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Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Pauleh, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    So something went wrong with my pc and i ain't got a clue what it was but i'm just going to chuck money at it and assume its either the case or psu or both because they are the oldest pieces of kit that i have and i got sick of taking the thing apart yesterday so the case is now slightly ripped to pieces.

    Aint got a clue whats a good case and whats not now, and even more so with the power supply, if anyone is able to help out and knows a really nice but cheap case and psu it would be appreciated.
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    Zerathu Community Member

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    Angelo Community Member

    Case wise pick one you like, I have the Fractal R3 which is basically the same as the one linked above and I really like it cause it pretty minimalist and simple.

    As for power supply go with a known reliable brand, and if you like to have some cable management go for modular. I dont know what else your PC is running so cant recommend a wattage.
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Yeah i was very vague with the info, i think my current psu is modular so i definately would like to stick with that, i think its output it somewhere between 500-550 watts so i would be looking for that if not 600+ if possible.

    Think a cheaper case would suffice as i don't have much of a budget to work with, like i would be very happy to get both for £100 or less which don't sound like much to work with but considering the case and psu is over 5 years old maybe alot more older then i think something of a similar spec should hopefully be within that price range, but maybe not :|
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Looking at 2 psu's atm within my budget

    50 watts difference but ones gold and one is bronze... and that bit of information is lost on me not a clue what it means and if it will radically change the performance of the damn thing :p.

    My old PSU is definately fully modular so i'm not sure if having wires constantly there even in a semi would be annoying or not.

    As for cases my old case is a thermatake tsunami dream which as far as i know isn't exactly the ferrari of the computer casing world so i guess another equally cheap case would do the job just fine, no idea what size it is tho in terms of mini/midi or whatever.

    Just quickly looked up 2 cases.

    Now these 2 cases mean nout to me and i'm just looking at the brand name so for all i know theres a lesser branded case which does exactly the same for half the cost.

    Sorry if i'm coming accross as lazy, but i'm only looking this stuff up on my lunch break so time is short, and i usually like to research this thing for longer.

    Cheers in advance for any help :)
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    Zerathu Community Member

    Don't think you could go wrong with any of those choices all decent choices for the price range so comes down to preference, though I'd go with the psu with a gold rating if you have an overclock or may be looking to.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    My 2pence on what features to look for when choosing a case:
    - must support your motherboard size! (doh?)
    - decent airflow design (that does not equate to as many fans as possible, too many fans = bad imo)
    - solid tool-less design for PCI slots (some have flimsy bits that tend to break easily)
    - if HDD bays are tool-less plastic drawer-like things, make sure they fit well in there and preferably have dampeners -> excessive vibration = bad
    - access through both sidepanels and ideally the frame that your motherboard will be bolted to should not cover the area where your CPU socket is (this can be really annoying if you buy a cooler with a fastening rig that requires access through there, otherwise still helps get some heat out through there)
    - if you plan to use the "Front-Panel" (as in plug things in and out relatively often), it should be where it's actually accessible to you - depending where you keep your tower, could be front-mid/bottom or top/front-top of case)

    Both of the cases you linked look good based on the above except that they don't have a vent/fan in front of where the CPU fan will be, because transparency is apparently more important than getting air straight from outside onto the CPU fan. Should be fine anyway if you're not into overclocking.
    (personally I'm into ineffective gimmicks like transparent sidepanels that are detrimental to things like airflow)

    looks-wise..i dunno..your preferred color LEDs? :)

    On the PSU: unless you plan to install 2 GFX cards, 550W should be more than enough.
    Gold rating is nice, silver is fine, probably get more effective power from the gold 550 than the bronze 600.
    If you do have 2 GFX cards or consider that for the future, the 550W one doesn't seem to have the required cabling and the 600W one..not sure it would cope will the load properly, depending how much power your parts actually use.
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Just checked my email and noticed ebuyer had a special offer on and it was for one of the first cases linked, comes with a psu already but not sure it would be sufficient, .

    Any thoughts on it?

    cheers for all the opinions so far, i'm not planning on overclocking anytime soon if ever and im happy with just the 1 gfx card which i have
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    That case is really good, I'm sure the PSU will be fine too
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    adagio Moderator

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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Really? :) I'm wracking my brains and eyes looking up different options but don't suppose you know if the PSU it comes with is modular or semi modular? :)

    I don't really know if it is my power supply thats playing up all i know is that sometimes i have to flip the on/off switch on the psu to off, press the on switch on at the front of my case and then flip the on/off switch on the psu back to on, and sometimes that don't work until i've done it a few times. Its been doing that for some time and more frequently recently and yesterday it completely refused to turn on at all, so i may be panic buying a replacement but the thing is very old and in need of replacement same as the case.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Maybe cons:
    It is a smaller case (length-wise), will force you to remove one of the HDD cages to install your GFX card if it's longer than 295mm. If you'll ever have more than 3 LFF (3.5") drives, that will suck.
    You'll need a screwdriver. (lol)

    Not sure if the PSU is modular, it's not even listed on the manufacturer's website. Also can't find reliable info on whether it has a PCIe connector, which you will most likely need for the GFX card (or your next card, if yours is that old lol). I'd ask them about this before buying it and check the package before paying for it...this is probably the biggest concern I'd have about the whole thing.

    The "noise" filter thingies that you can place on all the fan intakes will also stop a lot of dust from getting in. They seem easy to remove and wash too.
    Cable management should be easy given the width of the thing, but only if the PSU is (semi)modular. Else it will be a bit of work to get all those wires out of the way
    2 SSD slots on the back of the motherboard plate - you have at least one SSD, right? :D

    Overall I think it's fine as long as the PSU has the PCIe connector and you don't have too many HDDs, the rest is convenience.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    I'd say first check that all the cables are connected properly and connectors clean on your PSU and the power button before buying replacement stuff.
    But if you plan on buying new kit soon anyway and don't want to bother fiddling with the thing too much, might as well :D
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    I have got a pci-e gfx card ( this one afaik )

    And i haven't got any SSD's at all lol, im still living in the past with 1 HDD :E

    So all i have in my current case is 1 HDD, 1 DVD-RW my graphics card and a sound card (which i don't use as my headset is usb so i won't even be putting that in the new case).
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Well i've got it working now (for how long i don't know). The case certainly needs replacing as the on button at the front is no longer there and i have to stick my finger in a hole to turn it on (oooo-er) aswell as the side fan being none existent since it was making too much noise that i snapped the cable on it and it just sits there looking pretty but doing nothing at all.
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    Zerathu Community Member

    That PSU makes me a little worried since I can't find complete specs for it anywhere :/
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    Mantle Veteran BOON

    my power button consists of a maplin power switch and a long cable coming out from where my power button used to be on my case :p I should really get around to replacing it at some time but I love my NZXT Hush case to much :(
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    I've though about doin similar so I can have the power button by my desk instead of having to get under my desk to turn it on
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    Zerathu Community Member

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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Yeah my thoughts exactly :| As my pc has decided to work for now i'm not so much paniced or in a massive rush to buy, but at the same time i don't like missing out on deals. When i did a search for the psu all i got was links to the deal or people posting on forums with the same question.


    could this possible be the same psu they are putting with the case (pic looks the same *shrug*)

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