Ranger worst wvw class?

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Mawzor, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Mawzor Community Member

    I hear that alot QQ, but i manage to do a lot of dps and i have great survivability. Only that 30sec cd on AoE is bullshit, and if you miss with it in zerg fights you just missed tons of loot :/

    are we the worst wvw class or not? any toughts?
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    All I can say is: when I'm roaming in WvW after-hours with Klecks and we come across a group of enemies ( >2) that include a ranger, that's what we aim to kill first, just cause it's always the easiest kill and fastest way to even the numbers out a bit.
    Still, ranger(+pet) damage on a single target is pretty good and you have the most OP control skill in WvW right now that can really f up a melee train if targeted at their rear and coordinated properly. (talking about the aoe root, in case someone didn't figure it out). The aoe options are a bit ..well..not there, that's why people complain so much cause they can't spamaoe like everyone else.
    Rejoice though, for the next patches will nerf aoe while leaving single-target as it is, so you may be less underpowered soon enough.
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    Well the main ranger issue is the pet. It carries a good portion of the ranger's dps but i think it dies quickly in aoes and provides no own aoe damage. In my opinion the ranger shines at focusing targets on range. The single target dps on 1200 range is one of the best (together with warriors) but if you want to tag a lot of people for loot, ranger isn't the best option...

    Here's what the other classes offer regarding range and aoe potential. Of course this heavily depends on weapon choice and the wvw situation (small team roaming vs. huge team fight with culling issues ...) but this is what you can expect.
    • Thief: A lot higher ranged dps with trick shot and nice high dmg burst skill on 1200 range with cluster bomb, group support with the poison field.
    • Ele: More utility, about equal damage on 1200 range (more aoe skills but less damage once your opponent dodges your fire aoes), weaker at dealing a good amount of damage against one target.
    • War: bow has a huge fire aoe, higher single target dps
    • Nec: awesome aoes ...
    • Guardian: lots of group support (bubbles, walls), 5-target aoe auto attack on 600 range, nothing on 1200 range
    • Mesmer: nice group support (quickness, portals, reflect), not that much actual ranged aoe dps
    • Engineer: no clue... they have mortars and grenades but i can't tell if you'd notice the dps
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    Mawzor Community Member

    I'm using piercing arrows trait with longbow which does A LOT of dmg if concentrated to a zerg properly(4-5k per person standing behind), and i root after "leaping("greatsword skill) into the middle of the fight, and let the stomping begin ^^
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    srENGINEER Community Member

    It's probably because of the same reason people consider Engineers under-powered : The ones they encounter REALLY suck, while the class is actually pretty good.
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    I used to think this was the case because i was in envy of all those aoe classes. But after playing my warrior a bit using longbow i think aoe is over rated too much. Piercing and cleaving attacks are the way to go, they atleast require some kinda of thought and co-ordination to get the job done rather than mindlessly putting aoe targeting thingys on the floor where you think the enemy may be (because they are invisible lol).

    Stick it out till this patch/nerf comes in, you may find a few of the aoe based classes get fed up and swaap specs for more single target based ones or even re-roll class entirely.

    Also ranger classes in all games seem to get lots of stick and while some people can manage to play them really well the other 90% play them shit and then moan which drags the morale of the good 10% down to the point where they start believing them.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Ranger is the best WvW class by a mile, I loved playing one it was ez mode. And I wish we have a few bomb negineers in the middle of our raid.
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    Mawzor Community Member

    ...exactly what i tought
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    I have to say as a Ranger (my PvP alt) on WvW, i only have trouble in fights when im overwhelmed by sometimes more than three. Ofc some classes/players are harder that others ofc, but with the right build ranger is a very strong class to play with.
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    cosmose Community Member

    wvw isnt just about getting loot bags :p
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    Mawzor Community Member

    I can find several reasons why i rage when i miss with Barrage when there are tons of ppl around. Loots are one of them :mad:
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Mawzor i started on ranger and switched to ele and i can tell you the survivability isn't great, the aoe is poor and the single target damage is ok but only when the person you're attacking isn't focused on you, the other problem is pets as anet have stated rangers are ment to be doing 60% of their damage from pets but the problem is they dont hit moving targets well(they improved it but the pet still has to stop moving to attack) and in larger battles they just die too easy. On top of that rangers can't offer much in the way to groups in terms of combo fields and finishers. That said there are a few interesting things that you can do with rangers and having a few around ie all should use healing spring in raids... in the past a few rangers said they'd rather use heal as one cos it heals THEM for more. Ive been messing around with my ranger as a melee i may put in a few hours in the future but im kinda waiting for anet to pull their fingers out of each other arses and fix the class

    ps rangers can have up to 1500 range
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Yeah i did and rerolled, trust me the class isn't very good due to anet sticking to their stance 40% of your damage is ment to be from the pet which is useless as a damage source in www. TBH i think they don't want to change the class thus will never be able to fix it my advance is to re-roll........
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Last saturday morning i was roaming on my ranger, with Xtranerf, Kisiek, Duglas and one more which i dont recall atm.
    Ask them if at any point they felt that my ranger was sucking when we were fighting against the odds.
    If something is not working you need to rethink how to play it, thats what i meant.
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    "roaming" "4 people" << Not raid conditions, i can solo people all day with my ranger but that's not the point
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Roaming doing raid tactics, stacking might and stuff. Believe what you will, imo ranger is a very viable class.
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    Also, in spvp ranger is considered one of the strongest if not the strongest of all classes when it comes to 1on1s and point defense. So don't expect any buffs ...
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    Kharjas Community Member

    In 1vs1 you can manage the pet so the ranger is really strong, in raid environment is imposible so the ranger lose effect. But I must say that entangle is the one of the best elite for raid environment and I have seeing some videos of a ranger from VII with greatsword, traps and entangle and he is doing quite ok.
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    Avaglaor Community Member

    As we refreshed the discussion from the "afk thread".

    It was hard for me as well to find a usefull build/playstyle with my Ranger in WvW after playing Ele and Necro. As most said above Ranger is very good and balanced in solo and small group situations, his damage is ok he can control his pet he can kite his opponent very well.
    But Rangers are not that good in zerg fights, not that they are useless, they just aint as good as any other class can be in zerg situations, especially with our tactics "aka move as a fist and pass through the enemy".
    Ranger cant do a lot while running through the zerg and most of the times does not have the abilities to escape/survive when he become enemy's focus target, (i have noticed in small group fights that i'm always the 1st target that they try to kill).

    Unfortunatelly bows have only one AoE ability with 30sec CD and u cant move while casting it.... so why one of the weapon set must be melee, GS is fun but... little overal damage and as said above you can find urself traped in the zerg with your nice medium gear and without a way to escape. I found the Axe/Warhorn better for that job, you can do some AoE, you provide boons to your raid and you have a 900 range that helps you to stay away from the zerg while hiting.

    For me, we just have to ajust our playstyle for zergs, we CANT follow our raid pass through the enemy, if we do we offer the minimum. We have to stay at the outer side of our raid, see where the enemy is and do our job or trap-slow-interupt-control the enemy if we cant avoid being in the middle of the zerg, its not everything about doing the max AoE dmg and loot bags.

    Unfortunatelly the support build of the Ranger is a joke, i was looking forward to use it but its failing hard.

    Anyway, ranger can be fun and effective even in WvW we just have to try more than any other class.
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Thank you Avaglaor my Xelendar will understand what i need now

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