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    2:33: James Ohlen, Daniel Erickson, Cory Butler filing on stage. Rob Cowles and Stephen Reid preparing.

    2:40: Stephen Reid starting the panel off. Video being shown, clips from Return. Clips from all three trailers, intertwined with Satele and Malgus narrating.

    2:43: Video over, Reid back on stage welcoming people to Comic Con. First of two panels, this one the official one and will sponsor the other one with a

    Q&A. Introducing the team on stage.

    2:46: Noted that Drew Karpyshyn will be at the second panel. Reid giving a general background on the game. The Old Republic MMORPG set 3000 years before movies, 300 years after KOTOR. Recap of 3 CG trailers. Each class several hundred hours of gameplay. Story continues into game itself. No duplicate quests among classes. Plus world arcs.

    2:50: Reid explains that the team at BioWare Austin is 100% commited to SWTOR. Cory Butler introduction - Live services dedicated to keeping tor running. Thousands playing right now in North America and Europe 4.8 million hours logged by testers.

    2:52: Reid explains that there are 200,000 forum posts avg per week. Community sits between players and developers. Community is voice of devs.

    2:53: Daniel Erickson: 15 is the number of flashpoints players will be able to experience at launch. Each one of these flashpoints are tightly scripted dungeons.

    2:57: Handed off to Reid, explaining operations, hard modes allow for end game ones. Screenshot of new operation, hutt, neutral. Screenshot will be up on the website later today.

    2:59: James Ohlen: PVP Warzones at launch - 3. Information on Voidstar, Satele Shan introducing it, video. Voidstar is inspired by Episode 4, objective based, each side gets a turn attacking (Assault type), clips being shown. Four objective points.

    3:03: James Ohlen talking about starship fleets as social locations. Fleets are the main launch point for flashpoints, auctions, and best vendors. The collectors edition gives access to the VIP area in the fleet.

    3:06: Q and A starting, Drew Karpyshyn joining the team on stage.

    3:08: Over the development of the game in the last few months, the boss fights have become more complex

    3:08: Question about smart phone apps. Answer: We love smart phones.

    3:09: Question about World PVP balance when it comes faction/population balancing. Answer: We can't answer that yet.

    3:10: Question: Is there a dungeon finder? Answer: James Ohlen: Works for established games, not in yet.

    3:10: Question: NDA lift date? Answer: There is a date.

    3:11: Question: Is there anything previously announced that will not be ready for release? Answer: James Ohlen: We don't announce if it isn't ready, we're careful.

    3:14: Question: Is there an option to purchase valor ranks with cheap currency? Answer: Not right now.

    3:15: James Ohlen: Visual change of morality paths is in. Staying away from morality locking abilities, maybe later. Don't want to gimp you.

    3:16: Question: Minigames at launch? Daniel Erickson: Not at launch, maybe later.

    3:19: Question: Define tank roles? James Ohlen: We're explaining roles better through interface, trying to add information on what roles players can fill.

    3:19: Question: Player bounties? Ohlen: Not in for ship.

    3:20: Question: Saber staff for other classes? Ohlen: No.

    3:22: Drew Karpyshyn: Everyone should pick up the Revan Novel, not just transition between the two games, will explain the Emperor's backstory.

    3:24: Reid: We were at one point planning to announce the release date here, instead, here is a new game trailer. In-game footage with Satele narrating, in-game model of the Hope trooper shown. Ilum gameplay, large scale, open world PVP, video over, Reid back.

    3:26: Global release is now 12/20, no more 12/22.

    3:28: Panel over.
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    I wasn't aware that Drew Karpyshyn is leading the writer team for SWTOR :confused: this is gonna push the quality of stories to a new level :D
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