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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Ebayed, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Ebayed Community Member

    Hello folks,

    Often times we chat in the guild chat about the merits and demerits of our guardian builds. I'd like to challenge you all to take it to the next step and not only ask each of our heavy armor brother in arms to post their builds, but also to elaborate on it's strengths and weaknesses, both in pve, pvp and wvw.

    Along those lines it would also be great if you guys could post the abstract Idea driving the build and the equip that best supports it (armor, runes, accessories).

    I think we could all benefit from this exercise and get to know how each one of us is using this class, as well as line up how each can better serve in wvw.

    I'll be posting mine next week when I get back from vacations and have access to my pc :)
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    My WvWvW Build

    Some of the builders on teh webz aren't completly up to date with the latest builds so meh :p

    2 things on this one, the tier of traits actually makes more sense when you look at it in game as you have restrictions per 10 points/20 points/30 points etc, this builder has no restrictions. Second thing, the 10 in valour now gives a reduction in CD and increase of time in consecrations (latest build).

    Reason for build:

    Quite simply this is a healing build (I hate the word support I really do, but I guess it is). Every symbol you put on the floor heals allies and your virtue passive heal is constantly ticking for 150 - 190 also. So passive + symbol = 300 heal without pressing a heal button.

    The reason for taking meditation healing is that these are my self heals. I take the aoe heal in number 6 which works very well on allies, and not to mention my staff number 2 and staff 4 both do a combined aoe 4k heal by themselves.

    Your job in wvwvw is to hit stuff with staff (tag enemies for badges etc), heal allies who are low, reflct stuff and gives groupies retaliation (works nicely on tower doors with people casting aoe's), keep people on flame rams, rez the dead and jump in with your gs and pull eveything towards you for ownage.

    The consecration number 7 can be changed for wall of reflect, which on the forums we have been discussing does well in sync with retaliation in destroying arrow carts and repelling defenders etc. Depending on the situation, I carry either bubble for potential rezzing/stomps or reflect wall vs arrow carts.

    Armour, I run full cleric exotic set including cleric weapons (power toughness healing) with sapphire runes (power toughness healing).

    Some numbers for you:

    2 utility meditations self heal for 1.5k - 2k each
    number 6 heal breeze heals you for 9k and allies for 6k.
    Passive virtue heals for 150 - 190
    Using virtue heal does 2.7k
    Symbols each tick = 160 (thats both staff #3 and gs #2)
    Staff 2 heal (exploding ball) 1.3k
    Staff 4, 3-4k
    Elite number 1 heal 1.5k - 2k (you are pretty much unkillable unless a zerg hits you with your healing + elite).

    Long and short, you can effectively heal a group of 5 people up to max health from 0 without using your elite in about 5 seconds or so. Although this is effectively, it's not that realistic unless people stay near you, bunched up, and not taking damage!! But just gives you an idea.

    Ebayed asked for some weaknesses in his post so i'll post some of them too.


    Although I do a lot of damage atm without having any dps traits, that will fall off when people are full geared. My issue is, in spvp I would use a secptor shield for the pesky kiters, the staff is very underwhelming in 1v1's and relying on a 25sec? cd wall and a 20sec cd leap to get near people isn't efficient as putting on a sceptor an d mashing people while your cd's are coming down off the gs.

    I feel the staff is necessary as arguably its the best healing weapon, and the gs just because of the relatiation + pull, so imo with this particualr build you are pidgeon holed into using these weapon types to be effective in wvwvw which some people could get bored with I guess.

    So yeah

    Lack of dps late game
    1v1's against ranged feels less fluid without a sceptor
    Stuck using gs + staff in wvwvw to get maximum out of the build.
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    Warprophet Community Member

    Cheers Hsulf very useful info, ^^

    [EDIT] LoL scrap that the link dosnt work :p
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    Ebayed Community Member

    Hsulf, really good stuff. That was exactly the kind of intel I was looking for -- reminiscent of a good build on codex. I really think everyone, including the creator of the build, benefits from going into detail about the rational behind it.

    Just one question, though, what are your stats (power, crit, tho, vit, hp, armor, etc) in wvw with that build & gear?
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    No worries - I'll confirm the stats when I'm home and put it in this post.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    While your at it make me a sandwich... with mustard. But yeah nice post.
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    Ebayed Community Member

    WvWvW build

    This was the site with the most accurate skills I could find, especially major traits.


    Prelude: I only started playing during release, so still experimenting with some shit...

    My toon is not yet finished, e.g. I am missing some exotic weaps, decent sigils and exotic trinkets. Also, be wary that this build is still highly experimental.

    One of the things that I find funny in this class is the ability to jump into the middle of an enemy's raid and cause some havoc. This eventually lead me to start experimenting (reads: still very experimental) with a boon build, which is really strong at this, while allowing you to run with a hammer -- perfect for instant annoyance.

    Ideally I would pair the hammer either with GS, for some more annoyance, or with a shield + sword (teleport). However, not having the staff makes me go crazy without speed, which is especially bad when for some reason you fail to get the raid's speed..


    I believe the main weakness of this build is the lack of higher damage, always handy when you just wanna blow up someone. It also lacks some vitality, which is a consequence of the crafted gear I am using.

    On another level, being in a group, lead me to take Hold the Line instead of a signet. It's definitely noticeable whenone is not running with Signet of Judgement and Bane Signet..


    I'm currently running on a full knight (tho [main], pow, pre) exotic set, each with a superior rune of the soldier (for more vitality and toughness).

    On the main-hand I am using a Valkyrie's exotic hammer, though it is still lacking the proper sigil.

    Trinket wise I am going for the Beryl collection, but still farming the mats... Damned vacations...


    Prelude: This toon is not yet complete.

    Power: 2628
    Crit chance: 24%
    Armor: 2544
    Health: 17125

    Overall impressions & whatnot

    This build trial is a refreshing change after exping to 80 with a full power and mobility build, using GS and SWO+SHI for teleports, along with utility teleport + burn.

    It has its short comings, such as the lack of dps mentioned above. However, thus far, it has been lots of fun to jump into the middle of them without dying most of the times -- even when you're the first in :)

    Feel free to post feedback.
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Tbh the power is pretty high! I do actually like it.

    Think you will have issues with decent kiters just like myself, anything with a lot of freeze hurts us melees, but you do have a lot of teleports so, that makes up for it.

    Can't see the actual traits as that webby is buggy, maybe just me, but tried a few times.

    Overall I like it. Decent mobility, decent enough dps and tanky to boot.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"


    It will be a pleasure to burninate you


    I have to sacrifice 5 points in the Zeal And Radiance lines to get the 20% 2-hand CDR from Two-Hand Mastery in the Honour Line (and the XI and XII traits in both lines aren't really worthwhile imo).

    It is important to go to 25 points though as opposed to just 20, as the 25pt sub-traits Symbolic Power and Radiant Power are central to how the build functions.
    (Its might be worth dropping to 20 points in Zeal to pick up the Perfect Inscriptions trait if you want to play around with signets)


    Right now I am using Rampagers armour (Pow, Pre, ConD) with the Exotic WvW badge weapon and Rave Invaders trinkets as placeholders until I can get real stuff crafted)

    I don't use runes right now as I am poor, but I plan to use 4 Thief and 2 Lyssa.

    I use Sigil of Earth in my weapon as it is sometimes hard to keep 100% uptime on burning, and I NEED to keep conditions rolling on my target to maximise damage from Radiant Power, besides, any bonus condition damage helps tremendously in this spec.
    It is also worth noting that applying even a single bleed to a boss that has other bleeds active will always make you deal the damage equivalent to the maximum stack (24~25) so this all adds up!


    Heal : Signet of Resolve Without question the best Guardian Heal. with the 20% CDR from Signet Mastery it heals for more than any of the other heals, more often. the passive is also nice.

    I change my utilities fairly regularly depending on the situation, but my default build is as follows

    Utility 1 : Contemplation of Purity. Convert a Poison, Cripple and Weakness into a Regeneration, Swiftness and Protection? Yes please.

    Utility 2 : Judge's Intervention. super-efficient gap-closer. And more burninating.

    Utility 3 : Purging Flames. Ticking Condition removal. And AoE burninating.

    Elite : Tome of Burninating Spammable bombing and Burning, AoE Fury, Quickness, Knockdown, all that sexy stuff.

    Current Stats

    Attack : 3010
    Crit : 37%
    Armour : 2395
    Health : 15485

    My gear is FAR from finished, and will have much more power and crit when done (at the cost of some health, sadly but its worthwhile)

    This spec is fragile, but with the ability to blind at least twice (Leap of Faith and Justice is Blind), dodge twice and with interrupts from Binding Blade and The Most Satisfying skill Ever (among others I may have missed) it can perform phenomenally well in any 1v1 situation and I have won more 1v2's than I have lost.

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    Ebayed Community Member

    You probably run one of thE guard builds that intrigues me the most, to the point of wanting to try it. My main problem with that build is indeed the lack of health. In wvw when yOu jump in there is usually no going back and you have to hold your ground and kill'em or survive :)
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    Hencke Community Member

    I got the impression that there is more need for support-builds and that there are people that make guardian alts for this purpose. I thought I would post a guide I wrote while in heresy, and I hope someone can find it useful. It is overly long and detailed for those familiar with the class, but maybe useful for the alts.

    First, a shorter, support oriented build. Later, a build with more damage and much more detailed explanation of traits, weapon choices, utilities and playstyle.

    EDIT: This is a video of when the support build #1 is used:

    The warrior is using full Pow/Tough/Vit in case anyone wonders.

    Versatile Guardian Support Build

    This build is a mix of tanking, disrupting the enemy and supporting allies, and can easily be adapted to do all of these in general, or focus more on one, and as such it uses the trait point allocation I normally use, 0/0/20/30/20.

    #1. With this the playstyle is very similar as with the Disruptor, but more tanky. Battle presence (in honor) to help your allies, and with Absolute Resolution in virtues you can get away from almost anything, due to the condition removal.
    #2. If it is a bigger battle, but you want to fullfill the same role, I recommend switching traits to this with Master of Consecrations in virtues to improve wall of reflection, and Writ of the Merciful to heal yourself and allies with the greatsword symbol while standing behind the wall of reflection. Here it is easy to adjust tankyness according to need, for example by switching the 1h sword for a mace. In this situation "Stand Your Ground!" is perhaps best used for ressing allies or finishing enemies uninterrupted. If you feel you aren't able to get close to the enemy without taking much damage, switch the greatsword for a staff.

    #3. Converting this to a full healing support build, this works well. "Stand Your Ground!" can easily be replaced with Hallowed Ground, but I like the shout for the stunbreaker. Hallowed ground works better with Tome of Courage tho. Similar to above in traits, except for larger symbols. If you take hallowed ground there is no need for reduced shout CD anyway. If you are standing in the back, contemplation of purity can be replaced by Purging flames, as you are more likely to want to remove conditions from allies than being affected by conditions yourself. The healing skill can also be switched out to any of the alternatives. I prefer the block still, if only to stay longer to ress someone, then block-healing while running away. In this build, don't forget that your dodgerolls heals allies!

    For all of these builds, you can have 30 points in valor and 20 in Honor, and use Altruistic Healing instead of Battle Presence, especially for alternative #2 with a staff, as you will be much tankier with the self heals.

    For gear, if you only want one setup, I recommend having Power/Toughness/Vitality armor and Power/Toughness/Healing power (cleric) accessories (or armor/accessories the other way around) for a well rounded build. Vitality is important for the #1 build, as you need to be able to handle some burst, for when you are Dazed and cannot use skills.

    Now for the long guide:

    The Disruptor

    This is one of my favourite builds, but is most suited for small to medium scale WvW fights. The main focus is not supporting allies with buffs, but rather stopping the enemies from doing damage to your allies. In medium size, jump in, wreck havoc until you are the main target, then jump out while your allies kill the enemies. Small size PvP you can just kill the enemies outright, but keep track of your allies, as you need a place to run back to if focused. For this build you don't need healing power, but rather vitality to increase the time you can disrupt enemies. It will also help you survive those pesky conditions.

    Weapons - Primary
    Greatsword. Good mobility, CC and damage. My prefered choice. Because of the mobility, Judge's Intervention can be switched out for another alternative.
    Hammer. Great CC and damage, low mobility. Unless you have Judnge's Intervention and use the methods from Tips, you will have a hard time retreating.

    Sword+Shield. Sword has awesome mobility, decent damage, and a good fit to position yourself better to use shield #5 skill for disruption.
    Staff. If greatsword is used, staff can be used as secondary. 600 range autoattack, buffed orb of light, symbol of swiftness and the wall are great at stopping enemies from getting away, as long as you are fighting small-medium fights. #4 Empower with my traits of choice will often let you outheal enemy damage in case you get rooted. If you use hammer as primary, I would avoid the staff as they have too overlapping functions and too little synergy.

    Healing skill
    For this build, Shelter is by far the best healing skill. You will tank a lot of damage, and the 2 seconds of blocking will almost always be worth more than a little extra heal from the signet (and you block CC too when trying to get away). Also synergy with traits.

    Utilities - I will group the choices according to the slot I personally use for them, but of course you can use a different order. I just did this to show what skills should be exchanged for which, as I prefer it.
    Slot 7
    "Save Yourselves!". One of the strongest skills guardians have. All boons except quickness for 10 seconds (so strong it got nerfed to 6s in structured PvP). Also, stunbreaker. Perfect when you run with few enough people to know what conditions they have, but usable even in zergs if you have Contemplation of Purity in another slot (which is advisable to avoid surprise 25 stack bleed, poison, cripple and chill).
    "Stand Your Ground!". If you do not need the Swiftness or the Fury provided by the other shout. Awesome when finishing people off (can do it even inside enemy zerg) or ressing allies. Few things are as satisfying as seeing a warrior, ranger, guardian or engineer use their downed-state skills to interrupt your finishing in vain!

    Slot 8
    Judge's Intervention. Stunbreaker, 1200 range blink and burning damage all in one!
    "Stand Your Ground!" explained above, can be used instead of judge's intervention, in case you need stability more than you need a gapcloser.

    Slot 9 - Cure conditions
    Contemplation of Purity. The best choice here. Stunbreaker, instant cast and converts conditions to boons, always the same way. Cripple -> swiftness, vulnerability -> protection and so on. A must have with "Save Yourselves!" shout. Can use shout first, as the boons you get will stack with the converted conditions.
    Purging flames cna be used with the hammer, as the fire field will apply area might with the blast finisher, but it lacks a stunbreaker and is generally only good to use in PvE
    Smite Condition. Casting time (can be traited to be instant, at a cost), no stun breaker, only for a single condition. In fights with less than 5 people it can be useful with the extra damage and low cooldown.

    The only choice for this particular build is Renewed Focus, especially after it got buffed to be usable while moving. 3 Second invulnerable (conditions still tick) and refreshing virtues is too good to pass up. If you have to use this skill, quickly pop any remaining virtues as they will refresh as long as you do it before the channel is over. Good to save for a situation where you get rooted and have everything on cooldown.

    Tips and Tricks
    Turn the option to automatically target something on skill use off, and you will be able to reliably use the Leap of Faith on greatsword to get away. It will take a lot of getting used to, but worth it.
    Blinks (Judge's intervention, sword #2) will work even if you are out of range. They will then port you the maximum range of the skill, and the effect (blind/burn) will not go on the target, but you still get moved. Use this to your advantage. Anything you can attack is a valid target, including critters like rabbits. When inside enemy zergs, look back to your zerg to find a ranger pet to port towards.
    With Greatsword and Sword+Shield and Judge's intervention you have mobility only second to thieves. To catch an enemy: sword #2 while not in combat (fast weaponswap cooldown), Leap of Faith and Judge's Intervention, followed by Binding Blade. That is 600 blink, 600 leap, 1200 blink and 600 range. That is a 3000 range catch! If you think they are further away, switch back to the sword as it has short cooldown for another 600 blink.
    Judge's Intervention - This is an instant cast skill, so it can be used while casting other skills. Especially useful with the hammer ring of warding. Start casting ring of warding. Just before it finishes, use Judge's Intervention to blink to an enemy while finishing ring of warding. Enemy is now trapped. Can be used with any skill that is not ground targeted. Can also be used if someone teleports while downed and you are finishing, if you teleport to them the finisher will still work.

    Traits explanation
    Why 15 points in radiance?
    5p - Justice is Blind is awesome. After jumping in on the enemies you just pop Virtue of Justice to AoE blind the enemies.
    10p - Blind Exposure. You apply vulnerability to enemies when you blind them. This means you get AoE vulnerability with Virtue of Justice from the 5 point trait as well as from the greatsword skill Leap of Faith, and a single target vulnerability from the sword skill flashing blade.
    15p - Renewed Justice. Virtue of justice refreshes when a tagged enemy dies. Add this to the previous traits and you can just keep applying those blinds, vulnerabilities and burns!

    Hand in hand with these:
    Virtues 5p - Inspired Virtue. Remeber the virtue of justice that just keeps refreshing? Now it will give you and your allies stacks of might too!
    You also get regeneration added to virtue of resolve (which is a bonus, but a minor one without healing power) and Protection added to virtue of courage - the zerg trying to kill you now does 33% less damage.

    Valor is a nice skilltree, giving you toughness for each point in it, and critical damage. The critical damage is not what you would normally go for, but you do have 150 extra precision from the radiance tree with this build, and gear with the Knight prefix (Power, Precision, Toughness) complements this perfectly. Even without healing power you will still have significant regeneration and heals, so toughness will increase your "effective health" more than vitality in most cases.
    5p - Valorous Defence, aegis when health reaches 50%. Minor, you block an attack extra, you won't notice it. You will get a stack of might from it with the 25p trait, explained later.
    10p - Purity. Lose a condition every 10 seconds. One of the strongest traits in the valor tree. Someone crippled you for 40 seconds? Don't worry, it will only last for 10. Meditations Mastery (meditations recharge 20% faster) is a decent alternative to this
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Nice post

    I dodge heal so much these days I do it on my warrior alt and get annoyed that it doesn't heal me ><
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    Puffer Community Member

    Hencke every time i see your video, it reminds me why the skill of each player is so importand and fun in pvp. Keep waiting for more videos and some that includes me too.
    Good job! :love:
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    cheers for this. My guardian is level 37 now and I'm going to push for 80 by middle of next week. Already saved enough to kit her out in exotic clerics by then, and this will really help save time building a decent support spec.

    Do you guys reccomend dolyak runes for support or is a different set better for guardian support?
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    Hencke Community Member

    Full cleric gear means you have to stay back a bit, as you easily get bursted down. If you are OK with healing/buffing and standing back a bit, Rune of Water or Dwayna are both great runes for this. If you prefer to jump in with the warriors to support them and keep them alive, I would use eighter armor or accessories with vitality (like power toughness vitality) so you can survive the burst during a daze or similar when you are unable to use skills. Personally for this, I wouldn't use dolyak as the regen is too low in my taste. I currently use the Melandru rune in my armorset for this purpose, as it gives toughness and reduced stun and condition duration.
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    I am still not convinced about healing gear for guardians.
    Guardians have strong healing even without this stat, i think it's better to spec for survivability.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Clerics gear is VERY survivability based. Vitality only increases your health pool, but if you don't have the resource to fill it (healing power) then it will deplete. with healing power you can keep your health pool topped up, so whilst a heavy burst may kill you, a sustained fight will not, whereas vitality over healing is the reverse.

    Personally I'd rather be able to stay on my feet for a long time rather than a short time, and if you get focused, those extra 3 seconds wont count for much.

    At least that's the reasoning I have for always choosing Healing + toughness for my bunker specs.
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    Hencke Community Member

    Full cleric is good unless you get stunned/dazed and can't break it in time. Also, poison will kill you really quickly, so in WvW I really like some vitality. If you only use your main heal and altruistic healing, you don't really need healing power since the scaling is kinda bad, but if you use other heals, regeneration or dodge heal lots, healing power is awesome due to better scaling. With no healingpower from gear, the dodge heals for less than 400, with full healing it can aoe heal for 2000+. Virtue of resolve also has decent scaling with healing power, so if you have the trait to give it to others it is even better.

    Basically, every point in healing power will increase the usefulness of your toughness, as your "effective health" is increased.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    yeah I run Full Cleric but also full healing specc'ed and utility sklls, my damage mitigation and strong healing makes me alsmost indestructable even with only 15k HP, I dodge more than a russian circus acrobatic act. And this spec isn't about you its about everyone around you I even heal just afking! lol
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    Duglas Veteran BOON

    Hey atm i use full carma pow toug vit set with 2 Superior Monk 2 Superior Water and 2 Major Sanctuary runes and Valkyrie trinkets plus cleric weps honestly it's rly nice buff/heal/surv mix and honestly i recomedn it 4 every guardian :)

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