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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Relinquished, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Relinquished Veteran BOON


    Been playing with this build for a while now.
    The point in immortal make it very easy not to run out of rage.
    The damage output is very nice overall, not simply due to smash. With my current gear (3x champ war leader, 2x champ vidicator armor) I get a ton of surge rating (100%++ for force attacks) which makes even Force scream crit for ~3k.
    What i find the most usefull about this build is the fact that it is not restricted to 4m range skills.
    Force Crush, Obliterate are both 10m range skills, AoE snair becomes spamable since it costs nothing and generaly, unless you are unlucky, it is hard to be kited with it.
    Needless to say I still play with Soresu form at all times. Force scream is for free, Retaliation becomes a 2 rage cost (for when used) and Enrage becomes an Oh-Shi!!!! button.

    Apart from occasionally using Sundering assault just to build up another 2 rage, I have stopped using Slashes out of necesity, unless everything else is on CD.

    Saber Throw-Force Charge-Force Crush-Shundering Assault-Smash-Force Scream is a clasic opener that usually deals half of anyones HP in dmg (even tank classes).
    Force Push, Rince and Repeat.

    Hutball: Get ball, allow enemy to come close, Chilling Scream-Obliterate, run away with 40% speed buff. Nuff said.
    Having played with Immortal spec i can say you have about 15% less survivability. The tradeoff is good in my oppinion. I usually get over 150k dmg per match and (depending on the opponents) over 25k defence points.
    And in case you think that is not any good, plz consider that i have horrible framerate and I am being haunted by the ability lag situation which makes 2/3 smashes i use to miss their intended targets. But thats a game prob, not a build prob.

    Give this build a try if you haven't, it can be fun. Trust me.

    ps. Ketz is vengence naab.
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    Ketz Veteran BOON

    I ll start with the general crap like "Everyone should find out the playstyle they like and such".
    Thing is what works for one can't deffo work for others as well.
    Rage Juggs do more burst dps and if they are really good players(Reli is) prolly can do more sustained dps than some or many Vengeance ones.
    The difference is
    1. They die much faster than any other Jugg (you are not useful when dead).
    2. They do far less damage than a Marauder (100K less).
    3. They will prolly be gimping a 8man premade for the above reasons.
    At the end of the day it all comes down to having fun and enjoying the game and in my case i started TOR wanting to play a DPS Jugg, since then i realised that this is impossible so i made peace with the idea that if i wanna be essential and meaningful for my group i have to go Immortal - Vengeance and protect my teamates, the healer first of all and then the ones who actually dish out sick amounts of damage.
    While doing this properly i also have around 100-150 K damage depending on various factors but the most important thing is that i feel like i am needed for a warzone.
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    Wait till they fix the ability lag bug.
    We'll talk dps/burst then.

    I would play Immortal, I liked it.
    Two things kept me from it.
    1. 4m range on everything, cant hit shit without watching animations occure 2-3 times.
    2. Everything is a stun. Resolve bar fills up instantly.

    Survivability is a lie. Current dmg mitigation mechanic don't mitigate shit! Only thing we are resistant against is pure "weapon damage" types.
    It's why i picked mostly the tank pvp gear. More Endurance.

    It's why Veng spec seems like the DPS spec atm. It's main damage type is Internal :)
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    Ketz Veteran BOON

    Even if they fix the ability lag Force Crush will always be gimped for the simple reason that it is reliant on Internet delay.
    May it be your delay or your opponents delay it's always fucked.
    So you can have the best gear and be a superb player but if yours or yor opponents internet fails for a millisecond then Force Crush hits empty space.

    As for the damage mitigation i ll tell you on TS what you should be doing cause it ain't a lie.
    Btw when the lag ability delay get's fixed nothing will change between Juggs and Marauders since Marauders will be doing more damage as well.
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    Plz post here about mitigation if you're not bored cause i've been reading some stuff on official forums about it and it did sound correct.
    That mittigation aint as good as we might think actually.
    Others might want to know :p

    And i understand that Smash (not force crush) is completly latency reliable but trust me, the way it works now is just rendoncounlous (misspelled as intended).

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