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    When playing the Beta weekends I always found myself explaining what Orbs of Power do and where they are etc so we made a short movie of us taking an Orb of Power and placing it on our Keep's Alter of Power.

    What are they and what do they do?

    Each Server starts with an Orb of Power in their Home Borderland map.

    Each Orb you control gives you a 5% Health Bonus, if you can gain control of them all you can gain a +15% Health Bonus over the other Servers in the WWW zones.

    How do you gain control of another servers Orb of Power?

    The first thing you need to it gain control over a Keep on that servers borderland map where their orb is based. You only have 15 mins from picking up the Orb to place it on your Alter so its always best to take the Keep first before going after the Orb.

    Once you have a keep under your control you can go after the Orb, they are based at the far North of the map on a giant pedestal and are protected by an invulnerable Force Field.

    To remove the Force Field you must first kill the "Champion Keeper of the Orb" below it a lvl 83 Champion Mob. Once he is killed the Force Field will drop and anyone can pick it up.

    You now have 15 mins to return it to your Alter of Power in your Keep once placed you will gain the +5% Health Bonus until it is taken back by force.

    What Powers do you gain while carrying the Orb of Power?

    Your skill buttons change and you lose all your current skills which are replaced by four new skills

    1. Power Bolt, Damage 62, Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile, Range 1,200
    2. Orb Strike, Stun 2 seconds, Range 150, 15s cool down
    3. Throw Orb, Bleeding(5s) 207 Damage, Daze 3 seconds, Combo Finisher Blast, Range 1,200, 30s cool down
    4. Radiant Armour, Retaliation(20s); Reflect incoming damage back, Range 150, 30s cool down
    You will also have an Orb Icon above your head and an Orb Icon will be visable on the Map for everyone including the other servers players to see so expect incoming!

    You can also drop the orb of Power on the ground but be warned others can pick it up.

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