[Pyromancer] Solo questing and Nuking

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Specter, Mar 4, 2011.

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    I tryed leveling solo with several characters, and if you want to be a bit safer than using the AoE chloromancer build, then this may be for you:

    - for leveling, first get the 10 points in warlock, then pump the rest into pyro, leaving elementalist at 0.
    - get only 1 point into improved smoldering power, just so you can use it in combat.

    gameplay solo:
    - send your earth pet first.
    - start nuking.
    - if mob looses agro, keep nuking before it gets close.
    - mob dead, repeat.

    -Use smoldering power and sacrifice life:mana to get mana and reconstruct to heal some probable damage.

    gameplay dungeon AoE:
    - use fire armor
    - use ground of power
    - spam fire storm

    gameplay dungeon 1 target:
    - use pyro armor
    - spam your fireball / cinder burst accordingly opportunity / pyro armor procs
    - heat wave whenever you like

    At level 50 i'm thinking of using also trying this:
    - more health and more % damage overall
    - access to a different type of damage for some situation that you face fire resistant foes
    - more CC
    - dont have to rely on fulminate as a bursting skill since all your other skills do more damage overall since you can use internalize charge during heat wave (fulminate consumes all charge, so it can never be casted under internalize charge)
    - no fulminate means you can't do the burst combo: opportunity or pyro armor proc -> cinder burst -> fulminate -> heat wave -> 5x fireball (maybe a cinder burst proc here) -> fulminate.

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