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    Keeping this as short as possible, I have seen from your that you are joining the Aurora Glade server on release of Guild Wars 2! I run a gaming community called Recast Gaming. We focus on recording and streaming content, however we are also setting up an Alliance on Aurora Glade. We current do not have a name for the Alliance, so for now we are rolling with our community name.

    Some quick information and what we have to offer:

    » Public 512 Teamspeak (As from now it is online but needs updating) - Guilds who apply will get channel admin of their own channel to manage and control. The teamspeak also has public channels to mix with other guilds for combining efforts in WvW, getting groups together, and any other events!

    » Forums - All Guilds will be free to use the community forums and also get your own section should you require to post updates.

    » Only looking for EU English speaking Guilds

    » Allowing all Guild Focuses be it PvP WvW PvE or even RP

    » Guilds are able to continue as they are, running how they wish, whether you have your own website and voice comms or not

    For more information, should you be interested, visit and read - to sign your guild up.
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    Sorry we are rolling else where laters
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    No problem, best of luck to the Guild.

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