Patch Notes - October 1st

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Xelendar, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

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    Karasu Community Member

    ^ Good news :D
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Or bad news... It was in our favour this week :(
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Btw, any news about a fix for the catapult aoeing rams through the gate thing?
    What I'd have in mind as a suggestion is something simple like decrease catapult aoe radius and/or increase ram maximum range to allow intelligent people to just place rams outside the catapult's aoe radius when it's shooting at the gate. Right now it's only just possible, you have to be dead accurate or your ram will not be in range to hit the gate.
    Another range/radius issue would be if they actually intended keep-to-keep trebbing to be possible - right now you can treb bay from an unreachable position in hills which kind of makes the outer bay walls/doors semi-useless. A little map editing should be able to change that, as the elevation difference makes it impossible to treb back from where you're being hit as well.
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    Gekido Community Member

    More attention towards mesmers pls... the only class which can shoot through fking walls!!! or give that ability to me NAO aswell!
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    Warprophet Community Member

    lots of classes can shoot through walls, conal AOE's and skill with blast damage.. wouldnt want to nerf the poor mesmer class anymore there already a super endangered species,

    • Profession bundle weapons (engineer kits, elementalist conjure skills, warrior banners) can now save their autoattack status. ( what does this mean???)
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    Feidan Community Member

    Which weapon can you do that?
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Greatsword at least, with beams through the wall :/
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    Feidan Community Member

    As far as I know only the beam animation is shown while the mesmer gets Obstructedx3. It was the same with out of range targets and you could see beams miles long.
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    Alaraum Veteran BOON

    nah it is that phantasm(20sec cd) from greatsword, and beams can not even reach top of walls, so it really sucks to be a mesmer
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    Feidan Community Member

    You can't summon phantasms on obstructer targets either.
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    Angelo Community Member

    Trust me it happens, so many times in EB puzzle we camped or were being camped and mesmers were hitting us through the entrance platform.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Well, this morning i just got downed inside the vault in the BL puzzle with a mesmer outside the closed door shooting beams and illusions, that kept hitting me until i had to mist form out of range and bandage myself.
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    Alaraum Veteran BOON

    You that do it with this one, through walls, gates, whatever you desire
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    Feidan Community Member

    Will test today but are you sure the phantasm didn't just follow you?
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    Spud Community Member

    I knew epidemic would get nerfed sooner or later on its range, was nice while it lasted.
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    Alaraum Veteran BOON

    They do, but you can summon this one, it will do it`s spin attack, and then it follows if target moves, and do spin attack again in 7 seconds, but usually it is dead by that second spin, so hit 4 and use mind wrack
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    Djai - Ine Veteran BOON

    I can confirm the skill #4 (the phantasm mentioned above) for the GS for Mesmers goes through walls and gets to its target. It's one of the things that makes this weapon one of the good ones in WvW for us.
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    Feidan Community Member

    I know that phantasms and illusions can go through walls but can you summon it on a target that is obstructed?
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    Djai - Ine Veteran BOON

    Yes but only this specific one :)

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