Pink Day LA Raises Over 10 Grand for Breast Cancer

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    By Martin Kerstein October 20th, 2010

    Last weekend, the Gaming World Entertainment Network (GWEN), Malibu Barbie, and the good people at Gamers Giving Back hosted Pink Day in LA, a huge in-game event to raise money for breast cancer research. The event was a big hit, raising over $10,000 in one weekend! We talked to Malibu Barbie, one of the tireless coordinators who helped make Pink Day in LA such a success.

    “I was totally amazed when we hit our original goal of $1,337 early,” Malibu Barbie said. The Lion’s Arch districts were packed from the start of the event, and the donations really started rolling in. Players bought an amazing 292,904 vials of pink dye over the weekend, showing immense support for the cause.

    “I was truly overwhelmed and completely amazed by the community’s response,” Malibu Barbie said.

    All weekend, players around the world flocked to the Lion’s Arch International Districts, dying their armor pink to show their support for this great cause. Music was provided by GWEN, and there were lots of activities and prizes to give away, like autographed Guild Wars 2 swag and a wide range of cool in-game items.


    “Having ArenaNet support us was the biggest surprise ever!” said Malibu Barbie, who also worked with the community to coordinate all the prizes.

    “To date, we have raised $10,916, smashing our expectations by far,” Malibu Barbie said, “In fact, this has been the most successful Pink Day in LA to date, and we owe that all to the Guild Wars community.”

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