strikes: Now requires a two-handed weapon.

    * Mana Wrench: Corrected the mana gain and drain on this ability.
    * Quick Thinking: Name corrected for the Mental Discipline/Efficient Control merge.
    * Durable Control: Fixed a calculation error. This now works as described!

    * Life and Death Concord: Improved description.

    * Aspect of the Fallen Hero: Power cost lowered to 10 from 50 to be in line with other Aspects.

    * Teaching of the Five Rings: Now only affects physical attacks.
    * Rebalanced damage on all follow-up attacks.
    * Way of the River: Now gives a 3% bonus to critical hit chance, rather than 5%.
    * Paired Strike: Now makes all follow-up attacks critically hit for 6 seconds.

    * Enflamed Rejuvenation: Improved description.
    * Life of the Era: Now available at 20 points. Functions as an AE raid version of Life of the Ages. Requires a component.
    * Wisdom of the Era: Now available at 32 points. Functions as an AE raid version of Wisdom of the Ages. Requires a component.

    * Pyromancer's Armor: The proc now causes Cinder Burst to appear in the Reactives window.

    * Razorbeast: Fixed rank 4 so it uses the correct abilities.

    * Reavers now get the ability to track Death Rift or planetouched creatures at level 10.

    * Rebalanced damage on all Bursts.
    * Enhanced Burst: Now only modifies Elemental damage.
    * Elemental Touch, Storm Blade: Now deals damage based on the equipped weapon rather than on damage dealt.
    * Planar Blade: Returns 10 Power to the Warrior on critical hits, in addition to refreshing cooldowns on Riftwalk and Rift Summon.
    * Avatar of the Rift: No longer enhances Elemental damage by 10%, it now increases damage of Burst abilities by 40%.
    * Avatar of the Fire: Removed, replaced with Rift Strike, a heavy hitting attack that gives the Riftblade a 5% increased chance to critically hit for 8 seconds.
    * Riftblades can now track Earth Rift or planetouched creatures at level 10.

    * Serendipity: Improved description.
    * Noble Blessing: Now available at 20 points. Functions as an AE raid version of Heroic Blessing. Requires a component.
    * Refreshing Communion: Removed.
    * Healer's Haste: Now reduces the casting time of the next 5 heals by 30%. 2 minute cooldown, does not trigger the global cooldown.

    * Crushing Blow, Lust for Blood: Improved description.

    * Tidal Resonance: Improved description.
    * Healing Current, Healing Spray: Now limited to 1 stack per caster on target, instead of 1 stack total.
    * Soothing Stream: Now limited to 4 stacks per caster, rather than 4 stacks total.
    * Deluge: Revitalizing Water (the additional healing based on number of HoTs) now only considers HoTs cast by the person casting Deluge.
    * Cascade: Now castable on allies and restores 15% of the target's mana over 3 seconds.

    * Opportunity: Procs from this now appear in scrolling combat text.
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    Mizou Community Member

    * Boss Enrages now have a visible buff effect.

    * Braxtepel: Hot Tar can no longer critically hit. No longer requires line of sight.
    * Scarn: Searing Heat now radiates from the boss and is tracked in the combat log.

    * Emberlord Ereetu: Fire Claw damage cone increased from 4 meters to 5.

    * Raid testing tweaks:
    * Many visual effects updated in this zone.
    * Player corpses are now teleported during a Hedge Shift.
    * Players will no longer be teleported to Greenscale's chamber if they are standing where encounter blocker collision spawns. They will be teleported into the encounter space instead.
    * Duke Letareus: Will now aggro if the Slimy Shamblers are engaged before he is.
    * Health and damage of Shiny Shamblers reduced.
    * Duke Letareus: Furious Pursuit now increases Letareus' run speed. Bard runspeed alone should no longer be enough to kite him during this phase. The snare amount of Sticky Slime has been increased so the net effect of the Snare is the same.
    * The duration of Sticky Slime on Letareus has been increased slightly.
    * The damage output of Fluttering Pixies, Devious Faeries, and Cruel Brownies has been increased.
    * Necrotic Boon no longer stacks.
    * Aleria's Werewolf transformation is no longer removable.
    * Necrotic Curse is no longer removable.
    * Necrotic Werewolf is now immune to player snares, stuns, and knockbacks. The Necrotic Curse mechanic is the only way to manage this creature's runspeed.
    * The duration of Necrotic Boon has been lowered.
    * Necrotic Lament and Primal Lament now have a visual effect when activated.
    * Necrotic Focus can no longer be cast on pets.
    * Nature's Rage now grants Aleria 5% increased damage per stack, up from 2%.
    * Invigorating Pollen's cast time of Nature's Rage has been increased.
    * Devastating Bomb is... now spelled correctly. It also disregards player knockback immunities.
    * Johlen can no longer target pets for his Discombobulate during the Devastating Bomb phase.
    * Hylas' Spirit Fracture now does more damage.
    * Hylas' Invocation of Life now heals for less per tick.

    HUNGER OF THE DEEP [Raid Rift]
    * Ninja adjustments made based on raid testing.

    WINDS OF CHAOS [Raid Rift]
    * Raid test tweaks:
    * Updated time between lightning field flips.
    * Removed Charge from stage 2 mobs.
    * Lengthened respawn time of stage 1 adds.
    * Lowered damage on a bunch of abilities.
    * Removed the crit component of Rage of the Wind and added a 50% damage increase in its place; this should allow other brave melee characters to stand with the tanks. Also removed crit on Reaving Winds.

    * Added protective measures for Porticulum Masters in various locations.

    * Thwarting the Emberlord: Changed this quest so it resets completely when Morkael resets, to eliminate waiting between fights.
    * The questline leading to Thwarting the Emberlord has been edited to include new characters. The final fight is a bit more difficult; bring your A-game, or bring help!

    * Adjusted Rift events in Eliam Fields to account for a large boulder in the area.

    * A new questline has been added for Guardians. Players wishing to help Scotty finally realize his dream of joining the Runeguard will be able to pick up the first of these quests, Rightful Inheritance, from Captain Haghen at Reclaimer's Hold. They must have previously completed The Churning Fates. Note: This quest chain does not have item rewards currently hooked up. Stay tuned.

    * The quest, 'Into Scarwood Reach', is now given by Jarik Braun.

    * Quest hubs of Kain's Command, Camp Cestus, and Shatterbone Barricade have undergone a polish pass.

    * Zone-specific loot drops have been added to level 10-30 instances of The Black Garden, The Codex, and Whitefall Steppes.
    * Your group can no longer join a warfront queue if a party member is offline.
    * Dueling players will no longer be distracted by the Join Public Group button.
    * Fixed a bug where you could fall through the world or be stuck in geometry when leaving a warfront.

    * A number of Apothecary potions that were rendered obsolete in the Apothecary overhaul that took place earlier this month have now been removed from inventories.
    * Potions cannot be runebroken at this time.
    * Runecrafting: Epic, Rare, and Uncommon Crystals can now be broken back down into powders.
    * Fixed a bug where low level crafting quest reward bags were awarding Ancient Dragonbone. They should actually award Tin Bars now... whoops.
    * Recipes will no longer display as green when they can no longer increase your crafting skill.
    * Fixed an issue where clicking on a resource tracking ability twice would randomly remove one other active tracking ability. Now these buffs can only be removed by right-clicking the buff icons.
    * Update resource node spawn rates in Freemarch and Silverwood. While nodes in general should respawn quicker, ore has gotten some specific tweaks.
    * Updated offhand runes to require a Totem or Shield. The exception are Thwarting Runes, which are Shield-only. Updated block values for Thwarting Runes, which are now considerably higher.
    * Artificer trainers now sell blacksmith components used in Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing, such as grinding stones and flux.
    * Outfitter Shaleweave recipes should now produce appropriately named items.
    * Continued fixes to inconsistencies in Artificer item categories.
    * Corrected the equip requirements on Fleshreaper and Divine Defender.
    * Fixed a typo in the Shadethorn Spellstaff recipe.

    * Cleaned up some cases of visual effects appearing randomly in the world in wrong locations.
    * Face shape customizations appear properly in game again, and should match what you set up in character create.

    * The Collections panel has been merged into the new Character Sheet.
    * The 'Show Collections' button in the lower left icon tray has been replaced with a 'Show Crafting' button now that Collections are part of the character sheet UI.
    * Added Block Absorption amount to the tooltip for Block in the Character Sheet.
    * Stealth ability buttons will work like a toggle now; pressing them a second time will cancel stealth.
    * Purchasing a stack of an item from a merchant will now display the purchase stack window allowing you to select how many items you wish to buy.
    * Video Settings: Removed the 4x SSAA option due to performance issues on even the beefiest of machines. 2x SSAA selection now has a warning about the high-end graphic card needs for this setting and framerate decreases it will cause.
    * Video Settings: Merged shadow options into one dropdown.

    * Improved client performance in VFX-heavy situations.
    * Added error detection for corrupt game data. You will now get a warning and helpful suggestion to use the Recover option in the patcher if it detects a problem.
    * Added progress text to the upper left corner of the loading screen to help diagnose some users who are unable to load into the game.
    * Fixed an issue that caused some people to freeze on the loading screen for excessive amounts of time, and then suffer extremely low framerates when finally in game.
    * Addressed some performance issues that should improve game experience for users with ATI cards.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    too long didn't read.
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    Shantotto Guest

    Most interesting thing is the removal of the silly active racials and replacing with more sane stuff.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    high elves can fly ! xD
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    Lilith Community Member

    Awesome changes. Racials are made completely worthless now but that's ok with me although I can think of a few ways to exploit the mathosian and kelari racials in boss fights. It seems the warrior souls got some nasty nerfs incoming :S. Oh ye and the easy mode runebreaking(potions) got fixed but that was to be expected i suppose.

    Anyway where did you get that info? Are you an alpha player?
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Yeah racial changes blows. But we can be sure to see lots of changes going on for quite a while before things settle.
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    Mizou Community Member

    before beta 6 will be a major patch

    the patch from 27.1 and 30.1 + another one on wednesday

    will post more when i get to read em
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Probably the biggest change in the patch notes in terms of raid-composition.

    Prior to this change stacking mulitple Warderns in a raid was pointless. But now we're almost obliged to do so.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    My thoughts exactly
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    Acina Admin Officer

    AMG AMG!!!!!!!........... [IMG]
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    Mizou Community Member

    Alpha 25-12-B 2/1/2011
    Welcome to Rift! Please send feedback and bug reports to [email protected] or via the in-game feedback interface. If you experience technical problems with installing or running the game on your computer, please use http://trionworlds.custhelp.com for troubleshooting.

    Join us at http://ch1.goodtimes.trionworlds.com/forums/ for alpha discussion.

    === KNOWN ISSUES ===

    * Granting of the Collector's Edition Satchel has been temporarily disabled.

    === FEATURED ===

    * Soul quests can once again be completed! The final objective has also changed to no longer require using an item on the corpse.
    * Quest hub Wardstones are now immune to players of the opposite faction.
    * Peace of the Grave now lasts 30 seconds and also flags the player as immune to PvP.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause interactable objects to become unclickable when they shouldn't be.

    * The Planar Charges meter (small crystals next to your portrait) now has a tooltip, and is only displayed when you have at least one charge.
    * Planar Charges are used to activate Ascended Powers. Gain charges by closing Rifts.
    * Visit Planar Foci merchants to purchase Ascended Powers.
    * Flares for player-summoned invasions are now Ascended Powers instead of consumables.
    * There is now a new Ascended power that can be used against Invasions; see Holy Champion for Guardians and Anti-Planar Augmentation for Defiants.

    * Fixed the buff placed on targeted Wardstones during Colossus-spawning zone events. Previously, the Guardian version was being applied to both factions' Wardstones.
    * Gathering of Souls: Fixed Grimnir sometimes not spawning at the end of the event.
    * The Witching Hour: The boss should now correctly spawn for this zone event.
    * The contribution bar now properly tracks when attacking Footholds.

    * When NPCs cast spells, they change their target to the target of the ability for the duration of the cast.

    * Renamed all Track (Element) Rift abilities to Track (Element) Creatures. PALADIN
    * Unyielding Defense: Changed to now mitigate the damage of attacks that are blocked. REAVER
    * Track Death Creatures: Removed attack point requirement from this ability. RIFTBLADE
    * Track Earth Creatures: Removed attack point requirement from this ability.

    * Chat messages now show when someone joins or leaves a raid.
    * Fixed the teleport to instance option not showing up a second time if it was not deliberately dismissed and a group member re-entered the instance.

    * No level 50 Death Epic storyline quests should be available yet - they're unhooked for internal testing for now.
    * Removing the Head: Cleaned up kill target respawn scripting on this quest.
    * Blacksap Ancients no longer go into hiding from nearby Footholds.
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    Mizou Community Member

    * Power-up buffs found in Warfronts now increase Attack Power and Spell Power instead of Damage.
    * PvP Servers: Shared quest hubs in Iron Pine, Stillmoor, and Shimmersand are no longer flagged as safe zones.

    * Updated costs on mid-range Planar Foci. Updated Foci icons.
    * Greater Essence rebalancing: Completed a major balance pass on all Greater Essences. The majority of existing Greater Essence items have been removed. Any that were slotted in a Focus are still lingering but will be removed soon.
    * All new shiny Greater Essences have been added to the game. Keep an eye out for them!
    * Quest: Companion Gift [preorder companion pet selection] can no longer be shared with party members.
    * Updated a handful of quests that hadn't had their Planarite rewards scaled up to match the new single-currency progression.

    * The Craft All button is now disabled when using a Planar Augmentation while crafting an item. It re-enables if the Planar Augmentation is removed.

    * The camera now follows the arc of knockbacks so there's less flying off-screen involved.
    * Re-fixed face shape customizations not always being applied to your character.
    * Rift pieces should despawn properly when closing a Rift while using the low quality renderer.
    * General fixes to some visual effects not playing correctly.

    * You can now preview items on your character after inspecting another player.
    * You can now also link items from the inspection window.

    * Cleaned up the bottom of the Collections UI so that books and companion pet listings don't overflow off the bottom of the window.
    * Fixed an issue which would cause invalid resolutions set in the config file to crash the client on startup.
    * Selecting resolution changes from the settings dropdown should now apply correctly, and not cause the game to claim a 'Custom' resolution.
    * Corrected the minimap not revealing explored areas for some video cards.
    * Also fixed edges of the main map showing as revealed when they shouldn't have been.

    * Fixed the file shortcut to rift.cfg to point to the correct location.
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    Mizou Community Member

    ffs i tried to format this now 10 minutes and it wont let me cause this board does only allow 10k chars not 15k

    u can still read it so hf
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    Akhalur Community Member

    Added: Density: Dwarves can fall twice the distance of other races safely.

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    Acina Admin Officer

    We can change that :)
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Yea, change incoming dude, get ready to reformat. Will update u when as I am on my phone atm and admin panel is hard to use on the phone, lol.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Went with the easy option for now of just splitting the post over 2 posts, Mizou gogo reformat :p
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    Talisker Veteran BOON

    So if I'm reading this right elves can now fly and Dwarves can now......fall.

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