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    Get yourself some paper and equip to your action bar. Now simply right click your mouse and watch as your health goes up.

    Lock your chests

    Want to stop those nifty thieves from plundering your chests?

    /lwc -c private and then right click your chest to lock it.


    Unlucky enough to die and lost your lucky pickaxe, well don't worry as it will be saved in a chest for you to go collect.


    Not enough to do so you need quests. We have some for you in a buggy release of uquest.

    /uquest give :- To get your first quest.

    As of 25/03 this is still broken and refuses to give money or better quests.


    Bored at night sitting in your little shack watching the candle burn. Well get out there and fight some monsters. Not only do you get coins per kill but if your the best you get diamonds to sell.

    /hunt :- when the server ask you to sign up


    Money makes to world go round and you never have enough.

    /money :- to see how little you have.
    /money rank :- to see how you rank in the rich list.
    /money top :- to see who you can beg for a loan.
    /money pay <name> <£> :- give some money to the poor.
    /money grant <name> <£> :- Take money from the server to pay the bills (Admin only)

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