No swimming in SWTOR

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Allstar, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Specter Veteran BOON

    I didnt say they were "more costly" i said they were costly. Simply put. The task of making animations for ground movement, combat costs X. The task for making animations for swimming, water combat costs Y. X may be larger, equal, or smaller than Y, i don't know, and unless i'm a professional 3d animator, which i'm not, i can't tell. What i do know, about project management, is that if something costs 500 implementation hours and is not on budget, then you won't do it.
    Does this sounds plausible to you people ?
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    Merketh The MerkBot

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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    So basically they use it to wall off boundaries :)
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Invisible walls are soooooo last year.
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    Saul Community Member

    ive been lucky enough to play the latest iteration of the game. it will be huge.. nuff said..

    As for Swimming. pfft, who cares, I hate swimming anyway, anyone here love underwater content?? i agree about the immersion factor or lack of it without swimming, but believe me there is more than enough immersion so you really wont give a shit.

    @ Aspira, there are no invisible walls, you just keep going until you drowned, you do however get a warning to turn back before you drowned.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

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    Specter Veteran BOON

    nevermind allstar, saul! haters will hate !
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    obvious troll has succeeded. (multiple times)
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    Saul Community Member

    Ok Allstar, facts.

    1. The immersion which includes, Cutscenes, VO, Story, Player Content (Ships), Crafting, Companion System, etc, is life absorbing. If you have any affinity with RPG's whatsoever, then SWTOR will prove to be the most immersive and massive RPG ever created. I wont go into detail too much as I would seriously be here all night explaining what I mean, but Bioware have banged on about story being the 4th piller and how they are putting the RPG back into MMORPG, and I would happily bet my house that the majority of RPG gamers will agree that they have done it in spades, even 6 months after release. Think of playing 20 ME2's back to back and thats only the Story part of the game, which in effect is NPC, quest givers. The only problem none RPG players will have is quest hubs and you can skip through the VO, etc, but it's sooo good you would be a fool to do so. The reason i say this is when you go to a quest hub, you will be sat watching 10 to 15 mins of cutscenes and VO, obviously single Npc Quest givers are a lot briefer in the VO/Cutscene department.

    2. The Real game, the MEAT if you will, the MMO bit, is seamless, I have never seen so many animations in an MMO, ever and Ive played a few. Lol the graphics, I will assume they had everything ramped up to max on the machines we were playing on, but I'll start with characters. We didnt see character creation, but the characters in the main are very solid, the detail and the lighting on them was excellent. The thing is the first min you step outside, you will totally understand their decision to go with a stylised character model, because the environments are just breath taking, and the draw distance was insane, I landed on Hutta, and it looked amazing, I would happily give the gfx 9.5 /10 and all the vids I have seen really do not do the real thing justice.

    3. Combat. I found the combat to be really smooth, you are given tools for every situation and the best thing is you need them. I played an Imperial Agent and totally loved the story but hated the cover mechanic. It's very cool, but it did not suit my play style, you can press shift at any time and it shows you all available cover positions within LoS. you then just tap R and you roll to the one you have highlighted, the mechanic was pretty cool, but not for me. The thing is you rarely face 1 or 2 enemies, you normally encounter LOADS, or small 4 man groups that if pulled will pull more 4 man groups if your not careful, so you have to think and plan out to a degree, what and where you will attack. The groups are also balanced with both Ranged and Melee NPC's, so for instance, there is no point rolling into cover and not recognising, CC' or taking out the Melee first, as they will just run behind you and twat you across the back of your head as you lay down dps on the ranged mobs. This means you have to think pretty quick when it goes wrong or you pull an additional group. At lower levels, it's not that bad, as you can deal with the damage, but as you progress, you need to be on the ball in terms of dealing with multiple enemies that have pretty good AI for an MMO, hence why companions really do help solo play at higher levels.

    Obviously life is easier with groups, as you can handle a lot more aggro, but even in a 4 man group we hit a bunch of Elite baddies by accident, and OMG we had to work our asses off to control the fight. The great thing is these level differences, are all over the place, so even though you can see via colour code wether the enemies are within your range, or Elite, etc, they are randomly positioned with normal level mobs, so again you have to be carefull. There is no "ohh shit ive pulled a couple of same level adds", it's more like "Shit, sorry, ive pulled 2 Elites that are gonna rinse our asses unless we step this up and focus these fuckers to oblivion".

    Did i mention the animations :) there are multiple animations for the same action. I had a Knife as a melee weapon on my IA, at level 5 when i used it, the animation was of me stabbing my enemies in the stomach, at level 10, I was kidney shoting them with the same action and when we played the higher level pre mades I did the same action and Kidney shotted followed by a very nice swivel animation and sunk the dagger in the side of the enemies neck. Oh and when I rested out of combat, my IA, pulled out a holo wall thing that was like a wanted board and started flipping the pages like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, was a pretty cool standing still animation.

    I got to see the inside of my ship and it was pretty mind blowing, I could easily get used to spending time in it, one of the helper guys told me that there will be plenty of customisation happening as the main Loot guy on SWG was in charge of World items and customisation, i mentioned being able to decorate and upgrade your ship and the dude told me if it's not in on release, it will be in one of the first content patches released, because like Guild Capital ships, everyone at Bioware wants it in, it's just a case of wether they have the time prior to release to fit it all in.

    i didnt get to do any PvP or crafting or Space combat, Daniel Erickson patted me on the back though and said sadly I was the only person in the room that had queued up for PvP, which made me sad and proud at the same time.

    There was a press event prior to our arrival and they have been told to keep the info under wraps for a month before they release the details of it, however we know that it revolves around World PvP, we were told over and over again by the developers with huge grins on their faces that Bioware and SWTOR is 100% commited to engaging, meaningful and open World PvP. They were very chuffed with themselves and we could tell the press meeting went very well. all I can tell you is it will be out in the media soon, the Journo's were impressed, the Devs were very happy and it revolves around World PvP.

    SWTOR wont suite everybody, Min/Max players may well be turned off from it because of the immersion and the VO/Cutscenes, but it was made plain to us that whilst Story and Vo, etc, is a very large part of SWTOR, underneath the hood is a pretty polished and engaging MMO. i think that when the UK Press details are released a lot of people will be excited by the PvP end game of SWTOR as well, which to me is the last piece in the puzzle for a lot of people.

    Pfft i hate making large posts :)
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    I appreciate that you took the time to set everything out without the ridiculous, flagrant fanboy-singlemindedness that has infested the rest of this thread.

    I still harbour very real fears about Bioware's priority system for development, and of course EA's habit of destroying game studios but a huge part of that is based on my crippling disappointment with their handling of Mythic entertainment, and the shambles that Bioware served in Dragon Age 2 both in terms of game content and community management.

    Time will tell, I'd love nothing more than being proven wrong but pessimism is a bad habit :p

    Also, I still want my Jedi Knight DF2 lightsaber combat, but I can dream.

    Thankyou, I mean it.
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    Saul Community Member

    Your Welcome..

    I have followed TOR, for nearly 4 years, I am a fanboi, and ive gone through both fear and excitement whilst following TOR.

    But I really had no idea what to expect, or what to play tbh when I got to the London event, but after about 30 mins a couple of things became really clear to me.

    1. The initial introduction to my boss, and the 5 or 6 quest givers I visited, made up for so much VO, that I started to think "Shit, Ive been here 15 mins and I have done fook all yet, but watch a movie, ala ME2", I was pretty worried tbh, I started to think that a lot of people are gonna be turned off by this much doing nothing but watch cutscenes. Then as I moved out of the quest hub, the game kind of opened up and the VO, and the subsequent VO when I got to the guy I had to kill, or whatever, sucked me into the game within minuets. The Cutscenes and VO also make for a lot more interesting Quests, like go rescue the prisoner, or kill him, if you cant be bothered escorting him back, oh and kill the guard as well for not being respectful enough, or don't, etc, this all just serves to suck you in even further.

    2. The cutscenes and VO, the story if you will, was my biggest fear, I know a lot of people who see Mythic designers in charge of PvP, SWG developers in charge of crafting, and are happy that those things will be made in the right way, because of who is doing them. But for me and a lot of others, the big question is not will the game be good, as I was 99% sure it would be prior to me playing it, but will it be an MMO, can Bioware blend ME2 style Story and VO, into a true MMO and not KOTOR online and create some kind of lobby system like Global Agenda. Well after playing it, I can happily say the game blends both really well, once you leave the VO and Cutscenes behind, you are straight into a really solid and polished MMO, No loading screens, no sectioning off of the 2, you just walk out the door and into a very lush MMO environment that has all the MMO mechanics we want to see and more, done really well.

    I think games like GW2, SWTOR, and Secret World are the new breed, they are all going to set the bar for next generation MMO's, in their own way, they will all appeal to the same people and to different audiences as well. There are aspects from all 3 MMO's that will become a blueprint for the next 5 years of MMO design, and I intend to play all 3 to some degree and enjoy playing MMO's for the first time since I left WoW, after TBC put the nail in the coffin of 40 man raids.

    There is a quote somewhere of someone saying " The thing about the love you have for your first MMO, is the fact it was all new, the genre was new to you, or the game, the mechanics, etc, The key point being it was NEW. Every MMO in the last 5 years, has generally copied what works and given players 1 or 2 new things", what you need to do to recreate that first mmo feeling, is to give people a whole NEW experiance, yes keep what works, but make it different, better, and add a lot of NEW things that make people feel in awe like they were in their first MMO". Thats not a direct quote but it was pretty close.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Saul, sum it up in a sentence, I aint reading all that shit. :p
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    Mizou Community Member

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    Saul Community Member

    It's a very solid MMO, with a fair chunk of RPG at it's core that enhances the overall game, It's polished, it's fun, It has a very good combat system and good AI, it looks great and plays well.

    Whilst in the Queue, Daniel Erickson came over to us and we asked a few questions my question and answer is worth reading as it outlines the whole game.

    (Me) Are you prepared for and how do you feel about SWTOR splitting the MMO community?

    (DE) What do you mean?

    (Me) A Guild I am a member of recently had roughly 1/3 of an 80 man guild reach lvl 45 to 50 before the end of the Headstart Week in Rift. These types of players may well be turned off by all the VO and Cutscenes and RPG factors that can in essence slow up progression for these people to get to End Game, so they may turn more towards games like Tera and GW2, which may effectively split the community between MMORPG Players and MMO players.

    (DE) Yeah right who would believe that you can have fun getting to 50 instead of having fun when you get to 50. One of the things we believe in with SWTOR, is that whilst we have End Game content, the levelling process is not just a means to get there. We dont believe that the game begins when you reach max level we believe the game begins, and more importantly "The Fun" starts as soon as you pass through character creation.
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    Mizou Community Member

    it does not look great, it looks shit even worse then eq2 actually
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    Saul Community Member

    Seriously, you either watched / played a much earlier version than the one I played, or you should have gone to Spec Savers :)
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    Mizou Community Member

    i was at gamescom in august 2010 and they said its the final grafics. also the youtube ingame videos they release... jesus its soooo bad i feel like we are back to 1998
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Don't worry, he's just German.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    lol i wouldn't call your OP constructive either mate, you completely blew a game off because of no swimming.. That kinda set the quality for the rest of the thread. Cant believe saul took his time to sum up all that it was a good read.

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