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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Saul, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Hey guys.

    I spent the first beta figuring out what class, I wanted to stay away from my usual Mage/Sorc type build, so focused on Rogue for a while, then quickly realised Without healer Love and not much in the way of self heal, I went back to the class I have played for years. I then spent the last 3 Beta's doing nothing but PvP to figure out the best PvP build for me.

    Atm the FoTM is Pyro, lol when is it not, eh. Not wanting to upset Pyro Mages, but imo Mages who don't know how to play always plump for Fire based Mages.

    In Rift it seems that a lot of People are choosing Pyro for Cinder Burst and Unbreakable bonds. I can't tell you the amount of Pyro Mages ive CC'd then killed whilst they either get Ground off, or wind up Cinder Burst. as for Unbreakable Bonds.. yip it's imba, but meh so is my AOE Fear.

    This is my Ultimate PvP Build..


    Lets start with Sacrifice Life and Reconstruct, those 2 alone make me pretty self sufficiant in both Mana and Health for the duration of any battle, I dont need to wait to be healed, or go OOM, in PvE, or PvP you can see why thats important.

    Now look at my CC's, I can take 7 players out of the fight from the get go, AOE Fear takes 5 out, single Target Fear takes another and my Poly, (sorry) Transmogra whatever, takes care of another 1.

    With points in Life Leech and Imp Void Bolt, and Lingering Pain, I only need to apply LL once and the void bolt keeps it up until the Mob/Player dies, so thats one spell out of my rotation and do not need to look at for the duration.

    Neddra's Influence causes my DoT's to really start to hurt and I can both increses the length and prevent them from being dispelled.

    Vitality - Potency - Dark Power all speak for themselves.

    Warlock Armour is one of the best self buffs for Mages, especially if it is Improved and increases Damage.

    Radiate Death Increases my already large Arsenal of painfull AOE's and Shadow Life is a my first get out of Jail Card, with Neddra's Essence, being my second Get out of Jail Card.

    The Archmage Tree speaks for itself and the extra point in Polymorph just aides an already Imba CC.

    No Pets, either with this build, which imo is a good thing, not great for solo play, but I prefer working in organised Groups, where the pet is just a hindrance.

    no doubt people will dissagree, and this is my opinion based on my play style, but I will add, win or loose, i'm topping the dmg/kills/killing Blow charts on most battlegrounds where i'm mid to top level.

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