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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Asuna, Jan 13, 2020.

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    Asuna Classic Guild Member

    Character Facts
    Question: Character Name?
    Answer: Asuna

    Question: Character Class and Role?
    Answer: Paladin, Holy

    Question: Please confirm you are lvl 60 and if you are attuned to MC and Onyxia
    Answer: Yes, level 60 and attuned to both.

    Question: Planned Activity? (Social, Casual Useful Guildie, Raider, Balls Deep HC everything, I don't do half measures) CLOSED FOR SOCIAL/CASUAL APPLICATIONS - ONLY EXCEPTIONS WILL BE OLD BOONS WHO HAVE RAIDED OR PLAYED HARDCORE WITH KATIECHOPS FOR LONG PERIODS.
    Answer: Balls deep raider sounds appropriate. Up for PvP as well.

    Player Facts
    Question: How old are you?
    Answer: 29

    Question: Where do you live?
    Answer: UK

    Question: Can you raid Wed, Thur 20:15 - 23:30 Server time? (additional nights possible - Onyxia, ZG, AQ20 etc)
    Answer: Yep, on a 9-5:30 work schedule but otherwise super flexible.

    Question: We are thick skinned and love getting yelled at, do you?
    Answer: FU! O:3

    Question: Where do you read up on your classes theorycrafting info and what other website tools or addons do you use to improve your gameplay?
    Answer: Discord, Reddit & Spreadsheets, otherwise I ask my partner (Shadez) if I don't understand something fully. For addons I use ELVUI raid frames, Decursive, Details DMG Meter, Five Second Rule, PallyPower, HealComm, TSM, and DBM. Additionally I use mouse-over macro's for more lazy effective play!

    Question: Are you able and willing to use Voice Comms and a microphone?
    Answer: Yes, although less talkative in larger groups with many new voices! ;P

    Question: Is your connection/system sufficient enough to raid with? This is important
    Answer: My PC is fairly current spec-wise so no issues with performance. Connection is as stable as the blizzard servers allows it to be! =)

    Question: What online games have you played so far, what role did you play in your previous guilds-clans (normal member-officer) and what kind of gamer are you (active-hardcore)?
    GAMES! 3.2k hours of my life lost in Dota, probably something similar in World of Warcraft Retail, currently learning League of Legends within a very amateur team at work! XD Previous games.. Path of Exile, Monster Hunter: World, Guild Wars 1+2, Diablo 2, Ragnarok, Rose Online, Terraria, Battlefield 3, Tera Online, Black Desert Online, Blade&Soul, Fortnite, Final Fantasy XIV
    ROLE! Usually a part of the "core", otherwise an officer to help out with management (spreadsheets etc). I am a semi-hardcore gamer, I love to play! .. but ehh.. the full-time job T.T

    Question: What are your past mmo raiding and pvp experiences?
    Answer: Current Classic Horde experience - full clear on MC/Onyxia (link here). Prior to that I attended scheduled raids from WotLK - Cataclysm (all raids - a lotttt of Naxx). Following that raided Pandaria & Legion casually.
    I enjoy PvP, doing BGs & 2v2/3v3, however I am an average player and Shadez probably unintentionally carries me ;-; .. playing at his ranks makes for a fun challenge! :3

    Additional information
    Question: Why do you want to join BOON Control?
    Answer: Hoping to join a friendly environment with a solid raid team! ^^

    Question: How did you hear about us?
    Answer: Recommended to me via my partner Shadez, & originally found through his AMAZING friend Aros ! ( just in case hes reading this ^^ HI!!)

    Question: General comments (Pretty much whatever you might want to add to your application).
    Answer: I like cats =^-^=
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    Anub1s Classic Guild Member

    Here's my cat then

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    Asuna Classic Guild Member

    What a majestic Kitty! :O those ears! phew!!

    Ohhh you've done it now! I'm taking this as an invitation for Kitty spam! (Shadez in the background: "LIMIT!! ONE PHOTO PER CAT" XDD ) Fineeee!

    Here is our cloud...

    Followed by the less fl00fy ones:


    Just need a bigger home now so we can adopt more lovelies.... perhaps a Serval/Maine Coon or two! :X
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    oh god I can just imagine discord going down the sewer with all this talk about "cats"....

    Catch you both later tonight if you are about
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    Asuna Classic Guild Member

    I try to contain my crazy-cat-lady to only RL, however Zero disagrees with this approach and feels his presence should be known, so I'll take this opportunity now to apologise for any future MEEEEEEEEWs heard in the background of mine/Shadez discord XD see you later!
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