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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Karasu, Nov 21, 2015.

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    Since HoT ANet has been providing a bunch of new content for its endgame:

    10 man content in several chapters. Chapter 1 part 1 is now released featuring three boss fights each with their own mechanics. Each fight requires its own combination of tank (high toughness), healer, pure DPS, condition DPS, support (boons incl quickness and alacrity) and boon removal. Ascended gear is recommended. Each fight is multi-phase and timed (~8 min). After the timer runs out the boss is enraged (3x damage etc) but you can continue fighting.

    The raids come with a new Raid party UI for better overview and management of subgroups, ready checks etc.. New chapters are actively being worked on while most players are still attempting to beat the first boss.

    Fractals are now much more modular and feature unique rewards. These are gaining new focus in the development cycle (-- fractal rewards will get a buff in December) and require more teamwork than ever for your party of five to complete all 100 different levels. I wouldn't be surprised if new fractal content will be added regularly the coming year.

    World Versus World borderlands have had a serious overhaul recently. New maps, mechanics and more focus on guilds. Squad UI allowing to more easily manage groups of 40 or so players. There are a lot of complaints about the current state of WvW .. BUT .. WvW is a major focus points for the next cycle so that should be sorted soon.

    I'm not very up to date on this but overall there's been a lot of nice improvements and new reward structures. Soon there'll be a 400k prize pool tournament and a tiered progression system.

    Yeah.. you can forget about those. All their resources are being put into raids and WvW.

    Guild Halls and Guilds
    Lot of updates for Guilds with nice features like a PvP Arena and guild buffs etc.. requires a lot of pooled resources to build up your hall.

    Materies, new Legendaries and Legendary Armor
    Account-wide progression and high end loot that require serious commitment :)


    If BOONies are interested in trying out the new content (especially Raids) you should post here or message me in-game (Karasura). We'll probably not be able to get enough active players to really build up our own guild hall or to warrant server transfers for WvW. Instead I propose joining an existing guild and see where it goes.

    Personally I think it would be really cool if we could at least build up a strong raid group. Knowing there are more and more difficult chapters coming out this would be an opportunity for a bunch of new World-Firsts for our guild.

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