[PC] Gaming Keyboard - Logitech G-series vs. Razer Anansi

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Aspira, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    So as the title says.... Logitech G-series (be it G11, G15, G19) or the Razer Anansi, what will you be using ?

    Personally I have been using G-series boards (G15 mainly) for the last few years, in fact I went through two of them and I'm on my third. However, I pre-ordered the Razer Anansi MMO optimised keyboard last year and it finally arrived a couple days ago.

    After using it for a couple of days I can honestly say, taking my Razer fanboy hat off for a second, it is much better than the G15. Okay, the Anansi lacks an LCD screen and it has less "G-Keys" than the logitech offering, but.... who uses the LCD screen ? Second monitor ftw.... and the G-Keys.... meh, usually never use that many so its not a major issue for me.

    For me the Anansi is better because it isn't the same size as a small country, so you can actually get good key coverage from the WASD position. It's a hell of a lot nicer to type on too, the rubberised keys instead of the plastic ones make typing just feel nicer. The seven thumb buttons under the spacebar can be bound to thinks like "shift", "ctrl", "shift+ctrl", "shift+alt", "shift+ctrl+alt" so if you are using a Naga MMO mouse, you can quite easy bind you skills/pots/scrolls/whatever to the numpad 1~12 and activate the skills via thumb touch on the mouse, and modify the skill bar (ie change from bar 1 to bar 2 by holding shift, or ctrl etc.) using the thumb buttons under the spacebar.

    Been using the Anansi/Naga combination for a couple days and since then, all your left hand needs to worry about is movement and changing skillbars. Right hand has skill activation sorted, and when playing TERA where the mouse clicks are you auto attack, having your mouse hand thumb trigger all the abilities seems more natural anyway.

    I know loads of people will start the Razer build quality or price arguments, but for me anyway, Anansi + Naga is the only way to play MMO's now..... unless of course you are one of these crazy people who can actually play using a gamepad like the G13.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    So I have a Nostromo, Anansi and Naga, I think I'm a bit of a Razer fanboi, but I must say that the size is perfect, no stretching fingers to reach buttons and I've bound the big thumb button to jump in Tera. I won't be going back I tell ya...

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    Blackspear "The Random"

    I have G15 from 4/5 years if im right and i have to say its so cool. But... Anansi should be better coz of this awesome thumb buttons and less "G-keys". When i will have some spare money than probably i will buy it. Anyway im gonna miss LCD. I used to clock, TS/Vent thing.
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    Tal The Architect

    Just get a decent normal keyboard unless you use the g macros a lot from the g15. Everything else is just a gimmick and if you get a decent normal one you can plug it into ps/2. Win win.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    recently i bought a razer imperator and a razer exact mat and they dont work together. Crazy shit. I'm not going to buy razer mouses anymore. :)
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    Shantotto Guest

    PS2 has unlimited keypresses, USB keyboards typically only support 6 nkro, decent mechanical PS2 keyboard = winner winner chicken dinner.
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    Tal The Architect

    Get an IBM Model M (if you can find one) or a Filco, it's what all the pros (and Pete) are using brah.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Well I am finding the Anansi thumb touch buttons combined with the naga buttons to be pretty overpowered.

    Sure PS2 is better than USB in that sense, but can deny that these gaming keyboards are getting better and better with every new model. For a long time it has been the Logitech G-series ones that have been regarded as the best of the gaming keyboards. However now I would say that by far the Anansi is much better than the G-series ones... unless your a fanboy of the LCD screen on the keyboard thing, in that case, by a second monitor you tight git.
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    Tal The Architect


    Original and best imo, didn't even require any drivers!!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Lol Tal, Agga actually bought one of those recently.

    I had tried one of those out at a mates house ages back and all I remember is hating it because it was bloody massive, and the spacebar was retarded.
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    Tal The Architect

    I used to have one and the spacebar was the best idea ever. I know a few people that have had them too and once you've got used to them they're perfect. Only problem is they are really hard to buy now and I think they have to be imported from the USA. Really good for MMO and FPS games, especially if you got a keyboard rebinder program to rebind the O, B, comma or full stop keys to be modifier keys.

    Since it doesn't have a number pad and the special keys are all compressed into the main keyboard it wasn't that big actually. I think it was the size of a standard keyboard but it just looked a bit chunky.
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    Shantotto Guest

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