Oppressor’s Weapons—Now in the Hall of Monuments!

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    By Mike Zadorojny October 5th, 2010

    The voices of over ten thousand combatants from the War in Kryta have spoken, and the Live Team has heard them. Many people took the time to fill out our survey, sharing with us their experiences, joys, and frustrations with the first episode in the Guild Wars Beyond saga.

    After reading through the feedback, one point that stood out to us was how much time and effort it took to obtain an Oppressor’s weapon—the equivalent of obtaining a Tormented or Destroyer weapon! After discussing it here amongst the team, we decided to commemorate the players’ hard-fought victory over the White Mantle by adding the Oppressor’s weapon set to the Monument to Valor inside the Hall of Monuments. This new set will forever honor those who helped bring peace back to the troubled lands of Kryta.

    Thank you to all who have responded to the War in Kryta survey. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, it will be available for another week, so you can still share your feedback with us. We’ll be talking more in the coming weeks about how your feedback affects the next chapter in Guild Wars Beyond, “Crisis in Cantha”—it’s not really named this…at least not yet.


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