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    By David Campbell October 19th, 2010

    We don’t just put just anything up on the walls here at ArenaNet. Our walls are covered with amazing concept art from our stable of uber-talented artists (and the occasional homemade sign urging us to “Stop being sad, start being rad!”). We were eager to see how the new jumbo prints of Kekai Kotaki’s Guild Wars 2 art from LTL Prints would look up on our studio walls, and we weren’t disappointed.

    LTL Prints has just launched an exclusive collection of wall graphics from NCsoft games like Aion, Lineage, City of Heroes, and, of course, Guild Wars 2. The graphics are available in a range of sizes that you can select, ranging from laptop size to massive seven foot tall wall prints. They print the images with eco-solvent digital inks on heavy-duty self-adhesive fabric paper.

    For Guild Wars 2, LTL has reproduced five images of our iconic characters by our very own Kekai Kotaki. You can adorn your walls with the enigmatic sylvari Caithe, the norn ranger Eir Stegalkin and her wolf companion Garm, the valiant human defender Logan Thackeray, the ferocious charr tribune Rytlock Brimstone, or the ingenious asura Zojja and her golem servants.

    We loved the Guild Wars 2 LTL Prints so much that we put them up on the walls here at ArenaNet! We have all four of Kekai’s art prints up on our walls around the studio. They went up very easily, look fantastic, and have held up well to the fingers of curious staffers.

    But what does the man himself, Kekai Kotaki, think of how LTL Prints has handled his artwork?

    “Yeah, they turned out great,” Kekai said. “I’m really impressed with the resolution and color quality on the huge graphics. They look awesome on the walls here at the studio.”


    We’re giving one of these incredible prints away this Friday to celebrate reaching 100,000 friends on the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page! Visit us on Facebook to learn more, and check out the Guild Wars 2 wall graphics at LTL prints right here!

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