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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Hsulf, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    We were chatting in guild about this last, and as I'm working (lol) I'll explain about Pvp gear and commendations.

    For taking part in warzones you get warzone commendations. These cap at 1000 and fairly easy to get, like 70 per game. The better you do on the game (not dps or max healing) the more commendations money and exp you get. To judge how well you do in pvp zones they award you a 'medal' which not a physical medal but for e.g killing someone 1v1, guarding more than 2k damage, doing more than 75k damage. If you 6 or more of these medals you've done well and will get more commendations.

    Once you have your warzone commendations you can buy mercenary commendations from the pvp vendor at 30 war coms for 10 merc coms value. There are some gear which you can use for both of these types but it's not the best pvp type gear.

    When you save up 200 of each you can buy a centurion pvp box from pvp Item vendor which goes towards centurion gear which is good shit. Each box you buy for 200 200 contains 2-6 centurion coms. You rinse and repeat this cycle for armour weaps etc. Apparently this is the same process for battle master gear using centurion coms but I'm yet to see this in game.

    Also, the centurian boxes are unique an cannot be opened till 50 so those like me farming now can't stock pile. However you can have 1 box and 1000 merc 1000 warzone coms which is around 70 warzones + which does give you a headstart.

    TLDR: for pvp gear
    Farm 200 war coms
    Buy 200 merc coms
    Buy centurion boxes
    Rinse and repeat till you have enough for centurion gear.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Its still a 1:1 trade for the commendations? I heard it was changed to 3:1 each way, i.e 30 Warzone commendations trades to 10 Mercenary commendations and vice versa.

    Still, you'd probably have enough by the time you hit 50 for it to be worthwhile I guess.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    third paragraph he states 3:1.
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    so ok, if i am only interested in endgame top pvp gear and nothing in between, and since i am closing in on that 1000 comendation mark, what the hell am i supposed to do?


    what is the name of the top pvp gear (i assume there is a vendor for it in imperial station) and i think i can figure out the rest.
    i think.

    Since you are at "work", how about a more in depth guide?
    I know i might be asking too much, but i prefer it to screwing up and getting things i will regret getting.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    If a post has a tl;dr section, its all I read ;)
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    buy mercenary commendations until you have 200 of both, then buy a champion pack. you can hold 1 until you're 50. then whenever you can buy mercenary comms until you have 1000 of both.
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Can't be really more in depth than I have been than quoting individual items etc and it depends how many warzones you do!

    For me personally, i do warzones every pop when I'm on. This way you have enough commendations for all level 20 pvp armor, all level 40 pvp armour, all level weapons to 40 pvp, and at 50 I will have

    ****1000 merc comms 1000 wz comms and the centurion box*****

    This above is what you are aiming for before you ding 50. I also think I will have enough to buy the level 50 pvp elite mount (1000 1000) as doing so many of them now and will replenish the 1000 1000 before I 50.

    Don't worry about spending warzone comms on armour weaps etc, they're cheap like 350 each and you earn them
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    The top imperial armour is called battlemaster. This is very grindy and I can't find much info on this yet. Centurion is the second best and still very grindy. If you get the 1000 1000 and centurion box before 50 you'd be lucky to get one piece of armour from everything.

    That's 5 boxes from the 1000 1000 plus one box so 6. Each box holds 2-6 cent comms so 12 or 36 from the whole lot cent comms. Each cent piece is around 25 cent comms.

    To summarize, 70 warzones of 15 mins each = one piece of centurion armour. God knows about battlemaster.

    Edit: Centurion armour is amazing stat wise, it's epic drop omg good wise.

    Double edit: maybe I will make a more thorough guide, however this post is a good start up to 50. I'll do more advanced one and in depth at 50 and when I know more about battlemaster stuff.
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    Not only would I buy the 20-40 set, but also the blue lvl 50 set, buyable in Kaas City, in the same house as your skill trainer, by the commendation vendors. Full set costs 4.9k and gives you a buttload of expertise making the PvP a lot easier and the grind to the epecs helluvalot more enjoyable. Think of it like in Aion, going for 30set first = smart. Rushing to 50set and having crap/pve gear in the other slots = bad. Also the easiest way to get expertise on the weapons is buying the weapons at lvl 14, 24, 34, 38, 42, 46 (they only have expe on them from 34 iirc). Go win some pvp now BOONs.

    ps. sharing and posting cos there is maintenance atm :(
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    Balmung Veteran BOON

    and i gotta go fix some stuff for the newbs at work when maintenance is over....FML :confused:

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