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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by katmai, Jul 29, 2011.

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    katmai Veteran BOON

    Okay, i have seen so many discussions on this topic, and dota vs lol vs hon flame wars, so i decided to troll for a bit.

    Background: i used to play dota for like ... 4 years. I never got better. I had some friends i was playing with, but we were either facing complete scrubs, or we were facing godlike people, so we never actually got to skill up.

    Then i came to HoN, and i started as a scrub, and i noticed i was relatively being matched up with people of my skill. As i went with my ranking up, the games became harder, but here's the kicker:

    There are 3 types of games in HoN, and you really can't enjoy it unless you get this idea rock solid in your head:

    Anyone BELOW 1500 - they are completely and utterly noobs. If you're in that bracket, then you surely have not read a few GREAT guides that helped me out get out of that shithole, as a beginner i really had no clue about builds and i was just staying in the same place:

    I posted just 3 threads, because you should never follow blindly a tutorial, it's just for guidelines. Everyone has their own play style, and you have to discover stuff on your own as well, but you also need just some basic common sense rules.

    If you get some skill, you will play in the 1500 -> 1650 bracket. If the players are a BIT better here, you still RARELY get any teamplay, because people come from the lower 1500 bracket, and they are used to solo play.

    Now comes the fun part. If you managed to get above 1700, then you will have the epic fun games. out of 5 6 matches per day, i RARELY get some scrub to mess up the game, because everyone above 1700, pretty much knows his business.

    What is to like about HoN though? Well, it actually requires some brains to play, like dota does. You need to learn to last hit, deny, harass, try to get as much early xp as possible as your lane, and generally small things make the difference. You will think twice about going bananas into 5 people and dieing, and if you do some heroic stuff, like initiating a gank, managing to pull off some damage, escape with 2 hp, and the other team wiped, then it's surely way more rewarding than doing robot stuff like auto attack creeeps, and farm.

    Last but not the least, HoN adds a bit more power over DotA by adding some new mechanics in the game -> vector targeting / combo stuff. They add a new hero every 2 weeks, and even though they had a shitty period of downtime with the ddos thing, it seems settled now. I played lol for more than 1 week, daily with some friends, but i was not impressed by any means. I tried, i knew it doesn't feel cool, but i actually tried to like it, and then i gave up. I find the mechanics broken, the "team" over "skill" thing, the unbalance and so on. I also don't agree with the idea of buying gradually my heroes, or get pwned because someone had cash, and got a more OP hero than mine and so on in LoL

    If you want to see how much fun HoN is, watch the spotlight for the new hero that is being launched today. Looks insanely complicated but it will be insanely fun if i manage to master it properly :p

    If you want to test hon, i have 2 accounts i can share with you, as long as you don't change the password, as i am using the third :p First come first serve.

    Anyway, i should let the video do the talking:

    No don't ask, HoN did not copy the Monkey King hero from LoL, it's been a beta hero since 2009 in HoN, just not introduced in the game.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Nice post although im afraid people already decided which moba they prefer atm, kinda hard to change their opinions :p
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    I doubt this thread w8ill be here by end of the day.. i have a feeling...
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Hon failed after listening to players:

    -No rune in 0 second coz "its OP if swift take haste"
    -No more secret shop coz "its to hard to get there"

    I was like WTF when i saw this lol
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    katmai Veteran BOON

    actually the rune at 0 spawn changed the game in a good way. you rely less on luck - where it spawns, and it removes that exact advantage provided by luck. If you want a rune, place a ward, and actually use your brains to watch for the timer spawn. if you want to gank any lanes for first blood, again don't rely on luck.

    as with the secret shop, i actually found it retarded that if i want legendary items, and the chick is not upgraded, i have to send it to the shop, then macro it to go to base, and take double time to get the item to me, for what? even if it's upgraded it's still almost double time to get the item to me.

    the only advantage of the secret shop was for the top/mid lane as legion, and it unbalanced the bot lane unnecessary. same goes for hellbourne. and let's remember that usually on the bot lane legion - top lane hb the carry goes there. why provide a disadvantage to - usually - the most important lane?
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Im a hon player myself mostly because I have been playing dota since the dawn of the map I prefer hon because its pretty much an upgraded of that game.

    I am yet to try lol. Not interested at all either though :-/
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    So i found out HoN went f2p LoL style and i wanted to give it an another try, but my account details dont seem to be working :(
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    Mizou Community Member

    1 game of this type is enouph for me, after getting to 30 in LoL im not intrested in Hon at all but good try
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    Miyo Community Member

    Hon is f2p now? god, will download it, i rly enjoyed it
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Zzz i give up, cant even manage to create a new account :/ I guess that's it for my HoN adventure.
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    noluntas Community Member

    This is a completely false statement. Over 1.7k you are still getting a ton of scrubs. And this isn't even the worst part; the worst part is that over 1700/1800 people tend to be extremely self-centred, arrogant and bad mannered just because they have 15 points more than another player. If in the lower-bracket games you are getting (and you are expecting) people not good at the game, after passing the 1700 mark the only thing your team-mates are improving is their arrogance.
    People over 1700 aren't really any better than someone standing at 1650, they just act like pros when they don't know anything about the game. If you persist in playing HoN with pugs after a certain rating, the majority of your losses are going to be caused by people picking a 2nd mid hero just because they are at 1900, not supporting at all, stealing every single kill etc etc. Or ye, sometimes they are just going to afk because you didn't swap him the carry/midder.
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    Miyo Community Member

    y, can't register too, seems they have some issues with webpage :p
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    katmai Veteran BOON

    HoN is not free to play, an account costs cash, and they are surely not going LOL style, by giving you free to play game, but buy the stupid heroes. You buy the game, and you get to have every tool necessary to play and learn, all players being equal right from the start, not to be at a disadvantage because you signed up now, and someone else in the other team has been playing more than you -> buying more stuff than you.

    i have to disagree with that statement. there is a reason someone is over 1700, and someone is at 1500. and that is because you need some skill to play in that bracket, and not to mention the 1900 players, which you call scrubs. look at some replays from 1900 players, and you will instantly notice they are either coming from a competitive backgroud, or inhouse matches, so they do know their business.

    if i reset my stats, i ensure you i will be destroying my way until 1650, so no, there is little or no skill below 1650, and i am just little above average. I am by no means brilliant.

    Most qq also comes from scout/nh pickers, usually the -100 mmr in the team, they are always the ones with the big mouths and wanting to play carry. If you are one of the 2 lowest ranked players in the team, know your place and play whatever is needed, mostly support, also, for sure you're out of your league, and if you go carry vs carry you will most likely go against someone +100 mmr than you, which will own your ass like np.

    If you get to be blue/teal or pink (and you will), then usually people look up to you, you will need to take responsability, take mid, do ganks, lead the game to victory.

    I will always consider a game lolgame, and i have done just what you said above - going around, stealing kills, afk - when i had the lowest players picking carries, going jungle or lane for 30 minutes and not saying anything, not buying even wards/chick, and also picking scout/legio/nh and just playing their own little game, in their own little world, and ofc being out of their league, not even being good at it.

    As long as anyone does just that, common sense dictates that you get no respect nor any help from me, as i consider it a joke game, so i will just be having fun and pissing you off. As long as you don't want to win, neither should i care about winning myself.
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    Shantotto Guest

    HoN went free to play today katmai, you only get 15 champs on a rotation and you have to buy the heroes.
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    katmai Veteran BOON

    now this is stupid. i was out almost all day. did not see the new stuff. i always thought all the changes so far were for good but free to play, it's just a bit retarded. it's just the difference i did not want to see ... why to have to earn/unlock new content for the game? ugh ... moneymakingstuff.

    LE: looking at the freaking huge list of changes, i guess it will still be cool:
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    katmai many changes
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    Angelo Community Member

    1 thing I do hate, Legacy players (those who bought it before) shouldn't have to pay gold coins or at all to get new heroes early.
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    katmai Veteran BOON

    yes i have to concur with that, and i will not be spending any cash on that either. the heroes will be available for the general public anyway in 2 weeks since beta.
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    Angelo Community Member

    Yes, im just really ticked off they put on that deal of 10$ accounts and then they make it free 2 play. Like seriously.

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