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    The largest Warfront available, and will typically take the longest to complete.

    P/FPH can be very high if you farm the opposing team, but be aware that this is not necessarily a victory condition.


    • Team size -20
    • Minimum level -50
    • Time limit - 45 minutes
    • To win - First team to 1000 points or slay enemy commander
    • Objective - Sourcescone or Enemy Commander
    - Sourcestone
    The surest way to win Port Scion is by running sourcestone to your commander.

    3 Stones spawn in the church, guarded by elites


    1 Stone spanws in the south, guarded by an elite


    - The Enemy Commander
    Close to the respective spawn points of each faction is their commander.
    Commanders are where Sourcestones are taken for points but who's death is also a victory condition


    I have yet to see a successful commander kill, and I think the gear requirement for it is probably too high right now. However in time I forsee Port Scion falling into the trap of becoming a "Boss rush".
    Players also gain buffs whilst PvPing near their own commander, so be warned.

    - The Boss in the Church gives 100pts
    Relatively easy to kill, but it does take a reasonable amount of time, so be warned.
    The boss can be pulled from outside of the church by a ranged class hitting it to pull it out.


    - Control the courtyard to win
    Port Scion victors will typically establish control of the coutyard in front of the church early.


    This allows complete control of the Sourcestone leaving the church as well as controlling the bridge.

    There are 2 routes that will take you there, head striaght for the bridge from spawn, or Straight for the Church via the north road.


    Both are totally viable routes, and both will get a lot of use. I prefer the Bridge rush personally, but it is not by any means the "correct" strat.

    - The Barricade can be jumped
    There is a Barricade between the Commander and the Church which can be scaled to allow fast travel for running Sourcestone.
    Jump from the left side to clear the barrier.


    Note that this is supposed to be one-directional, the fact that it can be jumped is not intended, and will likely be changed.

    - Control the bridge at all costs
    The bridge acts as a respawnpoint for the faction that controls it, needless to say that this is the strongest factor in maintaining control of the match.

    - AoEing the bridge is super effective
    The tight streets around the bridge lead to an amazing chokepoint for the faction in dominance of the bridge, and keeping the enemy suppresed with AoE is both easy and vital.

    - Clear the church quickly
    As soon as bridge-control is established, clear the mobs and elites in the church and kill the boss as quickly as possible.
    The boss doesn't actually take that much effort, and hits like a girl so 1 party can take this task very easily, but watch for enemy players from the west of the Church.

    - Have 3 people dedicated to running Sourcestone
    Riftstalkers are ideal for this, the ability to use several blinks to cover ground quickly to the commander saves a massive amount of time running sourcestone.

    - Control the courtyard
    I cannot stress enough how important it is to establish dominance of this area very early in the match, but don't be so focussed on killing Defiants that you lose perspective and end up losing the match (this is easily done!)

    - Ignore the southern sourcestone
    Clearing the NPCs to access it, and the length of the route to the Commander makes it a waste of time, unless points are closely tied and capturing it will result in a win.

    - Don't die!
    Sounds obvious, but Port Scion is more about holding the opponents back from the courtyard than actually killing them. Sounds boring but it will assure you victory.

    Port Scion is by far my favourite Warfront, with so many different micro-tasks to be taken on in 1 match makes for very diverse tactics, the amount of favour and Prestige that can be earned here is massive.


    3 RIFTSTALKER/ROGUES - Efficient Sourcestone delivery
    AOE DPS - To control the bridge and supress Defiants
    HEALERS - Bring several, not dying is the key to winning Port scion
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    worth to note that riftstalkers can no longer save their pos and teleport with the stone nor stealth.
    also if you grab all 4 sourcestones than farm the defiants at the spawn gives shit loads of points
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    Umi Community Member

    Another tip drop the stone at the jump point and another up top can pick it :)
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    Mizou Community Member

    how am i supposed to deliver now 10 sourcestone in one round Oo
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    no clarify with points i meant favor and prestige
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    Lilith Community Member

    Premade group. people carry the stones to the base and drop them just outside for u to pick em and deliver them to the general.
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    Mizou Community Member

    lame :p just missing the 100 sourcestone and 10 in a round achievement :p

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