Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aninah, Mar 20, 2011.

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    why no focused intent, why nightblade and not take the advantage of bow attacks, u can get 5% crit which equals the damage from detonate (15% of 500 damage detonate... wow, u do know that the 15% for combopoint generatin abilities does not work with charges right? they removed this like 2 month ago)
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    Bluff Community Member

    well, i really didnt look at the build much, i liked Aninah & Mizou in group, because they can burst single targets with charge > explode and they can throw away stun and silence bombos on casters (really helps, it makes the fight much easier)

    he created the thread because in yesterday warfronts we had alot of clerics and a rogue who play only bard, we asked him to switch to rogue dps cuz we already have lots of heals, i asked him to copy Aninah's build cuz i liked what he do to the group.(silencing all the clerics/casters etc..)

    i suggest you guys post a nice sabo build for group pvp, and another for solo pvp

    i do the same, i have three roles:
    1-RB/Reaver/VK for solo pvp
    2-Champ/paragon/Vind for group pvp
    3-Champ/Para/VK for group pvp vs alot of casters (more def vs magic attacks, interrupts cost less energey, increase my physical dmg when i attack target with mana etc...)
    4- still didnt buy due to the lack of coins, but maybe i will make pve role or re-create my tanking role again, still dunno.

    my 2nd and 3rd role are not the best for solo pvp, actually it is the one of the worst builds in 1v1, since they have zero defense, it's pure dps builds and it requires a healer and support or fail.
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    Mizou Community Member

    my build is kinda like this


    but im only rank 3 so i didnt spend all points available in pvp soul yet -> more into saboteur

    i do like to have the slow from the ranger to make sure warriors who jump out of the slow bombs still get slowed and also u get a self buff with just 6 points in it
    i want to get the stealth out of the pvp soul tough its useless for group pvp, so u could actually spend 2 more points into the sab tree or so... up to everyones own preferance

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