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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Furyon, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Furyon Community Member


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    as u can see as u interact with the broker npc on the top u have 5 options ....if u select the 3rd and u drag and drop item in that u will get the option to establish the price of it....

    first option is to serch items...on the left of the image u have weponds armors materials and so on and to serch them u can se on the right top corner 2 buttons if u select the on from the left u have the serch engine


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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Use imgur to upload ur images. ImageShack is terrible.

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    Fokkie Veteran BOON

    Is it possible to set up private shop like in aion? Saw loads of people standing around the broker in cute costumes advertising shit

    Nvm found it! It's the blue teddy bear face under community tab (the castle)
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    huehuehue Community Member

    care to explain how does blue teddy works? cant place any items inside hes "item box"

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