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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aspira, Mar 10, 2012.

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    I recently got into the closed beta for Brick-Force and have been playing it a bit this week and thought I should share my thoughts and impressions for those of you who are interested in this game and didn't manage to get into the beta.

    Brick-Force, for those of you who don't know, is an online only first person shooter that is set in a blocky world (read: everything is square). Not only is the game a first person shooter, but it also has a creative design mode which allows players to build maps using a map editor that feels like your playing Minecraft pocket edition that are then used by players to battle on in the FPS side of the game. All players are able to play both the FPS side of the game and the creative world building part of the game, but the fact the map editor is so easy to use (anyone who has played Minecraft, it will be second nature) compared to map editors for other games (think things like Hammer) I would imagine that some creative type people will play Brick-Force primarily to showcase their building talents and not their FPS skills.

    As an FPS game, Brick-Force is not the best or the most in depth ever seen. The controls are quite limited, there appears to be no crouch, slow walk or sprint toggles, however you can jump. What is wierd is that although the game lacks things like being able to crouch, it does have some quite advanced things like each weapon in the game has a weight, and that affects your characters movement, so running with a wrench is faster than say running with an LMG. There are however some much more serious things missing that I think make this game more of a comedy game you will play with some friends rather than a game you will put any serious time into. An example of one of these things is that none of the unscoped weapons have an iron-sights view. This means that all unscoped weapons cannot be aimed effectively so the game becomes very much, get up close and spray, rather than using aimed shots from range. Another major issue is that sniper rifles with scopes can be aimed, giving them insane accuracy at long range compared to all other unscoped weapons, which at range, are almost useless. What I have noticed in the beta is that any map with open space, everyone uses sniper rifles and its a battle of the campers, any map with close quarters play, like lots of twisting corridors, everyone picks up the basic noobie SMG or the slightly upgraded one which is an MP45 clone and just sprays and sprays as they run round the map. Don't get me wrong, its insanely fun, but its very low level gameplay and compared to other FPS games out there, this one will never be the next big thing in its current state becuase it is just far to imbalanced.

    As a creative design game, it is pretty good. There is a decent amount of block types to play with and you can crate some quite effective scenery. Here is a screeny of a map I played that has a crane, some vehicles and some tall buildings.

    Its like someone ran a BF3 map through a Minecraft-inator program!!!

    As you may have noticed in that picture, I am using the OP sniper rifle to spawn camp people, nothing like abusing an imbalance, lol.

    Back to the editor, you create maps in a creative world using a system that is very similar to the pocket edition of Minecraft. You have a selection of block types on 1~9 and you can swap them out for other block types that you have in your block inventory. You place them by left click and destroy them with right click (sound familiar???). You can create some pretty nice stuff and there are already some pretty epic maps in the rotation already.

    There is also a nice amount of character customisation already, although I would like to see much more for release, which I am sure there will be. My character looks like this.....

    Gas mask are cool yo!

    THe only thing that concerns me about the game at the moment is how they are going to make their money. Everything ingame (weapons, clothes, accessories, blocks to use in the creative editor, everything) all use points to unlock and only stay unlocked for 7 days, then must be bought again. There are three payment methods, normal points, brick points and token points. At the end of each battle, you seem to get awarded normal points and brick points based on your score etc. but I have seen no way of earning tokens. I would make the assumption that tokens are bought using money, since this game is free to play and they need to have some kind of income. What concerns me, is that you don't seem to earn all that many points per game and with items costing thousands of points each, I don't see you being able to keep your character customised they way you want to and have the weapons you want to without either playing this game non-stop as your main game, or by paying money to buy tokens, should that be the system they use, I am only assuming here.

    So yea, Brick-Force, I would say that this is definately worth playing, since its free, but it is not going to be the next BF3 for all you FPS guys, and it is not going to be the next Minecraft for all you creative sanbox guys. What this game is, is a little bit of fun to play with some mates once in a while that will cost you nothing and will give you some entertainment. It's not the best game you will ever play, but its pretty damn fun.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    adagio - How are you finding this as I know you also got beta access ?
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    adagio Moderator

    If your going to make a team based shooter, for the love of god. Make it so players on opposite sides can't look exactly the same.

    Apart from that its your typical generic team based shooter. Has its own problems though.

    1 - you can never really tell where your bullets are going. Cs was great because you just had the feel where bullets were going.

    2 - it feels floaty. You never get the feeling you are running but gliding along the floor.

    3 - one shot kill weapons you can buy. Really!! In this day and age? One shot headshot kills I can accept but body shots unscoped.

    4 - death animations need speeding up. You can still be shooting a already dead player but he's doing his comedy death spin.

    5 - general animations are poor. Specially weapon reloading and grenade throwing.

    I have critically words but its early in the games life.

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