Post your WvW builds (warrior edition)

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Ebel, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Ebel Veteran BOON

    (ninja'd from mesmer section)

    Oke lets post our wvw builds so we know wich warrior is running what setup.
    Here's mine;TEAhWA
    10/0/30/30/0 with mace+shield for frontlines got like 3.2k armor and 26k health, and using sword+warhorn for movement+speed buff

    I am shout heal build even tough im stacking toughness on everything makes my shouts heal for like 1.7k each so thats 5k healing total, im open for improvements since Im playing for like 3 weeks.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Quick questions, why Mace over Axe?
    And what do you do on the battlements, switch to a weapon in bag?
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    Ebel Veteran BOON

    Why Mace over Axe? simple just for the stun/confusion and a little block, and depending on how many on the battlements I keep my shield up since it reflects projectiles or I'll just switch to my longbow for aoe's.
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    Kilrathian Veteran BOON

    Ok then, seeing your armor and hp I will assume you are using invader gear. I only see this build viable for small scale pvp and not in zerg fights. Low dmg with low range, Low healing, med crowd control and high tanky stats. While you can stun/confuse with mace the range of it is too low to be useful in big fights. The shouts you are using give you a 5k healing burst on 1st rotation which is not great but OK. If a fight drags out you will only get to use only 2 shouts for 2nd and 3rd rotation because you're using a 3rd shout which has a 60s cd. that means in a longer fight you will only get to heal 3k hp which is a joke seeing that it costs you 2 utility skills. While your stats are designed for front line, there's very little you can do there except soak dmg and if 20 people focus you, you still gonna die, but you would still be my number 1 candidate for ram duty when we siege :D . Tbh I would ditch the shouts keep "fear me" and get "stomp". That would allow you to run into the middle of them and break the enemy zerg up a bit giving our dmg dealing colleagues a superb chance for a push. Actually, I would rethink the entire build and focus one area to optimise the toon for raid wvw fights
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    I'm not sure i agree with you Kilrathian, but bear with me on this.

    Yesterday night i tried a new build with my warrior, something that went like this andi had a blast playing it. Ofc this build was something built based on OPs build with some minor tweaks, and some skills might need to be revised - example: at some point i switched from "Empower Allies" to "Stronger Bowstrings" because i really needed the 1.2k range to assault battlements - but my main conclusions were that Shouts are awesome for WvW, even for raids.
    The heal burst from each shout (1.5k) is insane when you can output it under 10sec, even more when the heal is AoE without a limitation of targets (i would cry of joy if Necro's Life Transfer/Transfusion could heal 1.5k each 20sec).
    I never managed to really try a shield (didn't got one) so i'm not saying anything about it, mace is ok - still not sure if i like it over Axe as a PBAoE dmg dealer though.
    LB - the more i play it the more i like it. Seriously. It's slow as hell in comparison with other classes bows, but those 2 AoE skills (1 combo field + 1 aoe finisher) are fun fun fun and packs a nice punch! :)
    Is it a killer build? No, is tanky as hell and i'm not sure how will it stand in 1v1 with little dmg output, but as a lowbie i have to say it standed easily in every fight (including under various Arrow Carts bursts) with breaking any sweat, with lowbie armor (no rare items) and only died once when i got jumped alone by 20 AMs -.-

    Keep in mind, i only have a lvl78 Warrior and i'm testing stuff out. :)
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    Kilrathian Veteran BOON

    I never said that shouts aren't awesome. They are great but you need to optimise it. My warrior's shouts heal for 2.7k, could push to 2.8k with food probably because he is optimised for shout healing and crowd control with hammer.That means I could burst a 8k heal every 24secs because I use "on my mark" instead of "fear me". While I'm not questioning the survivability in a fight I'm questioning the role in a raid fight, your heal burst is a one time thing for 4.5k then the rest will be 3k which is barely a factor in big raid fights, you don't do dmg, you don't CC, you can draw some fire but that's pretty much it.
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    Ebel Veteran BOON

    I also got a Hammer with healing if I use that my shouts heals 2.1k, but I rather be infront and take most beatings then the rest and to be fair im hardly dieing, but everyone has his/her own playstyle, I think our raid would be more succes if all the guadians & warriors be tankie build let them try and get through our defensives but everyone has his/her own build.
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    kayla/shurah Community Member

    Here a optimized version of that you want to do :;TsAg0CtoyyklILbWuskZtAZAyOCA
    This is the most versatile build and it exploits your strongest point: the crowd control : You have 1 area stun/knockback/immobilized/chilled/fear and 1 monotarget stun/knockdown/immobilized. So in total you have 5 area cc and 3 monotarget cc. Don't forget that you are the only class able to stun lock someone for more than 7 seconds.
    This build provides you also 4 remove conditions skills (3 on a short cd). Indeed the runes of the soldier allow you to remove one additional condition per shout what is very useful to stay in melee. And to top it all, you have a decent dps coupled to a good survivability.
    According to your group and what you are going to do you can switch embrace the pain for missile deflection and signet of rage for battle standard. Also if the elementalist in your group is good enought to give you more than 10 stack of might in combat or if you have a staff guardian you can switch leg specialist for empowered. Indeed if you have 25 stacks of might, you increase your damage by 25% without taking in account the additional damage given by the 25 stacks of might.
    Also according to my tests, it doesn't worth it to increase your healing power because the impact of this stat on the warior is low compared to power and precision.
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    Undeadmonkey Veteran BOON;T0AZUSoUPpciKLTWissZ5ySm1yiBI7IA

    I would go with this build over givess you the ability to run in and out and still do damage with good heals and good damage output combined with the burning condition from the bow's special
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    Gekido Community Member

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Hehehe, sry i did understand you meant shouts wasn't the way to go when you stated to OP:
    Like i said on my earlier post, Necros don't have that amount of AoE healing in 1 skill, thats why i was amazed :)
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    Undeadmonkey Veteran BOON

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    Kilrathian Veteran BOON

    Got asked for my build today and I really CBA to create a new thread so gonna post it here.
    Basically this is nothing new but was made with a bit tweeking. It was not made for rolling bums, easy fights or badge farms, infact I made this when I was on my hiatus spending time in blacktide and desolation fighting blobs from 30 to 80 people who know wtf they're doing (even had a shot at RG), and it was really a different experience. So my question was how do I balance survivability and damage. Well this was MY answer to that question.

    I use quite a few weapons. First of all I believe that sword/warhorn is the ultimate secondary weapon set, and for primary I use hammer for fights that are big in scale and I know I got support, like a guild raid. Axe/Shield for small scale pvp. Why? Because I think the hammer is too slow for it, and IMO the axe has the best auto attack from all the weapons because it's very fast and hurts alot. The hammer has a simple 5% dmg sigil but before i use it I stack 25 bloodlust with my greatsword which doesn't take a lot of time to charge. The axe has a perception sigil to stack precision, What I stack depends on my mood, but on raids it's mostly power.

    The build itself is pretty standard 10/0/30/30/0. Now why the power tree for the 10 extra points. Well you might find this funny but the "reckless dodge" trait has actually won me some close 1v1s :D And the 10 point trait is "Berserker's power" for the 12% extra dmg.

    Defense tree is "Embrace the pain" to restock my adrenalin after burst as fast as possible so the power trait and my healing skill would be at 100% before my burst cd is over. 20 point trait is "Merciless Hammer" or "Shield Master" depends on what I'm doing at the moment. 30 point is "Defy pain" because it gives me the chance to disengage or survive a direct hit from a veiled 40 man melee train.

    Tactics: "Leg specialist" NOW. You might think this is part retarted. Actually I found this trait quite fun, because it helps me alot in 1v1 when I use axe/shield. I have a range cripple with 10sec CD and the 1sec immobilise is a setup for a shield stun. For the hammer it's even better! The number 3 skill actually nails down 5 people so they can be run over with no escape by our train, or just a set up for a hammer stun. Not gonna lie the only hammer skills In open combat that I use are 1 and 3. And in my opinion nailing down 5 people every 10secs is pretty good. But this depends on you preference and if you wanna pick the extra 70 power trait or "Empowered" it's fine.
    20 point trait is "Quick breathing" The warhorn's condition removal is a blessing.If you're pretty screwed, you can quickly remove/convert conditions, leap out of combat, recharge HP and go in again or just WP out if the fight is lost. Imo this is better then having 4s off your shouts CD.
    30 point trait is "Vigorous shouts" Now the items I use have NO healing whatsoever, so healing itself is pretty crap. 1500-1600 per shout, but it saved my ass countless times and in raids if you got enough ppl doing that, it makes a difference.

    Alrighty then, got the traits out of the way now for the gear. Armor, weapons, accessories everything is P/V/T. The runes I use are "Superior runes of the pack" for the 165 power and 100 precision, the 20% swiftness duration well... let's just call it a bonus. I use emerald jewels for the accessories to get more precision with toughness and powah.The food is "Truffle steal" +100 power +70 prec, and the best precision oil (forgot the name, cba to check).

    The utilities are "For great justice" which I believe every warrior should have! "Shake it off" and "Fear me". As for the 3rd skill I wanted 1 CC skill in utilities, so it's stomp or fear, sure stomp has 30s less CD but it requires you to stop, the fear shout doesn't and you can do it while following the raid leader no problem. That was my reasoning. So with self buffs, that you can pop any time before a fight, you got food buffs, swiftness, fury and 8 might. Add all this crap together and the final result is:

    USING HAMMER (25 stacks power)

    Atk power: 3892. Crit. chance: 49% Armor: 3209 HP: 27,582

    USING HAMMER (25 stacks prec)

    Atk power: 3642. Crit. chance: 61% Armor: 3209 HP: 27,582

    USING AXE/SHIELD ( 25 power )

    Atk power: 3701. Crit. chance: 49% Armor: 3345 HP: 27,582

    USING AXE/SHIELD (25 Prec)

    Atk power: 3451. Crit. chance: 61% Armor: 3345 HP: 27,582

    One more thing, the shield I use is a rare ( not enough badges ) so the end result should be a bit bigger on the axe/shield setup. This is what I currently run and it has given me alot of success fighting in very difficult battles.
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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    wait what? Kilrathian is back in boon?
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

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    srENGINEER Community Member

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    Ywvi Community Member

    Hey fellow Warriors,

    it would be nice to see a screenie of your stats unbaffed kilrathian ,as far as the utility choices i think Fear is for defensive reasons e.g when you are being bombed Justice is great and i also like stability stance .Weapon wise i run with Hammer and Axes but also GS.I find the mobility that the GS offers inside those lag infested
    moments very useful.
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    Kilrathian Veteran BOON

    Ok, here is the unbuffed version. And I'm gonna say this right now. The build relies and is built around having food bufffs and fury up for the entire fight time. This is not hard to do, especially in a raid environment, without that the build does not work due to all the damage getting tossed aside.

    This however is with food and bloodlust, with self buffs. How it was meant to run
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    dafuq. OP warriors.
    2k toughness, 27.5k health, 3.8k attack and 49% crit O_O

    I want to fight you, when you can rent a pvp server...
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    Kharjas Community Member

    How exactly works "Quick breathing"? One condition into one boon? So 2 condicions every 16 sec + shake it off?

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