Playing RIFT from Steam on another drive

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Alaisy, Feb 24, 2011.

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    So basically there is no way to have certain games on another drive when using steam, so I had to use a Symbolic Link to get my RIFT copy to work off my SSD while my other steam games are still on my HD.

    In Win 7 64 bit, I use Link Shell Extension to create Symbolic Links.

    Once you've installed it just do this.

    Step 1: I copy the contents of the folder on my HD "f:\steam\steamapps\common\rift\" to a newly created folder on my SSD "c:\rift\"

    Step 2: Select the newly created folder c:\rift in Windows Explorer. Right click. Select "Pick Link Source".

    Step 3: Navigate to your Steam Apps base folder- for me its f:\steam\steamapps\common\ - and Right click the empty space. Then select Drop As --> Symbolic Link.

    Thats it, when you click on the folder it will show all the files but they'll be on the other drive. Silly to need a workaround like this but atleast it removes most of the stutters I had in RIFT. Just make sure you bave the same folder name in the steamapps\common folder so it recognizes the actual game.

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