RIFT now available on steam in the UK

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aspira, Feb 4, 2011.

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    Aspira Admin Officer


    £49.99 - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :omg::rofl::omg::rofl:

    I'm sorry but £39.99 on game for a boxed preorder with usb drive, mousemat, OST, exclusive ingame planar focus plus all the CE benifits and items. STEAM are charging an extra £10 for a weapon enchant and the headcrab....... not worth it.
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    Agga Community Member

    Yeah I've scanned around and Game were the 1st ones even to stock it and they have deffo the best deal on CE and SE boxes,not sure about the riding around on a Turtle though:)
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    Shantotto Guest

    It's horrible pricing.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Yup and tbf game are very good with getting games out either on release day or the day before (I have to work on release day:( )
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    Dragonay Community Member

    steam rift is 30quid not to bad :/
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Standard edition is £29.99

    Collectors Edition is £49.99

    Collectors Edition = much better than the Standard edition. You actually want a CE copy for this game if you are going to play it.

    game.co.uk doing the collectors edition for £39.99 for a BOXED copy. That deal makes the £49.99 steam price for a DIGITAL copy completely retarded.
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    Shantotto Guest

    Or the 20% off deals on direct2drive for collectors for £32 digital collectors.

    Unless you wanna pay £18 quid for a headcrab hat and 2 new hitty things in Teamfortess 2.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Yea this is pretty much the cheapest you will get a CE copy if you live in the UK. Not sure about rest of Europe, but I assume its similar.

    The extra £7.99 for the boxed copy at game.co.uk gets you a RIFT badged steel series mousemat, a RIFT badged 8Gb USB sick, the games OST, a 128page hard cover RIFT comic, a RIFT poster, all the ingame items and headstart that the digital copy gets you, and also one ingame planar focus exclusive to game.co.uk purchasers.

    So if you want all that extra stuff, £7.99 for the lot isn't a bad price, but if you just want a cheap copy of the CE, direct2drive is your best bet.
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    shibbyy Community Member

    If you want the turtle do NOT buy boxed, you won' get your CE stuff until release(ie not until after headstart, when people will be 40+ already). I pre-ordered through game but when I found this out I bought the digital one from trion, which is the same price (40 quid or 60 dollas) but you dont get the mousemat/usb stick etc. Although, the only thing i wanted was the stick and maybe the graphic novel to read on the toilet! But turtle mount will help much more at low level, not having to spend all your money on a mount at level 20, or alternatively if they keep in the lack of level requirement it'll be much quicker levelling with the turtle mount.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    If you e-mail Trioran your e-receipt they will apply codes for all your items+headstart prior to release. There is a thread about it on the official forums, but now its common knowledge, I don't know what the turnaround time on it will be. My best advice would be do it now if your in this situation.
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    shibbyy Community Member

    If you pre-order you don;t have a receipt mate, because you don't get charged until a few days before release afaik. I got a head start code from game and was told that I would be sent out my box on release, which means (i assume) i'd be charged for it a few days before, as standard procedure. A pre order gives no receipt because you can cancel it at any time, and they wouldnt give you CE items if you've not actually bought it. I read about this on the rift forums but i'm sturggling to find the thread, will update!
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    shibbyy Community Member

    Found it:



    There's also a 65 page and counting thread here:

    http://forums.riftgame.com/showthre...al-is-nice-BUT!&highlight=Collector's Edition

    And it appears the mount change will apply to live, meeaning if you get a digital CE you get a mount instantly instead of having to wait til level 20. Still remains to be seen whether or not they'll change this, but if they don't everyone should go digital CE from trion for a nice boost from 8-20 and a money saver too!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Hmm, kinda glad you posted this up as I was under the impression that all you had to do was buy from game then e-mail for codes. Guess game isn't a good place to buy from then.
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    shibbyy Community Member

    Price wise it's competitive in comparison to other places offering a boxed CE, but if you want the turtle before official release then u gotta go digital. Just check the thread and see the hundreds of people cancelling boxed CE
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    yeah i read that, i had orderd the box but wth is the point of a turtle mount if im going to be using it when im near 50? i will be forced to buy a mount... It sucks but to be able to use your CE mount you have to suck it in and pay up
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    the turtle mounts real use is before level 20 after that everyone has a 60% speed mount. But anyway since it just takes a few hours to get to 20 anyway, the difference is minimal.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    You can use all mounts pre 20. This was changed before B6. "If you can get to them and buy them, you can use them". The only benefit the turtle mount has is that it saves you buying your first mount. After lvl40 and the 90% mount, its totally obsolete. Thus the only advantage it has is during that time you cant afford a mount after the noob area.
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    shibbyy Community Member

    • For Headstart,all accounts with a RETAIL preorder key (physical box preorder only) will receive the Ancient Tartagon Mount and the Bogling Wastrel pet.
    • These items will be available on all characters on that person’s account
    • These items will be removed at the end of headstart, unless the player has applied a collector’s edition key during Headstart.
    • If a player enters a CE key after the items have been removed at the end of headstart, they will get the items back.
    • Unfortunately, due to technical constraints, the bag will not be available until you have applied your Collector’s Edition key.

      Just incase anyone missed it on the other thread!
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    The fuck! Means i could have gotten the mount with normal box? Because i couldnt care less about the damn turtle after first week.. feeling ripped off. When it says physical box only does that mean my trion digital ce copy gives nothing?
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    Mizou Community Member

    this is all quite confusing

    first only digital CE got headstart items

    the box buyers made a forum revolution and canceld boxes as well

    trion then came last night and said, the box ce gets also items just not the bagpack and u lose the items when u dont enter the ce box code to your account after headstart

    oh well confusing confusing :)

    now all CE versions get headstart items BUT the boxed guys dont get the 24 slot bag till they enter the box key

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