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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Maskerad, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Hey guys, for you that don't know David Kim did a writeup about the upcoming changes in Patch 1.4.3, and I wrote an article on their impact + the good and the bad stuff.

    Blog post is Here, article is Here.

    Any thoughts?
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I saw the patch notes on TL a few days ago and I still feel exactly yhe same way now as I did when I first read them.

    The MULE nerf is probably one of the best things Blizzard have done with SC2 to date and has been needed for a long time. I fully agree with it (I play Terran) and I think anyone who doesn't agree with the MULE nerf is doing so because they too know it is OP in its current form and they wish they could keep it that way.

    The snipe nerf, I have to say I agree with you Maskerad and indeed with the majority of people on TL. Yes a snipe nerf was needed as late game TvZ was very hard for Zergs as they needed to play absolutely perfectly, or they would die in a hail of mass snipes. What I disagree with is the way it was done. The snipe nerf to me seems to be a rush job with no real thought behind it. The alternative that was posted by loads of people on the TL thread about the nerf where it was suggested that the damage was changed to 50(-25 massive), which you covered in your article, I think is what they should have done.

    Snipe was overpowered against Ultralisks and Broodlords, but I felt that it was fairly balanced against everything else considering the energy cost and its only single target, as opposed to Infestors or High Templars. Maybe its the Terran in me that makes me feel a little sore about the Snipe nerf, but I just think that reducing damage against massive units made more sense, both in terms of balance and it terms of "realism". Yea, I said realism when talking about a futuristic space game involving alien species. You know what I mean though, a high powered sniper shot should be able to kill low tier units in one shot, it should be able to one shot lowly workers, it makes sense for what it is.

    I 100% agree that snipe needed a nerf due to its balance issues in late game TvZ, but I think the route Blizzard are taking with it is wrong and they should have went down a more sensible route, such as the minus damage on massive route as suggested by almost everyone else.

    The changes to Pheonix I also find pretty cool tbh. I agree with you that having to purchase a fleet beacon in order to start researching it is harsh considering the fleet beacons cost, but given that it could completely change the viability of the pheonix into something that is more viable in the mid to late game, it may work.

    All in all, its a good patch. Glad to see Blizzard finally addressing problems with the game that have been noticeable since launch (MULEs), but I just can't help but think the changes to snipe have been done a bit poorly and should be thought over a bit more.

    Good article you wrote on RTSguru btw.

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