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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Maskerad, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Heavy AoE, Heavy slows and some nice damage to top it off. With the changes to Tempest, I think this is the best you can get. 4pts into Dominator for Charged Shield and Polymorph.

    There is another option where you get a certain amount of points in Tempest but lower your water damage, I'll post it when the builder has been updated.

    Any thoughts?
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    Saul Community Member

    Whilst Charge Shield is a nice Ally Buff, I don't think it's worth the 3 points you're having to take out of Archmage.

    To me the Archmage is an all or nothing kind of Deal, It's a pure PvP Soul so it needs something pretty impressive to take points away from it in a PvP build, and Improved Polly and Charge Shield don't seem worth it to me.

    I'm not saying you have to have Archmage in a PvP build, but if you do, you should commit :)
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Problem is, those last three points give me nothing. I want both the crit buff and the runspeedincrease, meaning that all the rest are buffs to single target abilities. Sure, I could take the less chance to be crit, but considering I do not _have_ an armour buff it feels kindof a waste of mechanic.
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    Ary Community Member

    you mention heavy AoE, and slows, that build doesnt get maximum potencial in my opinion.

    Building Storm, biggest waste of skill in Stormcaller tree, which only works with Hailstorm, Icicle and Artic Blast, plus consumes charge, and you need to build stacks not allowing u to use any of this skills before you reach a certain amount of stacks to ensure a crit, you main damage comes from Air, you use the water spells for slows or apply hyporthermia

    Shell shock, fine, but ur slows are heavy enough and u have 2 AoE roots only in the Stormcaller tree which last more than 3 secs and it doesnt require you to channel. Instead I'd pick Ride the Wind for sprint away and get range, and Storm Guard, both of em you are able to enable and disable at you wish.

    And Permafrost, its chance, 1 out 2 will break it, its so no worth it imo.

    Rest is fine.

    On the Archmage tree, Hastened Withdrawl, useless, u have a lot of stuff to keep melee away from you, except for the rangers/marksman; and Nenvins Lament, pretty useless unless you have your target with all the debuffs up, and yet I still think its a waste of a point. The rest is fine, in fact that entire column until Overload 3/3 was how I picked :)

    Dominator pretty useless points unless you get to the silence, and if you want the intelligence talent.

    This is how I would go with Stormcaller / Dominator / Archmage: (1 points free to use)

    Since the Tempest change, Warlock is possibly now better than elemental summoner to combine with Stormcaller ;)
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    Saul Community Member

    I would not go the route you have in Archmage anyway, I would prefer to head straight up, Withered Veins is pretty imba in any type of PvP, every none instant I cast including AOE's is reducing the targets received healing by 25%. On top of that your also missing out on both a very powerful banish and Phase Shift.

    All you are getting in return is an improved polly, which will break in open PvP within about 3 seconds and an ally buff, that will be well down on their buff wish list.
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    To be fair, those three points are so that I can have the 44pt res. I will be using all my charge for Rune Shield. I tested out and played with Storm Guard and I found that standing still while melee are on you wasn't a good idea anyhow rendering it useless, especially compared to Rune Shield.

    The whole deal with hastened withdrawal is that if you have melee popping on you you can obviously expect a 3-4 second stun during which the rogue applies his slow. Autoattacks, procs and abilities hitting during those seconds have a chance to proc your speed boost. I took the liberty of counting the hits that are up during the stun in the youtube video above, since I had it open in another tab and came up with 14, which (if everything has a chance to proc it) leaves us with a 140% chance of getting it up to run like 'tards when he's off us. Ride the wind is strong, but I find it even stronger in combination with for example Warlock for single target kiting. It doesn't suit my build where the only times I really need to get the fuck out is when I have something popping on me.

    Agree, but I admit to a big number fetish and Lightning strike in combination with Deadly shards and 3 inductance is just too much om-nom-nom to pass up. I still think it unlikely that I will go that build, as I sacrifice basically all my water damage and slows.

    (Eeep! How do I get the youtube vid away? >.<)
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Fixed it for you.

    Use the media embedding tool. (button looks like a piece of film)
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    Ary Community Member

    Well thats depending on how you play, [IMG] and what scale of PvP are we talking, v2, v8? v zerg? and which ally buff ? 1 spec will be better for 1 occasion and other spec will be better for different one; if you CC the healer, veins are useless since there will be no healing going on at all.

    and by that sentence I suppose this is Warfront PvP, since when you play with a group you dont break polys :p
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Withered Veins does _not_ proc off AOEs. Phase shift is a channel that makes you unable to be damaged, but takes you out of the fight + it can be interrupted AND it consumes charge. Rune Shield > Phase shift any day.

    Again, the armor is because I don't have one for myself. My other option would obviously be the elemental armor (x extra armor), but I am pretty darned certain we'll have other people buffing our armor.
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    Saul Community Member

    Agreed if you lock out a Battlefield with a Guild Group, but other none guild groups wont be as disciplined.. :p
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    My build is for open world, which is us versus x (preferably many on the x side :p). in smallscale (essentially anything below ~10 I'd say) ST will be better than AOE. Also, I obviously expect boon players to not be CC-breaking 'tardos ^^
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    Ary Community Member

    Ye Maske I agree with you, but all we can do atm is guess since we werent able to test out the Archmage tree, besides we will need rank to get to those skills, and noone knows how hard is going to be, and definetely will need to play some tree else until we get the ranks, I'd say you try out the warlock or even still elemental summoner even Tempest got so high tier, using warlock tree I also got to the 31 level talent. Both of em are prolly the best, 1 with strong pet and crits, other with also the chance of crits, and lots of damage increased, extra CC etc etc.

    Trust me, I know :p



    But anyways, the specs are going to be depending on how the people want to play really, PvP, RvR, warfront, open world, all together, yet the PvP tree still needs to be tested, so... [IMG]
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    Ary Community Member

    Oh shit, dont mention it, INDEED [IMG]
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    Saul Community Member

    Ary, you mentioned that maybe Warlock would be better with Stormcaller, instead of Elementalist.

    Have you tried this setup, because Ive always matched Lock with Necro, but am interested with the Stormcaller idea to level.
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    Ary Community Member

    Ye, specially at low level, with the lifetap you get endless mana, and well Stormcaller has a lot of over time spells, most AoEs are, so you get dmg boost on em, plus at +35 and on u start getting the +crit chance +spell dmg bonuses, which actually in my opinion beats the new Tempest talent on elementalist, cuz its on tier 6 (?). Not sure how much crit can an highend geared mage achieve, but I had like 24% crit at level 42, and sometimes I thought it was a waste cuz the crits weren't much often. I heavily believe that Warlock with the 5% crit (which is also in elementalist) + 20% dmg increase to all dmg beats the Tempest, yet to mention still the 15% DoT dmg increased, which actually would be +20% because u get 0.6% additional dmg increase x point in warlock.

    I couldnt try Stormcaller + Warlock at its full potential because the lack of points, but I defo will go 1st this spec since I already tried elementalist and already have an idea. Most of the people like the Warlock + Necro cuz they both linked with death dmg, but Warlock as I said is quite OP if you will to spend +25 points on the tree, and personally I like more the damage increase overall than just the damage on crits. [IMG]

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