Reli's Boredom Week Extra Entry: POWDER

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Relinquished, May 19, 2012.

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    This week, in an effort to decide what to play I found myself stuck between Thief: The Dark Project and Fallout 3.
    While I decided to go for Thief 3 and try my first video installment of my little game presentations I took some time to look around for more retro style games.

    Does the term Roguelike ring a bell to you?
    Well, either way ladies and gentlemen, I came across

    Powder is an oldschool RPG. An by oldschool I mean graphics are a luxury!
    This is an excellent example of hardcore gaming my friends. There is absolutely nothing simple about this game. There is no backstory or plot to speak of. Just the general idea of a dungeon with fifty floors the player has to decent, in order to get to the final Boss monster, kill it, and get back out (yes you actually have to get back out).

    Each floor is randomized, there's monsters everywhere, random items litter the dungeon floors and every corner hides a secret door or a trap. And that's what it's like on the first floor. I don't even want to think of what happens later.

    Did i mention death is permanent?
    Oh, and there's no character creation. You start off as a basic char.
    With random gear. And random skill books.
    Half the time I couldn't make it out of the first room. Seriously.
    By the way, right of the start, half the gear you begin with will be cursed.
    Every item you pick up could be cursed, blessed, enchanted (even in a negative manner as in -2)

    The list can go on forever.
    I have been playing this for 2 days straight and haven't managed to go beyond floor 5 so far. And that took me nearly an hour.

    In short (I did not plan to write this) if you think you got the nerve, the time and the stomach for a true hardcore experience and can look past the 8-bit like graphics (they are after all a luxury) go ahead.
    Be my guest.

    You will quit.
    You cannot handle this.

    ps. I zapped a wand once, and i commited suicide...nuff said.

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    Day 3: Today I thought to try my luck as a wizard. So I read my Book of Cold and learned of the Freezing Touch spell. That should teach those pesky creatures in the dungeons to mess with the likes of me! I start descending and before long I came face to face with a Brown Slug! Time to try out my new spell.
    The spell worked! Better than expected. Unfortunately it also invoked the wrath of Barbarian God who doesn't particularly like spells being cast under his sight.
    He cursed the armor I was wearing. And as if that wasn't enough, some Unknown God also got annoyed for some reason I do not understand and simply stroke me down with a *ZAP* killing me on the spot.
    Good times.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    This game sounds insane.
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    Day 3 Afternoon: MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA I should have know! Only a true tank (with some curse detection skills) could traverse this endless maze of death! I am on floor 15 now and I just ate a Minotaur 4 times my size (takes up 4 swares of space instead of 1). i had to outsmart him though and use one of my wands! The wall behind him reflected the ray of fire and hit him twice as much with every zap! He died screaming like a girl... I assume it was a "he"...

    ps. I am not describing fantasies here, this is not fiction. These things actually happen in the game!
    ps2. There is actually a save-load function afterall. Kind of a single save state thingy so it's not smart to abuse. Using it though voids permadeath and excludes the player from the score board. It also calls you a cheater. Keeps track of how many times it has been used. Will report at the end.
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    Day 3 Cont: Found the Library of the Wizard God... died by poison from a dragon. There no more corridors to hide. Too much open space...

    So tired... tell my wife I... uuuurrghhhhhhhhhhhh

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