[RIFT] Patch Notes - Alpha 26-14-A (02/12/2011)

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    Alpha 26-14-A

    Welcome to Rift!
    Please send feedback and bug reports to [email protected] or via the in-game feedback interface.
    If you experience technical problems with installing or running the game on your computer, please use http://trionworlds.custhelp.com for troubleshooting.

    POST ANY ALPHA DISCUSSION ON ALPHA FORUMS ONLY. Join us at http://ch1.goodtimes.trionworlds.com/forums/ for alpha discussion.

    === FEATURED ===
    * Remember those Quest Hub Wardstones that were made unattackable on PvP servers? Yeah, they can now be attacked. PvE server hub Wardstones are still protected, however.

    * Players of the opposite faction who enter Meridian and Sanctum should once again be flagged for PvP on PvE servers.

    * The Guild merchant has been updated with a number of new reagents to go along with the recent combat and rally banner adjustments.
    * Combat Banners: Reagent for Guild Combat Banner perks.
    * Rally Banners: Reagent for Guild Rally perks (creative names are creative).
    * Rally Scrolls: Consumable used to teleport to Guild Rally Banner.
    * Silver Artifact: General Guild Perk consumable.
    * Prices for Guild Perk reagents have been updated.


    * Enraged Companion: Fixed an issue where this was causing Bite to increase the damage of whole raids by exaggerated amounts.
    * Protective Companion: Fixed a similar issue where this caused Bite to decrease the target's damage by equally exaggerated amounts.

    * Satyr: Increased the amount of Attack Power it receives from the owner's Spell Power. Increased amount of Melee Crit received from Spell Crit.
    * Combined Effort: Increased duration of the buff to 15 seconds.
    * Friend of the Weald: Now increases the Attack/Spell Power contribution on the pet's abilities by 10%, plus an additional 10% per point in Druid above 36.
    * Savage Force: Now increases the damage of Bombard and Eruption of Life by 5-25%.
    * Fae Hammer: Restores 10% mana per hit and has a 1 minute cooldown.

    * Even Justice: Now targets a front-facing cone, no longer requires you to have a specific target.
    * Doctrine of Valiance: No longer incorrectly awarded for 0 points.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with points spent in Shaman will receive a free soul respec.
    * Courage of the Jaguar: Now a group/raid aura ability.
    * Courage of the Bear: Now a level 10 root ability. Group/raid aura. Increases Strength instead of Endurance, and added an additional rank.
    * Courage of the Eagle: Now a level 20 root ability. Group/raid aura. Now only increases Wisdom; added more ranks.
    * Heart of the Frozen Sea: Now a level 18 root ability. Group/raid aura.
    * Heart of the Fire Mountain: Now a level 26 root ability. Group/raid aura.
    * Heart of the Twilight Forest: Now a level 44 root ability. Group/raid aura.
    * Shared Purpose: Removed.
    * Glacial Shield: Now a tier 2 branch ability.
    * Vengeance of the Frozen Earth: Now a tier 3 branch ability.
    * Strike of the Maelstrom: Now a tier 4 branch ability.
    * Jolt: Now a tier 5 branch ability. Reactive ability after you deal a Critical Hit, dealing Air damage on a 6 second cooldown.
    * Lust for Blood: While any melee attack ability can trigger the damage bonus, the bonus will be specifically applied to the next Physical damage ability.
    * Vengeance of the Bitter Wind: Renamed to Bitter Wind. Now a ranged instant-cast interrupt off of global cooldown. 20 second cooldown.
    * Vengeance of the Ageless Ice: Renamed to Ageless Ice: Now lasts 10 seconds, restores 10% mana per hit, and has a 1 minute cooldown. Does not trigger global cooldown when used.
    * Stormborn: Now increases Air damage by 10-50%.
    * Call of Ice: Increases the damage of Massive Blow by 5%, plus an additional 4% per point spent in Shaman above 36. Also increases the Attack Power bonus on Massive Blow by 5%, plus an additional 1% per point in Shaman above 36.
    * Vengeance of the Primal North: Reduced base damage.


    * Expert: Kaler Andrenos tweaks:
    * Abyssal Maelstrom casting time increased, tick frequency increased, damage reduced, duration increased, can no longer crit. Abyssal Maelstrom will now prioritize non-current targets (i.e. not the tank).
    * Ice Geyser: Pre-spawn damage reduced. Can no longer crit.
    * Icy Explosion casting time increased.

    * Expert: Reduced health of Endless Lackeys.

    * More voiceover added to NPC vignettes in general!

    * The final Rift event dialogue now has audio!
    * Rift Between Worlds: Using your item on construct corpses during this quest now requires kill ownership.

    * Tormented Minds: Guards in Timberveil will no longer attack Veiled Nightmares during this quest.
    * Reduced objective counts on Words on a Stone and The King's Craft quests.

    * Cleaned up some quest progression/prerequisites in this zone.

    * Divine Inspiration: Shortened cooldown on item used in this quest.

    * Oh, by the way, we were able to make it so quest hub Wardstones can be attackable on PvP servers (and still not attackable on PvE servers).
    * Removed visible collision wall from The Black Garden.
    * Guards on PvP servers should not receive a damage reduction from players or a damage increase against players.
    * Fixed a bug where players were getting instant Warfront queue pops, but never being teleported into the Warfront.

    * 'Ability already in use' sound removed.

    * Fixed a crash seen on alpha involving the Artifact tab and character window.
    * Fixed pets appearing very large in the character UI.
    * Cleaned up display and tooltip of Valor in the character UI.
    * Soul Tree: Fixed crashes and disabled Activate button bugs with the new window.
    * More general Soul Tree improvements and fixes with the new UI.

    * Added a setting in rift.cfg to enable combat logging to a file by default. The setting can be found in the [Client] section, called LogCombatConsole.
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