November 15th patch notes

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Xelendar, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON


    • The Soul Reaping trait line now properly increases maximum Life Force.
    • Ghastly Claws: This skill’s damage has been increased by 10% and updated to indicate the correct life force gained.
    • Reaper’s Touch: This skill applies 4 stacks of vulnerability per hit instead of 3.
    • Mark of Blood: This skill now uses the standard staff scythe cast effects.
    • Spectral Wall: This skill now applies its recharge at the correct time instead of both during and after casting.
    • Dark Path: This skill now applies it recharge at the correct time instead of both during and after casting.
    • Spinal Shivers: This skill’s casting effects and audio are now consistent with or without the Spiteful Talisman trait.
    • Soul Marks and Mark of Revival: These traits now work together to grant 3% life force to players when triggered.
    • Death Nova: This skill now properly activates when using Taste of Death and Putrid Explosion. The internal cooldown has been removed. This skill’s field duration is now 4 seconds, and the rate it pulses has been increased to every 2 seconds. Its poison duration is 5 seconds per pulse.
    • Weakening Shroud: This trait now functions underwater.
    • Mark of Evasion: This trait is no longer a blast finisher when the mark is created.
    • Plague Blast: This skill’s casting time has been reduced.
    • Death Shroud: Moa Morph now removes Death Shroud from the target instead of the necromancer being stuck in Death Shroud and using their entire bar while in the transform.
    • Deadly Catch: This skill now pulls enemies to the necromancer in a reliable fashion.
    • Summon Blood Fiend: The Blood Fiend’s survivability has been increased, and its attack now heals the necromancer for 200% of its previous heal.
    • Spectral Walk: This skill now sets its underwater slot appropriately on recharge.
    • Corrosive Poison Cloud: This skill’s duration tooltip has been corrected.
    • Frozen Abyss: This skill now lists the vulnerability it applies.
    • Spectral Grasp: This skill’s projectile velocity has been increased by 33%.
    • Lich Form: Leaving this skill now removes stability from the player to make the removal consistent with all other transform elites.
    • Feast: This skill no longer causes damage to the necromancer.
    • Sinking Tomb: This skill now has a correct range of 1200, cannot hit targets above the water, and has to hit the target to cause the sink effect.
    • Vampiric Precision, Vampiric Rituals, and Vampiric: These traits have been updated so that they don’t heal enemies when in lower-level areas.
    • Signet of Spite: This skill’s description now indicates all conditions applied.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Yay now Spud can use Vampiric traits without healing low-level mobs when downscaled :D jk, it was a funny downscaling bug tho, it's really good when you run a 3-well build, makes you hard to kill with a lot of utility and fields. They also fixed the DS build in terms of life force, I always thought there was smth wrong there as the only feeling of life force increase came when the "drains slower" trait was on.

    I'm somewhat curious how the axe buff will turn out, so far axe has been pathetic in dps compared to what it was in beta and well..dagger.Seems like I'm going to invest some of the 2k badges in a focus now to go with it, should at least make camp bosses with buff easier with more vulnerability ^^
    Really happy about the staff auto-attack projectile speed increase, it was really annoying how slow it went.

    The rest is meh, minor fixes and stuff not so much relevant to WvW-oriented builds. The moa morph+DS thing was really annoying, though really a rare occurrence for me at least.
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    Spud Community Member

    I got an invaders dagger/focus looks like time to put the sceptre to bed, depends on if the vulneranility is better than the bleeds., also:

    Summon Blood Fiend: The Blood Fiend’s survivability has been increased, and its attack now heals the necromancer for 200% of its previous heal.

    Thats quit a big heal boost will be interesting to see how much difference it makes, doubt i will change to it though unless the cooldowns are better, as i dont think the added dps is worth it.

    And yay back to my vampire build with confidence, its healing gear time again which is another reason to use dagger. (also been meaning to test the pet vampirism trait too,i would never do away with wells or epeidemic.sig of spite combo, but for roaming 1v1 a minion vampire build could have its uses but prob not outside of of PvE.
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    Many skills, items, and traits were applying healing to an infinite amount of targets and have now been limited to 5 targets.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    All in all, it seems to me they are trying to buff power build through Axe+Focus review, some minor fixes and twitches to other skills.

    They ninja buffed this? The only thing i saw in patch notes where about increased speed of Spectral, not Necrotic Grasp.

    You misread, accordingly to patch notes Blood Fiend doesn't has an increase in DPS, just in passive HPS through attacks which doesn't have any cooldowns. And 200% of 238 should mean an increase to 476.
    ^^^^ This. I'm very concerned how this changed Transfusion. I understand they had to limit the number of targets but i hope they at least reviewed the healing output so it can be improved with healing power.
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    Jinx Community Member

    Im using pets build for PvE and it's really nice as DPS and heals but as far as I've faced and experienced fights with Necros with pets build in PvP situations were prolly the easiest fights I've ever had.... DS->AOE->no pets anymore(means no heals and no dps)-> Dead Necro
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    This means we need one healing specced player each group.
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    Earthwall - Raith Community Member

    And if it wouldn't target 5 random people i'd agree ... but you can't select shit about which target recieve party buffs or heals.

    Last time when we were spamming Blast finishers into Fire fields to stack might, even tho i was one of the guys spamming ... i didn't get shit on stacks,
    not to mention my party.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    The party prioritization system was described at some point to work something like:
    - check if you have the buff/full hp, if no, then you are target 1
    - check if your party members within the aoe have the buff/full hp, if no, then they are targets 2, 3, 4, 5.
    - if all members of your party have buff/full hp it applies based on proximity to the center of where it was cast.

    Xelendar: we need to meet up in the mists again some time this evening before reset to see if +healing is affecting anything that it wasn't before. And I think I misread that part about grasps, tho both of them needed a projectile speed increase ^^ whoops.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    I disagree, the answer in my opinion is right here:
    Translation: Mentality. Team playing will heal more than one healer. If everyone suports each other, there won't be an issue.

    Yeah, I wished i was the one who misread it -.-
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    Spud Community Member

    Not surprised tbh. but as healing never really felt OP before i wonder if its even worth speccing for at all and just go for maximum damage or maximum buff/debuff?

    There are still lots of damage skills that affect more than 5, so i guess the onus is back on putting them down fast or do i read that wrong?

    From my vamp/tank point of view it doesnt change anything but from a AOE heal and Death shroud heals it changes everyrhing. Lots to think about there.
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    Spud Community Member

    Trouble is in a strange way we are looking at the trinity here, we can spec for heal. support, tanky, DPS, burst(ish lol) AOE. conditions etc, but with healing effects far less than damage output, and always has been it could be argued that all players in this game can make themselves rely on self heal only which i think was Anets design philosphy.

    The bottom line is which is best? we all support eachother or support ourselves? Fooked if i know tbh :)
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Its all about finding compromises.
    General rule is (not talking about class specifics), a glass cannon spec can DPS like a maniac but has low survivability, while the tank spec is all surviving. In a non-"Holy Trinity" scenario, the best way is to find a middle ground.
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    Jinx Community Member

    Something a bit offtopic... The traits: Close to Death (20% dmg increase to enemies below 50%) and Chill of Death (Spinal Shivers on enemies below 25%) apply to ALL enemies or just the one you target when you aoe in wvw?... Any guesses...?
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Applies to all the enemies you are actively damaging, they don't activate on condition damage.
    Example: Hitting with a weapon activates the skills, but bleeding foes down to 25%/50% doesn't activate it.
    Also, according to wiki Chill of Death only triggers on 15%, not on 25%.

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