[RIFT] Alpha Patch Notes - Alpha 26-9-D (02/08/2011)

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    Alpha 26-9-D

    Welcome to Rift!
    Please send feedback and bug reports to [email protected] or via the in-game feedback interface.
    If you experience technical problems with installing or running the game on your computer, please use http://trionworlds.custhelp.com for troubleshooting.

    POST ANY ALPHA DISCUSSION ON ALPHA FORUMS ONLY. Join us at http://ch1.goodtimes.trionworlds.com/forums/ for alpha discussion.

    === KNOWN ISSUES ===

    === FEATURED ===
    * Assigned the NEW new soul icons to all souls.
    * The Life saga for Guardians is now available. Go story hunting!
    * Have a pile of Soul changes! Your soul points probably got reset in this build.
    * We playtest post-launch content on the Alpha and Delta servers from time to time. If you see new zones or instances enabled and disabled here, please note that they are not launch content.

    * Male Dwarves no longer look so... weathered. Current male Dwarf characters will probably appear to have lost a few years off their face somewhere.
    * Added a bunch of new emotes! Some hints: Tease, Bonk, Giggle, Tickle, Apologize (as you probably should after using the first four).
    * Damage from tar and lava should no longer occur while Soul Walking. It resumes if you re-enter after resurrecting, or when resurrecting still in it.
    * We now show up to 4 need/greed loot windows at once instead of one at a time, when multiple drops are waiting.
    * Fixed more general issues with people not getting chances to roll on loot appropriately.
    * Reduced the default size of nameplates.
    * You cannot delete mail with attachments until all attachments have been removed.
    * You will no longer be prompted to pay CoD mail charges for each item removed, only once per message.
    * To prevent some not-so-nice effects, groups will automatically be set private if any member is inside of an instance.
    * Planar currency left in the Rift Loot UI will no longer auto-convert to your currency tab on login before you can retrieve it.
    * Dead characters can no longer reveal parts of the map. You'll have to do that while alive!
    * When auto-joining the next level bracket channel, you automatically leave the prior one.

    * The Life saga for Guardians is now available. Go story hunting!
    * The level 50 component of the Defiant Saga of the Endless is available in Meridian for those who have completed the level 20, 30, and 40 segments.
    * The quest On Distant Shores is once again available to allow Kelari players to start down the Saga of the Endless.
    * Forces of the Plane of Death: Removed First Battalion Commandant as a required update.
    * Kira Thanos has a new and improved model!
    * Hooked up rewards to the Defiant Death line.

    * Kelari Camouflage now looks a bit different, and reduces aggro radius instead of removing it entirely. It also now ends if the character logs out while under its effect.
    * Camouflage now stacks with negative polymorph effects like Transmogrify.
    * Hibernate: Replaced by Motivational Roar: Increases the movement speed of the Mathosian and nearby group members by 30% for 10 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.

    * You should be able to upgrade a quest hub wardstone while PvP auto-flagging is turned off.
    * The main planar merchants in Sanctum and Meridian now sell an Ascended Power that lets you summon a Soul Healer for 3 charges.
    * Fixed the Invasion summon ability appearing under the General ability page instead of the Ascended Powers tab.

    * Banners: The following Guild Banners have been removed: Stalwart Banner, Skirmisher’s Banner, Defender’s Banner, Field Medic Banner, Rift Energy Banner, General’s Banner. 6 new banners have been added to replace them.
    * Banner of Clairvoyance: Increases maximum Mana by 200/300/400. 3 ranks.
    * Banner of Fortitude: Increases maximum Health by 200/300/400. 3 ranks.
    * Banner of Zeal: Increases Spell Power by 30/40/50. 3 ranks.
    * Banner of Rage: Increases Attack Power by 30/40/50. 3 ranks.
    * Banner of Concentration: Increases Spell Focus by 30/40/50. 3 ranks.
    * Banner of Precision: Increases Hit rating by 30/40/50. 3 ranks.
    * Each of these guild banners last for 3 minutes with an aura radius of 25m. They now require a new Combat Banner Reagent to cast. Only 2 banners can be summoned per player and each raid member can enjoy at most 2 banner effects at any 1 time - so stacking more than 2 banners in close proximity is not a good idea!
    * Guild Perk: High Visibility: Increases the radius of your Guild Banners by 10/20/30m.
    * Guild Perk: Enduring Banner: Now a 1 point Perk that doubles the duration of your guild banner.

    * For the first few minutes of a zone event, Wardstones will have additional protection to give players more time to arrive and start defending them.
    * The buffs placed on Wardstones at the start of zone events now only target invasions, not nearby random enemies or passing cats.

    * Slightly reduced the damage of world mobs and mobs in dungeons under max level.
    * Planetouched now provides some effect to the recipient based on the planar type.
    * Scrolling combat text no longer displays over stealthed characters.
    * You can now begin selecting a ground target while moving.
    * Pets will now attack their own existing target when ordered to use an ability and are unable to use it on their owner's target (i.e. owner has a friendly target during combat).
    * Group member portraits now show debuff-type coloring on debuff icons.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause some abilities to show up in the Reactive Abilities UI after no longer having the Soul equipped that granted those abilities.
    * Assassin NPCs no longer use Puncture.

    * Assigned the NEW new soul icons to all souls.
    * Warriors: Reactive abilities no longer grant attack points. This change affects Frenzied Strike, Bloodthirst, Inescapable Fury, Turn the Blade, Backhanded Blow, and Flesh Rip.
    * Warriors: Cracking Skulls, Airburst, Concussion, and Judgment now share a cooldown.
    * Druid, Justicar, Shaman - Faith in Action: Now available at 0 points. This passive converts Spell Power into Attack Power, Spell Critical into Melee Critical, and Focus into Melee Hit.

    * Damage of weapon poisons has been increased.
    * Poison Gas: Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, down from 2 minutes.

    * Verse of Fascination: Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, down from 2 minutes.
    * Coda of Distress: Now in the same stacking group as Ember Charge and Melted Skin.
    * Cadence, Power Chord, Riff, Coda of Wrath, and Code of Fury now require "Any" weapon to execute; doesn't matter what kind.

    * Iron Bonds: Tweaked to work better with Bond of Alacrity.
    * Ties that Bind: No longer reduces health.
    * Greater Primal Companion: Now takes less damage from area of effect attacks based on how many points are spent in Beastmaster.

    * Dualism - New Ability: Unlocked with 40 points in Bladedancer. This Rhythmic action allows them to strike twice and add an additional combo point with Quick Strike and Precision Strike. Lasts 15 seconds. Causes exhaustion for 45 seconds.
    * Mass Subdue: The cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds from 25.
    * Incapacitate: Duration increased to 6 seconds, up from 5.

    * Shadow's Touch: No longer considers corpses in its area of effect.
    * Sigil of Power: Now works properly with Obliterate and returns a lot more mana.
    * Sigil of Woe: Now works properly with Obliterate.

    * Two-Handed Specialization: Now gives more contribution per point spent in Champion, capping at 50% instead of 15%.
    * Disruptive Strike: No longer an attack point consumer that reduces casting time of targets. It now functions as a high-damage single target attack point builder that generates 2 attack points.
    * Slayer's Bearing: No longer has a negative effect.
    * Destroyer's Bearing: Enhances the damage of attack point consumers by 50% while active. It no longer has a negative effect. Causes finishers to build an attack point after consuming the available points when triggered.
    * Deadly Strikes: Enhances damage by 6% per point for all non-finisher Physical attacks.
    * Mighty Blow, Bladefury, and Cornered Beast: Now update their tooltips when you've spent points in Follow Through.

    * Fixed an issue allowing damage from Sacrifice Life: Mana and Sacrifice Life: Damage to trigger healing from Lifegiving Veil.
    * Clinging Form: The cooldown reduction provided by this ability is now reflected in the Transmogrify tooltip.
    * Synthesis: Updated description to indicate it can only be used on group or raid members.

    * Durable Control: Now only affects the damage thresholds on Transmogrify, Mass Exhaustion, and Disorient when the affected target is above 70% health.
    * Mana Wrench: Fixed an issue where the effect of this ability was reversed.

    * Summon Faerie, Summon Greater Faerie: The Faerie now receives 25% of the owner's spell crit, as well as the owner's full Valor.
    * Summon Satyr: The Satyr now receives the owner's full Valor.
    * Balm of the Forest: Removed.
    * Natural Dedication: Now available at 26 points. Increases the damage of all nearby party and raid members by 5%.
    * Faith in Action: Now available at 0 points. This passive converts Spell Power into Attack Power, Spell Critical into Melee Critical, and Focus into Melee Hit.
    * Stone Strike: Renamed to Stone Burst: Now a player based AoE unbreakable root. No longer deals damage.

    * Sacrifice: Now works with Lesser Air Elemental rank 3.
    * Greater Water Elemental: Reduced damage dealt by Ice Bolt.
    * Earth Elemental: Reduced damage dealt by Thud and Pulverize.

    * Bewilder: No longer has a cooldown.
    * Shroud of Agony: No longer persists through death.

    * Increased base damage of all damaging abilities.
    * Faith in Action: Now available at 0 points. This passive converts Spell Power into Attack Power, Spell Critical into Melee Critical, and Focus into Melee Hit.
    * Cavalier: No longer does any melee stat conversions due to Faith in Action.
    * Hammer of Virtue: Now adds 1-5% damage to all melee attacks without requiring a mace or hammer.
    * Sovereign Hammer: Renamed to Sovereignty: Now a ranged spell that deals Life damage. No longer weapon-based.
    * Humbling Blow: Renamed to Humility: Now a ranged spell that snares the enemy. No longer weapon-based, does not trigger global cooldown.
    * Stunning Blow: Renamed to Supremacy.
    * Celerity: Removed.
    * Virtue: Removed.
    * Dedication: Ability now present on Druid soul as Natural Dedication.
    * Valor: Now only takes up to 3 points, increasing Block by 10-30% of Spell Power, and is now always active instead of being attached to Cavalier.
    * Mien of Honor: No longer dispellable. Lasts indefinitely until cancelled.
    * Mien of Leadership: No longer dispellable. Lasts indefinitely until cancelled. Increases armor by 100% + 1% per point spent in Justicar, threat by 100%, and Endurance by 90%. Still reduces healing except from Salvation, Reparation, and Reprieve, and damage penalties no longer apply to Justicar abilities.
    * Reprieve: Doubled the base heal value.
    * Healer's Creed: Now takes up to only 2 points, decreasing the cost of Doctrines by 15-30%.
    * Devout Deflection: Now available as a tier 5 branch ability, taking up to 3 points. Increases Parry by 65-195% of Spell Power.
    * Righteous Imperative: Now available at 26 points. Acts as a player-based area aggro swap to the Justicar on a 60 second cooldown.
    * Just Defense: Now available at 38 points. Grants a powerful absorption shield for 10 seconds, on a 1 minute cooldown.
    * Resplendent Embrace: Now available at 44 points. Increases all incoming healing on the Justicar by 50% for 10 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
    * Interdict: No longer deals damage.
    * Precept of Valiance: Cooldown removed.
    * Absolution: Now also restores 50% mana.

    * Damage over time effects now have a chance to critically hit.
    * Revivify: Can now be used both in and out of combat.
    * Vengeful Spirit: Now increases damage of Ruination by 3-9% for each stack of Deathly Calling on an enemy, rather than affecting critical hit chance of Ruination.
    * Necrosis: Fixed an issue causing Necrosis effects spread by Ruination to deal much lower damage than intended.

    * Damage of weapon enchantments has been increased.
    * Dusk to Dawn: An additional 100% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack. Ability's base damage reduced to offset this bonus. Requires a melee weapon to use. Now triggers the damage from Scourge of Darkness on the first application.
    * Twilight Force: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack. Ability's base damage reduced to offset this bonus.
    * Dusk Strike: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack. Ability's base damage reduced to offset this bonus.
    * Scourge of Darkness: Can now deal critical damage.

    * Aegis of Salvation: No longer requires a reagent.
    * Life's Grace: Now gives the target 30% of their mana when they are resurrected.

    * Combat Precision: Now modifies the damage of all non-finisher ability attacks.
    * Flurry: Now lasts for 4 seconds, but each hit does more damage.
    * Paired Strike: Duration lowered to 5 seconds from 8.
    * Focus of Body: No longer requires a reagent.

    * Caregiver's Blessing: Now properly states duration of 1 minute.
    * Surging Flames: Now lasts 1 hour and has a stack size of 1 per caster instead of 1 total.
    * Cauterize: Now removes 1 Disease, Poison, or Curse from the ally. Requires the target to be diseased, poisoned, or cursed to begin with in order to cast.
    * Sterilize: Now removes all Diseases, Poisons, and Curses from the ally. Requires the target to be diseased, poisoned, or cursed to begin with in order to cast.
    * Wisdom of the Era, Life of the Era: No longer requires a reagent.
    * Flames of the Phoenix: Now also restores 20% mana.

    * Fixed the Pyromancer soul quest giving a Soul Siphon when accepted.
    * Flashfire: Fixed an issue where this could stun an ally if using 'cast on target's target'.
    * Flaring Intellect: No longer requires a reagent to cast.

    * Ethereal Bonds: Now correctly modifies tooltips of affected abilities.
    * Power from the Masses: Now properly triggers off of Blood Fever, Flesh Rot, Necrotic Wounds, and Soul Sickness while Plague Bringer is active.
    * Incite: No longer shares a cooldown with other taunt abilities.
    * Binding of Death: Now enhances damage of AoE and DoT effects, and reduces the power cost of area effects and cleaves by 5.
    * Plague Bringer: Power cost reduced to 10.

    * Enhanced Burst of one type no longer stacks with the other two types.
    * Ranged abilities now trigger Blade spells.
    * Burning Blood: Can now trigger on ranged attacks.
    * Spears: Now starts auto-attack. Can trigger Elemental Touch.
    * Improved Avatar: Now increases a specific effect from each Avatar ability.
    * Avatar of the Rift: Now reduces all damage.
    * Avatar of Wind: Now increases dodge by 3% base amount, before additional ability affects are factored in.
    * Elemental Touch: Now deals damage based on how many points are spent in Riftblade.

    * Traps are no longer triggered by corpses on the ground inside their range.

    * Healer's Haste: Fixed mana cost.
    * Cleansing Prayer: Now removes 1 Disease, Poison, or Curse from the ally. Requires the target to be diseased, poisoned, or cursed to begin with in order to cast.
    * Empowering Light: Now removes 1 Disease, Poison, or Curse from up to 10 group/raid members within 15 meters. Has a 10 second cooldown and triggers global cooldown.
    * Noble Blessing: No longer requires a reagent.
    * Life's Return: Now also restores 50% mana.
    * Breath of Life: Now restores 20% mana.

    * Faith in Action: Now available at 0 points. This passive converts Spell Power into Attack Power, Spell Critical into Melee Critical, and Focus into Melee Hit.
    * Brutalize: Tooltip now indicates that this applies every time Massive Blow hits, not just criticals.
    * Vengeance of the Winter Storm: Removed ranks 8-10 and distributed the remaining rank levels to avoid duplicating damage between ranks.
    * Courage of the [Bear, Jaguar, Eagle]: No longer does any melee stat conversions due to Faith in Action.

    * Removed Recharge and Improved Recharge.
    * New Ability - Building Storm: Increases the critical hit damage bonus of Hypothermia-causing spells by 50%. Each damaging spell cast by the Stormcaller applies a stacking debuff on the enemy for 10 seconds, increasing the chance for the next Hypothermia-causing spell to critically hit by 10% per stack.
    * New Branch Ability - Favorable Conditions: Each stack of Building Storm increases the critical strike chance of Hypothermia-causing spells by an additional 5-10% per stack. Tier 3 branch ability, requires Building Storm in order to purchase.
    * Eye of the Storm: Reduced damage.

    * Rift Shield: Once again absorbs damage.
    * Furious Rage: Is now an interrupt instead of a reactive ability.

    * Healing Current: Now available at 2 points. Added 3 additional ranks.
    * Cleansing Waters: Now available at 10 points. Now requires the target to be Diseased, Poisoned, or Cursed to cast.
    * Curative Waters: Now heals 1 Disease, Poison, or Curse from the ally 3 times over 6 seconds. Has a 10 second cooldown.
    * Well of Life: Now also restores 20% mana.

    * Damage over time effects now have a chance to critically hit.
    * Neddra's Might: No longer requires a reagent to cast.
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    * When entering an Expert dungeon, the popup received by other group members now indicates that the dungeon is set to Expert difficulty.
    * Raid frames still keep the role color of player names even when greying them out due to LOS/distance.
    * Added broadcasted text for dungeon and raid bosses that have abilities requiring you to react.

    * Expert: Falconer Landrac and Icetalon can no longer be pulled from their encounter area.
    * Expert: Majolic's transformation can no longer be interrupted.

    * Expert: Patrols no longer spawn behind players entering the Larder.
    * Standard, Expert: Fixed an issue where encounter blocking for Bringhurst was not turning off.
    * Expert: Bringhurst base damage reduced.
    * Expert: Deepfang Burrow spiders spawn less frequently. Reduced health.
    * Expert: Tegenar's Poison Spray impact damage and dot damage reduced.
    * Expert: Fixed an edge case where Tegenar's Minions wouldn't respawn after a party wipe.
    * Expert: Glubmuk's Septic Strike damage reduced.
    * Expert: Nuggo will now use Gedlo Barrier on targets under 70% health.
    * Expert: Nuggo will now use Unholy Regeneration on targets with less than 40% health.
    * Expert: Gerbik will no longer cast Crimson Pyre immediately after the first Gedlo member dies. Damage of Crimson Pyre reduced.
    * Expert: Swedge's Bloodied Axe damage decreased, self-heal decreased, and cooldown increased.

    * Standard: Fixed Overseer Markus not resetting properly after his minions have been spawned.

    * Standard: Sparkwing is no longer able to be engaged in this mode.

    * HYLAS:
    * Prince Hylas gains a new ability when his lieutenants due during his encounter.
    * Landmines are cast more frequently.
    * Hylas no longer gains Cottontail when his three minions are killed.
    * Hylas now gains CONTAGIOUS Cottontail when his three minions are killed.
    * Hylas gains Soul Fracture when his three minions are killed.
    * Woodland Critter is now removed from player pets when they re-enter Hylas' encounter space.
    * Fluttering Pixie health reduced and damage increased significantly. They now spawn at a slower rate.
    * Devious Faerie health reduced and damage increased. They now spawn at a slower rate.
    * Reduced cooldown for Devious Faerie's Fae Barrage.
    * Sticky Slime appears immediately after a Slimy Shambler is killed.
    * ALERIA:
    * Aleria no longer melees during the first phase of her encounter.
    * Fixed a bug where one section of Aleria's hedge was not despawning after her death.
    * Aleria no longer casts Cottontail.
    * Primal Wound now reduces healing taken by 75% regardless of player bonuses.
    * Aleria's Life Bolt is replaced by Spirit Volley.
    * JOHLEN:
    * Blinding Bombs appear lower to the ground and are more visible.
    * Primal Werewolf can now be buffed by Invigorating Pollen, which appear in the first phase of the encounter.
    * Necrotic Werewolf now casts Necrotic Explosion.
    * When both Werewolves are killed, Aleria gains Necrotic Explosion.
    * Greenscale's Crushing Tail Swipe has a smaller radius and no longer deals damage, but it now has a knockback and disarms for longer.
    * Toxic Blossoms spawn at a slower rate.
    * Noxious Breath now reduces healing taken by 75% regardless of player bonuses.
    * Rending Cleave's cone effect is narrower.

    * Look for new daily Expert and Raid Rift quests in the main cities!
    * Porticulum guards will no longer spawn if Porticulum Masters are only being attacked by mobs.
    * Tuned drop rates for Rare and Epic items in overland zones. Reduced drop rate of consumable scrolls.

    * Planar merchants have returned to the Droughtlands!

    * Rognar does not fear the Rifts. He's too awesome for that.
    * Fire-aligned NPCs should now correctly fight Death invaders.
    * Fixed a problem that caused an item in Freemarch's zone puzzle to sometimes be unlootable.

    * Unholy Shackles: Fixed an issue with this quest that could cause malfunctions under heavy server load.
    * The Pariah: Cleaned up quest functionality.

    * Meridian now has a reagent vendor and a second-tier dungeon reward vendor!

    * Planar merchants have returned in this zone!
    * Reordered some of the quests in this zone to present the story more efficiently.

    * An infestation of sneaky foxes has exposed some security holes in Sanctum. These have been addressed.
    * Blessing of Bahralt has been replaced with something... else.

    * Rift event: Dark Fate: It should now be possible to complete the third stage of this Rift.
    * Follow That Gnar: Made the Gnar easier to follow.

    * The puzzle in this zone can now puzzle more than one puzzler by resetting itself properly.
    * Bare Knuckled: The Return: Kill-stealing issues addressed.

    * The Desert Queen: Completing this weekly raid quest now awards Plaques of Achievement.
    * Beasts of the Order: Clarified quest objectives.
    * Demolition Impossible: Added collecting objective.

    * Kongeegon: Removed AOE immunity from the saplings that spawn during the fight.
    * Added more Vespid Hives in Sterling Hills, and reduced their respawn times.

    * A Rift has been discovered in Stillmoor where the spirits of the dead are looking for participants in their tale of woe!
    * New Adriana Weaver quests have been added to Endless Watch.

    * PvP Titles are now awarded for each Prestige rank obtained.
    * Improved solo queue matching when groups are also queuing.
    * Added Ascended Courage to Warfronts. Increases the effectiveness of characters and their pets for the first seven levels of each Warfront bracket. We'll be evaluating this for further balancing.
    * Peacekeeper guards no longer accuse you of Disturbing the Peace for walking around or playing songs, or even for fighting in Warfronts. They will, however, still be angry if you start a fight right in front of them!
    * Joining a Warfront while polymorphed will not leave you unable to mount.
    * If your party forms into a raid while you are in a Warfront, when you leave the Warfront you will be added to your spot in the raid.

    * New Trinkets have been added to Expert Dungeons!
    * The cost in Plaques of Achievement for items on Expert Dungeon merchants has been reduced.
    * Reduced Planarite costs of Rare Planar Goods in Silverwood and Freemarch by 20-30%. Reduced cost slightly in all other zones.
    * The distribution of Toughness, Hit, and Focus on end-game gear has been updated. These stats should now be found on a more limited number of slots, and more consistently on gear for those slots.
    * Fixed tooltip display error in pre-order runes.
    * The Big Book of Eth Conspiracy artifact collection now rewards a rad book of conspiracies!
    * Fallen Warden's Blade, Fallen Warden's Maul, Fallen Warden's Dress Sword, Fallen Warden's Ripper: These can now be equipped.
    * Collector's Satchel: Now binds on pickup.
    * Fae Sticker, Faesteel Warblade, Fae-Touched Oaken Staff, Satyr's Foe-Cleaver, and Fae Spell-Touched Blade: Now have valid appearances.
    * Fixed issues with Remnant of Aedraxis debuff not cancelling when the appropriate item is destroyed.
    * Updated dyes to use new icons.

    * Planar dust is now more scarce.
    * Items used in crafting now have tooltip text hinting at how they're acquired. Harvested/core materials should say 'Crafting Material', vendor-purchased items say 'Crafting Good', and dropped items should say 'Crafting Ingredient' (such as planar dust).
    * Fixed an issue where Epic, Rare, and Uncommon Crystals did not have use text and broke into 15 powders, instead of 9.
    * Added a cast time and animation to Runebreaking.
    * Also added cast time and animation when applying a Rune to items.
    * Fixed some text errors in Runecrafting materials.
    * Apothecaries now sell Vinegar Concoctions.
    * Fixed a bug where some recipe scrolls could be taught to characters who were not appropriate crafters.
    * Reduced the overall amount of drops coming from Butchering mobs.
    * Salvaged materials are now automatically looted if auto-loot is enabled.
    * Fixed more instantly respawning harvest nodes.
    * Updated icons for Thwarting Runes.
    * You now hear an audio cue when successfully Runebreaking or Salvaging an item.
    * The following crafting augments have had their stat bonuses adjusted:
    * Faerie Wings: Increases Dexterity and Valor.
    * Phylactery: Increases Intelligence and Valor.
    * Deep One Fang: Increases Strength and Valor.
    * Mistwalker Essence: Increases Spell Power and Spell Crit.
    * Golem Core: Increases Spell Power.
    * Scorpion Stinger: Increases Wisdom and Valor.
    * Basilisk Tail: Increases Attack Power and Melee Crit.
    * Vespid Stinger: Increases Attack Power.

    * From Outcast to Hero: This achievement now grants a reward upon completion.
    * Achievements with item rewards now deliver those via mail.
    * Added achievements for defeating each zone event colossus and one for defeating all of them. Titles can now be earned for defeating all colossi in each zone.

    * Fixed visual effects occasionally being left floating in the world, for like the 40th time.
    * There is now an audio cue when receiving a tell.
    * Character hair should be properly hidden when previewing helms.
    * Fixed a rare bug that could cause NPCs and world objects to become invisible.
    * Cleaned up some objects that wouldn't render in the low quality renderer.
    * Riding a mount into water will no longer cause the mount to disappear and leave the rider in a floating, mounted position. Instead the rider will start swimming, which we think makes more sense.
    * Cleaned up Rift appearance when viewed from a distance.
    * Corrected some armors that didn't 'ghost' or 'stealth' properly.
    * Channel spells will originate from the correct hand again.
    * Fixed a bug where character coloring could be messed up after being polymorphed.
    * Fixed edge smoothing effects on nameplates.
    * Using emotes after casting spells or jumping will play the emote animation - once you've finished whatever you're currently doing.

    * Added a neat overhead arrow to whatever you're targeting!
    * /ra now works to chat in Raids.
    * /pvptoggle has become /pvp.
    * Assigning ctrl+key to an action bar slot will stop trying to preview usable items in that slot and actually use them.
    * Fixed issues with ALT+TAB when using the low quality renderer.

    * Setting a keybind to a number pad key will now differentiate it from regular number keys.
    * Loot messages from parties and raids now have their own channel filter.
    * Stat names on tooltips have been updated to match stat names on the character sheet.
    * Party members' minimap indicators should no longer show at the top left corner while teleporting.
    * The quest acceptance window and guild quest window now show the quest type and repeat interval (ex: Guild, Weekly) for guild quests.
    * Mount icons on hotbars now grey out when in no-mount areas.
    * Inspecting a player will now show hidden helms and all equipped weapons. It also shows equipped Planar Focus and Essences.
    * Raid pet groups are now properly labeled in Edit Layout mode.
    * Fixed a bug causing the minimap clock to reset to showing server time on logout and zoning.
    * Bonuses to your mana, power, or energy will be shown in the same place as healing effects for combat text.

    * Intro movies will now only play on the first client startup now, with a button at character selection to allow you to replay it later.
    * Improved detection and notification of corrupted datas.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    nice read
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    glad those bloody into movies will go XD
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    Hehe, healing clerics got a buff overall.
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    make MM's deadeye instant! :D
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    Glad ppl found this in beta... made 100p in 30mins -.-
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    Motivational Roar: Increases the movement speed of the Mathosian and nearby group members by 30% for 10 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.


    Rolling any other race as a rogue is officially retarded
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    This also worked as an unlimited money bug. Glad the fixed it or the economy would have been shagged.
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    it was like this allready in beta6 Oo maybe u didnt see

    the alpha is way behind the betas we play but still contains valuable changes and tests, the reason why i post them
    anyways i still like my dwarf :p
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    I know the dex was in, but the hibernate racial was pathetic
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    Lilith Community Member

    ^ I used it once just to see how crap it is and removed it from my action bars... But better a crap racial than an overpowered one.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

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