RG Blob from a mesmers perspective

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Mattfs, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Mattfs Community Member

    looking at this, I would say most of the mesmers damage comes from confusion, and my theory on feedback and confusion affecting more than 5 at once is true.
    was wondering if this might be a better build than gs/sw-foc that I currently run?
    Any thoughts?
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    idk mesmers much but i know from duelling them that shit can do alot of damage especially vs us classes that spam alot of abilities
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    The problem about confusion is that wvw gets the pve balancing where confusion deals twice the damage (compared to spvp where it's supposed to be balanced).

    As long as this doesn't get changed, condition/confusion builds are very viable. I'd say Staff/Sword-Focus are best suited here. Most confusion comes from Feedback followed by shatters.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    The more I watch these movies the more I laugh and RG owning guilds that ball up in GvG but effectively spreading out themselves.

    The 4.10 engagement is the best example I think this is 25vs25 and I doubt even 10 of them crashed into the ZDs ball the rest all went round the side and AoE'd into them.

    They win these matches due to this because and the fact they stack faster and better than anyone else because they have been doing this for 5 months already, practice makes perfect.

    Notice none of their ranged go more than a ranged attack distance from the the leader and they are always looking to get back to him after 10 seconds or so, remember my reference to your all tied to the raid leader with bungie cord which always pulls you back and the further away you are the harder it should pull you back,,, well this is a perfect example for all ranged dps on how 2 play as a guild raid.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    This is what I posted in the other thread about how to play in and against a blob, 4 days ago, please go read it!
    All mesmers should have feedback, veil and blink, however portal should be available to be switched to ooc. the reason RG never portal is sensible, It causes cullling to affect both friendly and enemies equally, which is not good, whereas veil causes culling to affect only enemy. also portal gives a target for the enemy to AoE. We have made portals work pretty well to our advantage, but nowadays it splits our raid into 20 and 5+ due to usage limit.

    Also whilst running, we should be getting temporal curtains from every mesmer. At present we are still stopping and buffing, we should not be doing this, as it wastes time. Go run with RG for just an hour and you will see, BOON are SLOW AS FUCK moving about, because we stop to ball up, stop to buff, stop to chat etc. BOON used to be able to pride itself in its speed on the map with big numbers, but fact is, we are seeing more teams do it better than us now, and we need to up our game.

    Also we need veils faster upon calls for it. You guys are well organised, so there is no reason that after KC or I call for a veil, for it not to drop in less than a second.
    We generally will need 2 against a big blob as you cast 1 just as the red names appear, and another just as the first fades, so get to learn the timings of them.
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    Mattfs Community Member

    I did read it Fizz, but I took from it that wasn't the confusion but the actual "feedbacking." I started using feedback straight after i read it and noticed the difference.
    This post was to discuss the confusion and whether or not my/our build should be focused around confusion and whether to gear condition.
    However I kind of disagree with every mesmer having feedback, veil and blink. I believe null field is highly underated, with traits it causes confusion (the same as feedback,) cures all condition on allies and removes all boons on foes, throwing this into the enemy team is a great benefit to us. Also blink is not really needed in such a fight as long as we have a running speed buff and don't stop moving.
    Also do 4 people need veil at once? Surely if all 4 active (I've only ever seen 4 so correct me if I'm wrong) mesmers are in the raid, only half of them needs veil at any one time, just seems like 2 wasted fields per fight if we run like that.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Null field could be considered the direct counter to stability buffs, as it removes boons from enemies in the area (other than curing conditions to allies), Highly underrated imho. Also its an ethereal field for confusion stacks.
    Yday for example when we tried to run in into the NW tower, they simply cut off the raid in half by first putting a nullfield on the entrance and then stunning ppl with static field, and that was the main reason in my eyes (other than the fact they outmanned us 2 to 1) we lost the encounter so badly.
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    Well ... I agree that more than 2 or 3 Vails are probably too much in the raid. So the other mesmers can take Null Field. Blink has so many usages and it's the only stun break you guys have. I highly recommend sticking to it. If you want to use Null Field it's probably best to sync with the other mesmers who takes it and who doesn't. Maybe asking the raid leader how many Vails he/she needs is a good idea as well.

    Now to Null Field. It is a strong skill but not as strong as you guys make it ;-).
    • Boon removal: Null field pulses and removes a boon on each pulse. The chances to remove stability are probably rather small. This is still very very useful but not a direct couter to stability.
    • Confusion from Null field: Up to 5 allies can combo with the field and their projectiles gonna cause confusion on enemies (condition stats of the combo finisher are applied).
    • Confusion from Feedback: Feedback has the same combo field bahavior as Null Field but there is one more thing which is why Feedback is that strong - Feedback reflects enemy projectiles and those projectiles combo with the Feedback field itself causing confusion (feedback caster's condition stats are applied).
    So there is a huge difference between Feedback and Nullfield regarding confusion.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    It is sad it is only one boon per pulse, once again an inaccurate skill tip from the game (or maybe its nerfed only in pvp?). I miss shatter enchantment from gw1 :p
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    Mattfs Community Member

    But there is also a trait that means that everyone who moves in or out of the glamour fields (eg null/feedback) gets confused too, so you throw it on a blob and anyone who passes through it gets it... at least that's my understanding of it
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    Elfins Veteran BOON

    I've said before about temporal curtain not being viable as speedbuff for group/raid where so many speedbuffs can and are applied already. Reason for this is that if you cross a temporal curtain with a speedbuff on already you don't get extra secs from the curtain - in effect it's a waste of the skill and sometimes causes it to be on cd when we reach battlements where it would be used for pulling enemies. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, will try to find more info about it when I'm home again.

    Official forum:
    Temporal curtain is their only swiftness ability and it doesn’t affect you unless your swiftness buff runs out completely (it does not stack duration). It lasts for 12 seconds and then there’s a 13 second wait until you can use it again.

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