Patch Notes - December 3rd 2012

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON


    Release Notes:

    • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when repairing armor while transformed.
    • Area of effect heals and boons now prioritize players over minions and NPCs.
    • Guild leaders are able to demote other players of the same rank.
    • Weapon skills will now properly display their PvP and PvE split variants in the Weapon Skills tab of the Hero Panel instead of displaying both.

    • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs not to resurrect other NPCs in various Orr events.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Warmaster Jofast and her caravan to not advance properly through Cursed Shore.
    • Fixed a rare bug that could prevent the event “Protect the trained skelk gathering kindling for Raintimber Mill” in Diessa Plateau from progressing.
    • Fixed a bug that could potentially prevent progress with the event “Protect Orl’s research krewe” in Metrica Province.
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent progress with the event “Stop the Inquest operatives from kidnapping adventurers” in Sparkfly Fen.
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent progress with the event “Raid the Separatist camp with the Warhound Village veterans” in Iron Marches.
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent displaced spirits from rejoining their bodies in Iron Marches.
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent progress with the event “Protect the armory from the Flame Legion” in Plains of Ashford.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent “Ireta the Smasher” from team switching correctly during the event “Prevent the brawl between the three legions.”
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Suwash from confronting Captain Jetsam in Lornar’s Pass in the event “Defeat Captain Jetsam.”
    • Fixed a bug that preventing events from running properly near Eldvin Monastery in Queensdale.
    • Fixed a bug causing skritt thieves to stop stealing harpy eggs in Harathi Hinterlands.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Crusader Soma to give up searching for the lost caravan in Timberline Falls.

    Crucible of Eternity
    • Front door path: Fixed a bug that affected the aggro range of the Destroyer Specimen Boss.
    • Submarine path: Fixed a bug with Bjarl’s armor not going off when he charges and hits a tower.

    Ascalonian Catacombs
    • Detha’s Path: Fixed a problem with Detha’s script where she would sometimes not start the event to fix the cannons.
    • Hodgin’s Path: Fixed a problem in Hodgin’s script at the “Collect scepter fragments” event that prevented the event from starting.
    • Detha’s path: Fixed a bug that caused the Ghostly Oozes not to use their basic attack properly, and spend a large amount of time loitering around players instead of attacking them.

    Sorrow’s Embrace
    • Fixed multiple problematic doors that would not open and close when intended.

    Twilight Arbor
    • Fixed a bug where Morrigu could die after defeating the final boss before the cinematic could start, which would break the dungeon and prevent players from receiving the final reward.

    The Ruined City of Arah
    • Seer Path: Fixed an exploit where rangers using longbows could trivialize a fight by attacking at max range, and the Melandru boss would not fight back.

    Fractals of the Mists
    • Cliffside: Fixed an issue where players could damage the final seal with their normal attacks.
    • Cliffside: Fixed an issue where players were able to attack and kill the first boss before triggering the cinematic.

    Personal Story
    • Minor personal story bugs in multiple personal story steps were fixed.
    • The story step “Forewarned is Forearmed” has been fixed to avoid an error that prevented completion.
    • The story step “Time for a Promotion” has been fixed to avoid a problem that caused it to stall.
    • The story step “Silent Warfare” has had the difficulty adjusted.
    • The story step “The Artist’s Workshop” has been fixed to allow players to rally when they defeat hypnotized performers.
    • Players who completed the sylvari “mirror” storyline are now recognized by the NPCs in the story step “Through the Looking Glass.”

    World vs. World
    • Invisible & invulnerable players can no longer contest capture points in WvW. WvW capture points now follow the same rules as PvP capture points.
    • All players will now correctly receive WvW bonuses. Players who transfer worlds will still be locked out of bonuses for the current and subsequent match.

    Structured PvP
    1. Heart of the Mists: Added light, medium, and heavy PvP Underwater Mask items to the PvP Armorsmith.
    2. Battle of Kyhlo: The hit box on the trebuchets has been decreased so that they are less vulnerable to certain AoE skills.
    3. Legacy of the Foefire: The red guild lord and his guards have been repositioned to more closely match the blue side.
    4. Forest of Niflhel: Fixed incorrect names on the archer NPCs that guard each base.
    5. Removed slots in the PvP locker for the Rawhide armor pieces, as they are not obtainable as PvP rewards.
    6. PvP locker now can store consumable finishers up to rank 6, glory boosters, PvP salvage kits, and tournament tickets.
    7. Updated the NPC names of archers in Forest of Niflhel.

    • Updated the names of the level 80 rare armorsmithing boxes to match the names of the items they contain.
    • Runes of Balthazar and Orrian now properly apply quickness when the player is struck and below 20% health.
    • Updated Knight’s Jewel so that it appropriately grants Power rather than Toughness.
    • Updated the ingredients required to craft satchels and boxes of armor to match the ingredients required to craft the individual pieces contained within.

    • Fixed an issue with the Boxing Glove skills remaining when players swap to armor from town clothes.
    • Mini pets are now usable in the Heart of the Mists.
    • Fixed Krait Tonic second skill description.
    • Fixed missing nightmare medium icons and pants using gloves icons.
    • Total Makeover Kit and Self-Style Hair Kit added to the Black Lion Chest as rare rewards.
    • Increased chance to get Mini boosters and Dye Pack boosters from the Black Lion Chest.

    • Updated elementalist conjured weapons to appropriately apply attributes to all players that pick them up.
    • Dragon’s Tooth: This skill’s blast finisher now triggers at spell location, instead of character’s location.
    • Electrocute: This skill now has a maximum range and line of sight requirement.
    • Impale: Fixed an exploit with this skill’s interaction with Signet of Restoration.
    • Arcane Resurrection: This trait now applies five seconds of aura to allies affected by it.
    • Evasive Arcana: This trait now has a blast finisher while attuned to earth.
    • Elementalists will no longer get into a state where they aren’t attuned to any element. This commonly results in the player’s skillbar being empty.

    • Toss Elixir C: This skill’s underwater cooldown is reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds to match the land recharge.
    • Elixir S: Fixed a bug that would cause this skill to go on normal recharge when Fast-Acting Elixirs is equipped.
    • Smoke Bomb: Cleaned up skill facts.

    • Ring of Warding: This skill will no longer affect non-attackable NPCs.

    • Updated the description for Blurred Frenzy to indicate that it gives evasion through “Blur,” instead of “Distortion”.
    • Phantasms will now properly have all boons applied to them via player traits.
    • Phantasmal Disenchanter can now be cast at the correct distance.

    • Fixed a bug that allowed a ranger to have two traps of the same type active simultaneously.

    • Whirling Axe: This skill can now be cancelled by other skills.
    • Using a stolen bundle item should no longer destroy a bundle being wielded in their hands.
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    cosmose Community Member

    All players will now correctly receive WvW bonuses. Players who transfer worlds will still be locked out of bonuses for the current and subsequent match.

    what bonuses are these ?
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    Vissarion Veteran BOON

    the passive bonuses
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    Jame Community Member

    "Area of effect heals and boons now prioritize players over minions and NPCs."

    I'm glad that was a typo before. :D Since it was telling the opposite before. Makes more sense now.
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    Hencke Community Member

    They should make a bug-list for new bugs they introduce with each patch. Mesmer illusions will now stand still after getting summoned to ponder on their newfound boon-visibility, and will now often die before even attacking once. They also broke jumping (I think they tried to fix walljumping) but they later reverted that change, as jumping while running forward would very often fail to do anything.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    oh noes save the jumping puzzles!, god i hate them ><
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    It missed a comma.
    This is the reason that grammar is important.

    "Now prioritizes players, minions and pets" makes sense
    "Now prioritizes players minions and pets"
    Misses out player (and an apostrophe to boot).

    It's the difference between;
    "helping your Uncle, Jack, off a horse." And
    "helping your Uncle jack off a horse."

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    Hencke Community Member

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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member everybody's pissed at some pve bugs and heal prioritization change typos and nobody notices the most relevant change in the whole patch? :confused:
    "Invisible & invulnerable players can no longer contest capture points in WvW. WvW capture points now follow the same rules as PvP capture points."

    So now we don't have to worry about sillystealthies blocking the cap and wasting our time. \o/
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Welcome to the internet, where everybody complains about something :p
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    OMG and I was absolutely convinced that the Internet is like..superhappyrainbowland where everyone is always happy, friendly and reasonable. Right? :bounce:Doh..
    Still you could expect some corners of the Internet to be less unreasonable than the vast wilderness of it..
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    Alex Veteran BOON

    It was, but thieves stole the rainbows for ammo.
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Bout time they sorted that, annoying to see buffs and heals goto pets instead of players
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    That sir, is not a fail assumption. The fail here is expecting that you would actually found anyone who would agree with you.

    But i agree with you. :p

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