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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Dracis, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Dracis Veteran BOON

    Hi, dunno if this already posted but,

    i found a nice pserver for Aion its called Notaion <<mod removed>>

    Its a pure PVP server, u start with decent gear and pots and scrolls and get might for everything u do,
    u can do PVP it all kinds of art: Open World PVP, Battleground PVP, FFA, 1v1 its awesome in my opinion.
    And the PVP is really balanced, no godstones no endless DP , its really good job what they done there.
    Fully 4.0 support bard and gunner implented.

    With this Might each kill or each BG u do u can purchase everything u need, Pots, Scrolls, new Gear and manastones. Means when u play u get it and if u play better u will gain more and faster.

    It got his own Ranklist in PVP i think its the perfect way to spend time till Wildstar ;)

    greetz dracis
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    Dracis Veteran BOON


    Just watch this its simca , some of u should know him i am sure ^^
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