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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Omnipresent, May 3, 2012.

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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    This looks bad for me starting on Thursday. They haven't even taken my money yet...
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    I got this email 2x already, i dont understand what the fuck is going on, since we're supposed to have the first 30 days already paid, why are they trying to charge anything whatsoever now ???
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Seems they are having an issue accepting payment from this method. I'd imagine it will take them a long time to resolve this.

    I suggest using a different payment method and claiming any costs back from your original payment method.
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    The launch for all players will be on the 3rd of May at 12:00 (CEST) aka 11:00 (GMT). At this time the level cap will be removed and pre-order as well as normal players will have access to all available servers

    This might explain my issue. I have active sub but can't login. Ill try again later.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    well i checked with rak, and his subscription management screen shows completely different stuff (status prepaid active, free play until 06/09/2012 (month / day / year) Mine has a shitty mumbo jumbo... I guess this got fucked up when i upgraded from Standard version to Collector's edition (digital pre-order got it through tera shop).

    Basically their shop is fucked up with bugs involving payments. I'v sent support ticket already, i just hope they fix this fast.

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    CorpseCreeper Community Member

    Lol wtf "42 Months Prepaid ACTIVE" if it dident say "Subscription: until the 06/09/2012" id be worries but i dident actually allow 3 months to be charged..
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Just FYI cest is gmt + 1..... So today starts at 11am not 2pm for uk.
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Yeah you're right, ill edit that thanks.
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    Triss Community Member

    Must be a bug. I have the same thing but I didn't get charged. It's gotta be days, still weird tho.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Probably its 09/06/2012, just american way of putting down the date. Mine says 44 days and 06/09/2012 expiration date.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Oi, where are you?
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    Kamasutrah Classic Guild Member

    He's still hiding on SWTOR D: >.> beat him up D:
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Yesterday after i logged out (way past midnight) i checked my email and there was an "Account has been locked" notice in it. I tried to log back into tera and got theerror message: "Game time exhausted".

    I went back to the support ticket in which i was having a monologue, and posted one more time, using an angry tone.

    Today, there's still no response to the ticket, but the situation has been fixed. Perhaps this bug that affected me also affected others and they mass-fixed it for everyone affected. ON THE PLUS SIDE, my subscription now runs till 06/11/2012 (MONTH/DAY/YEAR) so i guess i ended up gaining 2 days :p
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    mine says i have 47 days free


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