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    Teel Classic Guild Member

    Character Facts
    Question: Character Name?
    Answer: Teel/Teelie
    Question: Character Class and Role? (Do both, Alliance and Horde)
    Answer: Gnome Warlock
    Question: Planned Activity? (Social, Casual Useful Guildie, Raider, Balls Deep HC everything, I don't do half measures)
    Answer: Mostly social. For the next 8-9 months I won't have time to play competitively enough to be part of raiding. I have a lot of knowledge from old vanilla + other vanilla server experiences from a few years back.

    Player Facts
    Question: How old are you?
    Answer: 27
    Question: Where do you live?
    Answer: Sweden
    Question: Can you raid Wed, Thur 20:15 - 23:30 Server time? (additional nights possible - Onyxia, ZG, AQ20 etc)
    Answer: Not sure yet, if I am playing as a social then I will be a bit behind the rest.
    Question: We are thick skinned and love getting yelled at, do you?
    Answer: Aneu has warmed me up with 8 years of shouting, even Bruce has made me used to it.
    Question: Where do you read up on your classes theorycrafting info and what other website tools or addons do you use to improve your gameplay?
    Answer: Of course Wowhead, and if Thottbot is reinvented maybe that. Addons? I could name 30. I use anything from questhelper addons to actionbars (Bartender etc) and Omen/cc-addons. Socially I read a lot about WoW on Reddit as well.
    Question: Are you able and willing to use Voice Comms and a microphone?
    Answer: Absolutely, got mic & headset and willing to use 'em.
    Question: Is your connection/system sufficient enough to raid with? This is important
    Answer: Absolutely.
    Question: What online games have you played so far, what role did you play in your previous guilds-clans (normal member-officer) and what kind of gamer are you (active-hardcore)?
    Answer: Classic vanilla WoW was my first MMO, played every expansion since then except Pandaria. Otherwise I've played Swtor/Tera/GW2/Wildstar/Archeage/Revelation Online and more. I have been an officer in VoTF since GW2, sometimes taking the role of being coordinator with other guilds, and sometimes being recruitment officer during Archeage conducting interviews.
    Question: What are your past mmo raiding and pvp experiences?
    Answer: Raiding in WoW, in vanilla up to AQ (but not naxx). A lot of other raiding in Wildstar/Tera and other WoW expansions.

    Additional information
    Question: Why do you want to join BOON Control?
    Answer: A lot of friends are here and I trust the leadership of BOON to contain a stable and fun guild but also to have a competitive goal towards something.
    Question: How did you hear about us?
    Answer: Through VoTF discord channel.
    Question: General comments (Pretty much whatever you might want to add to your application).
    Answer: I do get more enjoyment out of PvP, but I understand that to keep up or get ahead in WoW you need to play a lot of PvE, which can be quite fun too, especially with people like the ones in Boon.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Hey there mate, its good to see you again another swede ZOMFG!
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