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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Just popping up a quick topics to see what 2 pets you guys are currently using.

    I'm using lynx and i was using Hyena for its f2 ability (spawns a hyena ally, 2 for 1 if u will) but have just discovered the hyena has half the power of the other wolves so it always has to use its f2 ability to be on par and as the hyena ally seems to not give a fuck about what im attacking and runs off and attacks what it pleases even if i wasn't currently engaged with the target i've decided to retire him in place of an alpine wolf.

    So what pets do you guys use and why, do u choose them cause they tank easier or apply a condition you like to use etc?

    I'm using the lynx cause its quite a beast for critting and putting some bleed up and the wolf is nice cause leap cripple, knockdown charge for some extra cc + its survivability with increased toughness over the lynx.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    I use Flesh Golem to help out on knocking the keep's doors :)

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    Nariko Community Member

    I mainly use : Hyena (same reasons as you mentioned above) and Murellow for the poison ability.
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    Earthwall - Raith Community Member

    I'm using a Drake (the one that shoots lightning) for tanking/ownage, those lightning things hit for 1k normal, up to 2k crit, jump to 2 more close by targets and he shoots between 1 and 5 of them at once.

    And if melee pet doesn't cut it i'll get out my Devourer for ranged dps. Devourer for the AoE Poison field.

    Spider attack feels to slow to be of any use.

    Birds, too squishy for melee's even tho their atk speed is nice (combined with Rampage as One you can get up to 20 might stacks ^.^)

    Underwater i'm using a Jelly for his rotation attack and a shark (since the drake doesn't have his lightning atk under water). Underwater pets behave really stupid tho, since they don't do shit if the opponent swims close to the water surface.
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    Buttercup Community Member

    Reviving this thread, because it's bugging me that I'm not sure what pets are best in WvW for my playstyle. I'm a frontline GS swinging badass ranger, and it's working well (see the wrecking ball thread by Tumbleweed). However, micromanaging your pet during that method is really difficult, since the moment you let it atack your pet is out of sight. I'm currently leaning towards AOE pets since I'm always AOE'ing a lot at the front, and I feel comfortable at least having the brown bear with me for his AOE cleanse, if necessary. The second pet, I'm thinking, could either be a Devourer AOE poison pet, a drake for AOE damage and combo fields, an AOE cc pet that I use currently (wolf, fears all in range), or an AOE regeneration pet (plant wolf).

    Any thoughts on which pets to use - and how to best use them - as a frontline GS ranger (using swoop, followed by entangle and mud/frost/spike trap etc, and healing spring when necessary)?
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    Castspellar Community Member

    I would give you my bone minios since they are all shit
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    Kharjas Community Member

    Maybe Murrelow (the ugly dog)? It is a little tanky and has aoe poison reducing heal effectivenes.
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    Mawzor Community Member

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    Buttercup Community Member

    I tried that, but my pets died too often due to AOE. At least one of the pets needs to be a bear, otherwise the cooldown on pet swap (which also gives quickness) is murderingly long at all times. Furthermore, I often use my pets as a sponge to cleanse the conditions of me and my fellow raid members. If my pet is dead, he cannot be used as a spunge (and activating the relevant signet will simply do nothing).

    In fact, I should name my bear Spongebob.

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