New website provides online opt-out services for game EULAs

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Acina Admin Officer

    If you're like most of us, you don't read the giant wall o' legalese that serves as a speed bump on the way to your favourite virtual world. A group of Redditors have, and they've set up a new website designed to assist gamers in opting out of the clause that prevents participation in potential class action lawsuits leveled against gaming service providers.


    Apparently opting out requires that a physical letter be mailed to the gaming company in question, and purports to do the tedious work for you (either for free or for a voluntary donation). The catch is that you'll need to provide personal information including your name, address, and game account name.

    The website's creators page lists the online handles (as well as Xbox Live, PSN, and Twitter identities) of those responsible, but given the anonymous nature of the site and the privacy concerns raised by providing your personal info, we suggest you proceed with caution. Currently the website features an opt-out form for Sony's PlayStation network and Electronic Arts' new Origin digital delivery service.

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    So what does this mean exactly ?

    I can play games without agreeing to the EULA if I go via this site ?
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Basically you can opt out of EA for example snooping through your computer with the Origin software (or the PSN no class action suit clause), thus meaning you can happily install the "bloatware" and play BF3.

    You still have to agree to the EULA to play, but as you have a letter on file with EA's or Sony's legal dept saying that you don not agree to those clauses then you'll be able to take them to court etc if they break said contract.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    In the US version of the Origin/Sony's EULAs, the user had to forfait his class action rights unless he sent a letter to the companies stating he wont.
    That site basically sends the letter for you.

    I actually checked both Sony's and Origin's EULA's and there was nothing against class actions, at least in the Italian version. Sucks to be American.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    the class action bit is in the UK version for both :(
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    I might be mistaken but it seems to me that the EU is excluded :p
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Hmmm, seems so. I'll go hide under a rock for a little bit.... has anyone seen my tinfoil hat?
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Poor americans..

    But wait... does this mean i can choose if Origin is allowed to scan my computer or not?
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    So.... Does this mean we are safe or double boned? /confused
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    This has nothing to do with Origin's privacy handling, its about the class actions waiving that most of the companies in the US are starting to adopt after AT&T made a precedent.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Anyone able to answer this ?

    STEAM gives you the option to scan your PC or not, and I have never let it do it.

    Can you stop Origin from scanning ?
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    That doesn't work, tried it and it's fine for buying games etc but you can't launch bf3 under sandbox.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Oh, too bad :(
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    Saul Community Member

    Yeah class action law suits are only in America, due to their bizzare law system the State Court of California ruled in favour of Sony in removing the ability for individuals to file class actions against them, in the event their details, etc, go walk about, or they produce a pile of shit game when they sold you a dream.

    However we in Europe are not affected as we don't have class action law suits, we would use a different route to prosecute should we need to.
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    This kind of EULA is not legal in the Netherlands, afaik.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Indeed, protected against dangerous contracts even if you willingly sign it.

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