Open beta next week and launch on the 16/9/14

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Drexciyian, Aug 30, 2014.

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    Paran Classic Guild Member

    Someone still playing this?
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    I play with 2 friends on kyprosa just pure pvp :p
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    Paran Classic Guild Member

    started pirating with a lot of ppl :p
    got about 60-65 ppl. Kinda funny
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    how to break whole daily rift raid with 6ppl :p
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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    Wasnt this gonna be the next big mmo? What happened?
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    Well on kyprosa online isn't bad but it is biggest EU server , on kraken 300-500ppl fight, some guilds have 200ppl online on prime time but most server EU are dead or semi dead :p there is always pvp so we enjoin
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON


    Basically they managed to ruin the economy with the cash shop to the point where unless you spent £1000s (yes, I know people who spent over £5000 on this game) or were VERY lucky with RNG then you were completely unable to compete.
    Plus they broke seiges so that it was litterally, mathematically impossible to detroy even a basic castle... or even 1 wall of the castle.

    In summary, they fucked it up.
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    If ppl want by hand or head destroy wall yes its impossible ^^ , siege here isn't like in GW2 ... atm many guilds win siege.. ppl played too long on alpha and think all will be easy like on alpha :p

    RNG sux that true's but I spend maybe 100-150 euro, my gear is just unique and can easy pvp vs overgeared/ovearbuffed ppl coz most of them don't have brain in head lol

    Trion sux same like Gameforge or Carbine and most developers they want only $$$$$$
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    Paran Classic Guild Member

    You can blame Trion for the cash shop. But I didn't excepted anything else. They are a company and they want to make money. Unfortunately, normal nowadays.

    I would love to see a future mmo without a cash shop.

    And yes the most of the people suck in this game if it comes to pvp. Even if they are full buffed and geared.
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    Gib Community Member

    Has the shittest cash shop ever despite TRION spending fuck all on localisation cos the NPC's talk fucking Korean.

    Even whales are beaching themselves to avoid paying for this shit.
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    Got 2 new movie's if someone if borring can watch ^^ but one is really long and hard fight haha

    Troll PaTroll + Carpe Diem VS Prime + Kebab Trading Company

    Troll PaTroll VS Black Swans
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Good to see you guys are still having fun there, nice videos.

    I had great fun in Archage tbh, just got bored of it at the end tbh I need a goal in an MMO rather than just playing to play, did everything I wanted to do. The server we were on was really poor level of player base (despite it being a PvP initiative server, all talk, egos and hangers on imo) the mass pvp was easy unless fight double our numbers and the smaller scale roaming pvp was even easier so felt like stealing candy from children tbh, but saying that I was pvping as a tomb warden buffer in a group with 2 kraken weapons, two delp weapons and upgraded armours to match and that 1 month into the game so yeah I guess it made us too OP at that time,, but it sure was fun lol... Too bad I gave away all my stuff when i quit or I'd come back now and then, oh well.
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    We play total for fun just open world pvp , pop in kyprosa is fine ,always try find some small groups for fight but mostly they need zerg to kill us x)
    New move from yday

    Troll PaTroll VS Royal Empire ( 4/5 rounds + randoms )

    Was total 5 round's, score 4:1
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    Paran Classic Guild Member

    at least i had some fun as a pirate before i quited this game too...
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Looks like a lot of fun! :D
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    Law Community Member

    Playing on Nui right now as Nuian, having a laugh in small scale pvp. Not a massive fan off Zerg Warfare tbh but I do love the speeded up voices! :D
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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    I was total borred after 1.7 fail PvE patch so we decide sold all EQ on AH and gold on PA xD Get back 80% money what I spend on this game ^^ (could get more but we not share money on 3acc and the one where was all money got banana for gold selling -trololo) now w8 for good mmo with alot good PvP... so AA for me is total END GAME

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